How To Buy Porn & Chaturbate Tokens With Bitcoin

In this article, I will talk about how to stay anonymous on the internet in order to purchase things like Chaturbate tokens using bitcoin.

You can buy many other services and adult services without incurring the risk, that your bank or wife will ever find out. To know how to do it, continue to read.


Buy Chaturbate Tokens Using Bitcoin And Stay Anonymous




Cryptocurrency And Porn Are Meant For Each Other

So what is a cryptocurrency? And why it is a very nice invention to buy things online such as porn, adult stuff, and many more things like the personal computer. Microsoft accepts bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies are booming lately, the most famous and first invented cryptocurrency is bitcoin and as it is now, 1 Bitcoin is worth 8000$  with a 120 % increase or more every week.

Looks like it can not be stopped.




The positive things  about this currency are:

  • that you can stay anonymous on the internet.
  • you can make transactions instantly.

all you need is just an online wallet where to deposit your money and play with bitcoin, for this I suggest using Coinbase, the main reasons are:

  • easy.
  • secure.
  • it allows fiat deposits (fiat means from your real bank).
  • it will give you 10$ for free after your first 100$ deposit if you sign-up with this referral link

buy chaturbate tokens using bitcoin

I will guide you on how to get started on Coinbase and how to set up your account step by step, the hardest part is to get your account approved.

Laws require you to send a bunch of documents in order to deposit money in it. (technically called fiat currency deposit)


The coolest thing is that if you deposit 100$ today they might be worth 300$ in a week so basically, you get free money to buy online.

The first thing you want to do is to create an account on Coinbase, make sure that you fill in all the profile info, and that you verify your e-mail.

coinbase login page

After doing this I highly recommend setting up a 2step authentication security in your account.

I personally use Authy App for all my websites so the chances that I can be hacked drop significantly.

I am using Authy because you can create an account and set up a pretty secure encrypted backup system.

Also, you can download a desktop version or a chrome extension. Ultimately, you will have thumbnails and more references to figure out your codes.

authy app

You can not do this on google authenticator.

Guidelines on how not to fuck up when setting up a 2step auth. system:

  • download the Authy App or Google Authenticator App
  • set up your Authy account for Authy App, no need for an account on google-authenticator
  • go to your coinbase settings and enable the 2step auth feature (follow the arrows, pic below)

2 step auth coinbase

  • Scan the code displayed on the screen with your phone camera.
  • Save in a super safe place the recovery codes, if you will lose your phone it will be the only way to access your account.
  • I save them to an external hard drive, and or print them.
  • Try not to lose your phone.
  • If you plan to change phone, disable temporarily the 2step auth. system and re-enable it when you have the new phone.

So after your account is secured and able to keep hackers away, you can start your verification process, sending documents to coinbase is very safe and they will ask for your passport and to connect a bank account under your name.

Coinbase increase limits


Just follow all the steps, get verified, and fill in the country that you are living in the most. You can not change the country afterward unless you contact support to change it. And you need to be re-approved again then. They are very serious about it.

Then you need to link your bank account to Coinbase. The bank account option is better than the credit card, so put your bank account in it.


chaturbate tokens using bitcoin 1


If you don’t wanna add your personal bank account which is 100% safe btw, you can create an online account with Revolut.

After you get approved you need to deposit some money into your wallet, I advise you to deposit at least 102$. (the minimum in order to get the 10 $ bonus is 100 $ deposit but sometimes there are fees so 102$ should be fine. 

Deposit on Coinbase

So you will get a 10$ bonus if you signed up with the links on this post, otherwise, you will get no money so please sign up using this link.

When you send money to your wallet, you need to include the reference code that coinbase gives you in your transaction cause of your bank.

This is important, why? So they can identify your wallet and you will get money into your coinbase account. You can just click the copy button to copy the value to your clipboard.

When the money reaches your account, which usually takes a few days you will be able to buy cryptocurrencies, more precisely with Coinbase, you will be able to buy

  • Bitcoin [BTC],
  • Ethereuem [ETH].
  • Litecoin [LTC].

In our current times, the most used is Bitcoin, so I advise you to buy some bitcoin but wait I am going to reveal a crazy trick to avoid Coinbase fees, fees are not that high but still annoying and can be avoided so let’s get started.


Avoid Coinbase Fees The Smart Way (Coinbase With No Fees)


So Coinbase is fundamentally a wallet to store your coins, but linked to it there is Coinbase PRO  which is an exchange where you can trade and buy BTC, ETH, and LTC.

The trick is to tweak the coinbase system by buying bitcoin from Coinbase pro, instead of Coinbase and working on the spread to erase the fees, then transferring from Coinbase PRO to Coinbase will cost you zero money.


Also buying bitcoins from the Coinbase PRO exchange will cost you nothing, you will get then bitcoin free of fees and additional charges.

To do that head over to your Coinbase PRO  and follow these steps:

  • Click Deposit.
  • Pick your EUR- USD or whatever account you have and deposit money, from there (it is connected to Coinbase).

To make the magic happen, press LIMIT just underneath the deposit button. You have to set the limit to the latest bitcoin value.

To do so just press on the top value in trading the stack as shown in the second picture.

Enter the amount of bitcoin you wanna buy and then place the order.

The volatility spread will pay your fees so you get bitcoins free of fees. 

After you do so, press the Withdraw button and transfer to your Coinbase BTC wallet.


Set Up Your Chaturbate Live Webcam Account

Once you have your payment method set up you can start paying for services online that accept bitcoins. In a matter of seconds and completely anonymously you will be able to buy chaturbate tokens using bitcoin.

To have an idea of how this works I have picked chaturbate, furthermore, you can use this guide for any other service that allows you to buy with bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Just remember that the biggest part is to set up your wallet account which in our case will be coinbase.




This might take a few days the first time but after that, you are ready to go and buy chaturbate tokens using bitcoin.

Here are the steps to follow to pay instantly with bitcoin for chaturbate tokens so you can cam2cam with hot girls and guys trans and more.


Pay With Bitcoin For Chaturbate Or Any Other Service

First of all, you want to create an account on so that you can start having fun with one of the coolest free live cam websites. Free features will not allow you to have private shows with models.


chat urbate amateur cam


So I advise you to buy Chaturbate tokens using Bitcoin.

When you have filled in your Chaturbate profile info you can follow the steps below to purchase tokens, this is how to buy Chaturbate tokens using bitcoin:

  • you want to click on get more, (it is on the left top of the page under your username)get more tokens
  • then you want to set a number for the tokens you are willing to buyselect tokens and buy with bitcoin
  • Select bitcoin as the payment method
  • A Bitpay page will pop up:
    1. the first option [scan] with a QR code is good if you have set up Coinbase on your mobile also and you have the Coinbase app.
    2. the second option [code] is if you want to use your computer to pay.

Once you have decided what device to use, (mobile is easier by the way) you can go forward and start to buy Chaturbate tokens using bitcoin.


For the first option is called [scan]. Scan the QR code with your Coinbase mobile app, and follow these steps:

  1. Press accounts.
  2. Click on your BTC wallet (pick your BTC wallet, you can rename it if you like).
  3. Tap on the little paper plane icon in the right corner.
  4. Write down the amount and press send.
  5. Then click on the QR code in the ‘to’ field.
  6. Scan the code.
  7. Press send. (you bought Chaturbate tokens using bitcoin).

scan and pay with bitcoin

If you wanna use your computer instead click on [Copy] option tab of your Bitpay window:

  1. Head over your Coinbase wallet
  2. Click on accounts
  3. Select your BTC wallet
  4. To enter the Chaturbate address from the Bitpay window, after having accepted the conditions.
  5. Make sure it is correct (check at least if the first characters and the last ones match)
  6. Enter the amount written on Chaturbate in the Bitpay window + mining fees
  7. Press send to buy Chaturbate tokens using bitcoin

copy code and send coins

Now you are ready to use Chaturbate to the max,  and no one will be ever able to see that you paid for an adult service again.

It can be annoying that your bank is able to see that you spent money to masturbate with girls or to watch porn, so buy Chaturbate tokens using bitcoin.

Even worse is if your girlfriend has access to your credit card info and she is able to see that.

You can think about it the way you want to because the advantages are enormous.




binance cryptocurrency exchange



Buying services with Bitcoin on the internet is:

  • Faster
  • Safer
  • Anonymous
  • When you buy 100 $ worth of bitcoin they might be worth 300$ the week after. So you have made an investment.
  • The process is super easy.
  • You need no credit cards and a password to do so.




In this article, I have talked about how to buy Chaturbate tokens using bitcoin. But there are many other services that are accepting bitcoin, some others you can try:

Feel free to contact me with any questions, and share this post if you find it useful. Comment below if you want to contribute to this awesome community.


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