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Top 10 Sexual Games Apps And Top 10 Couple Games

Having a girlfriend is cool but sometimes it can be quite boring, that’s why sexual games are a nice thing to do to spice up your life.

Thanks to the advance in technology we have now millions of options to be true perverts.

In fact, I have just talked about how cool virtual reality porn is and all the related toys like the fleshlight launch.

If you are a guy like me that gets tired of the same pussy there are three options available in the real world now. 

  • fucking hookers.
  • masturbating like crazy.
  • getting a girlfriend and trying to escape the mundanity with tricks.

And in this article, we are going to take advantage of technology and list some of the best sex games for couples.




Once you reach a certain age, unless you are a rich motherfucker it gets tougher to fuck hot girls.

And if you like me likes barely legal girls it gets tougher and tougher once you start aging and having wrinkles on your balls.

If you are looking for some stability in your life sexual games can be life saviors if you have a girlfriend and her pussy feels like a piece of old furniture left to mold.


Top Sexual Game Apps

All of these apps are available both for IOS and Android but the links on this article will mainly go to the IOS app. 

In order for you to get the Android app just copy and paste the titles below in Google from your browser and download the app.



Dirty Sex Game For Couple

Just lay on the bed with your spouse or girlfriend and start playing this app.

There are over 1000 truth or dare games on it and you can spice out your sex life. 

Fill in your names and the app will tell you exactly what to do next.

Hopefully, you never have done it before and you will get the boner of your teen years.


dirty sex game for couple



Dirty Game Hot Truth Or Dare

With over 23 million users, there might be a reason behind all of these people using it. This ability is a life savior for certain people

You will be able to play lots of games such as spin the bottle, this is the truth, truth or dare,  etc…

They also have a lot of exclusive games and new stuff like ‘do your sex noise out loud for 15 seconds and so much more.


dirty game hot truth or dare



69 Positions

This app is very simple and easy to use! You can find a lot of sex positions you never thought of before. 

Just get naked body to body with your girl or boy and start trying all of them.

This is definitely a fun game for couples and chances are that you will like it.


69 positions



Desire Couples Game

This is another must-have app and one of the best sex games apps available on the app stores. 

You will be challenged every day to do new couple games, truth or dares and sex adventures.

This app will help you get back the desire and sexual attraction you had at the beginning of your love story.


desire couples game



Truth Or Dare

There are a lot of truth or dare apps on app stores.

I have just picked one now but there’s many. This is a classic game and it will help you spice up your sex life. 

Just fill in your name and start playing with your friends or partners! You will start to know yourself better and have a lot of fun.


truth or dare




Kamasutra is an ancient book written by some real perverts who knew how to take advantage of sex to have more fun in life. 

In fact, I never knew any Kamasutra position before I have downloaded this app. I never bought the book and I was only aware of the word Kamasutra as something cool. 

If you want to discover all the best positions of this Kamasutra art, check out this app.





Sex Game for Couple: Naughty!

This app is very similar to the truth of dares sexual game apps listed before.

The difference is that the questions will be only naughty questions. 

All of the mainstream stuff is removed to leave space for naughtiness only. If you need this kind of stuff with your partner get this app


sex game for couple naughty




Bliss costs money and it’s like a board game you can play with your partner. It’s fun and unique and it will help you find the love and attraction you had before.

You can play the music you like and choose among a lot of options and games.

There are a lot of actions and even a desktop version that perfectly communicate with your mobile app and saves both the progress in the game. 





iPassion Sex Games for Couples

This app is definitely very good, in fact, they even have a website and it’s super easy to use.

You will be able to boost the intimacy between you and your partner and have sex as never before. 

This app will guide you through some hot games and fun games for couples. 





Desire Couples Game

Desire is an exclusive and unique game you can play with your partner. A lot of users are happy with this app and they love it. 

Desires is a fun way to play with the people you love without being rude or offensive

This is one of the best sex game apps available at the moment. 


desire couples game



LOV Erotic Games For Couples

This is another cool couples game you can enjoy for sure. There will be 5 kinky games in it and here are listed below. Have Fun!

  1. Truth or Dare.
  2. Sex Dice.
  3. Sex Quiz.
  4. Would you rather.
  5. True or false.


lov erotic games for couple



Top Sex Games For Couples

If you don’t like computers and technology, in general, you can still go old school and play these games.

Most of these sex games are very simple games and even though are nicer using a smartphone ora computer you can still play it without them.

Here I will list some of the most popular sex games for couples you can play with no need for electronic devices.


1. The X File

Think about a spot of your body you will like to be kissed. Blindfold your partner and let them make an X once they find it. 

At the end of the game, you will be able to see all the spots you have fantasies about.


2. The Mystery Card

Grab a traditional card suit package and definite spades, diamonds, hearts, and clubs in a sexual way.

For instance, you can define spades as kiss, hearts as sucking, clubs as licking and diamond as fucking. 

Then if you pick 7 clubs you will need to lick 7 times something on your partner


3. Teasing Fuck

Wear something hot as fuck and stand a little far from your partner.

Tease him/her from afar and each time he/she does something good get closer.

Don’t fuck and wait until he/she will explode.


4. Truth Or Dare 

This is a game we have discussed before also in the app section, but you can play this game pretty much from anywhere. 

You can watch this video to get the gist!



5. Jizz Fest

Sit in a comfortable position, and decide if you want your partner to see you or if you don’t want to.

Then set a timer and start masturbating like crazy. 

Whoever cum first wins!

You can decide to masturbate yourself and teach your partner how you like it or make your partner masturbate you. 

The rules stay the same.


6. Facing Sexiness

Stand in front of each other and start staring at your partner’s body parts.

As soon as something triggers your perversion slowly start to play with it. 


7. Pervs Wait For A Sex

Grab your phone and set a timer. It is better if you keep it above 20-30 minutes at least.

Tease your partner with your hot pussy or generous cock, suck it, play with it do whatever you want but don’t allow penetration.

Whoever cannot resist penetration before the timer lose.


8. Sex Board Games

Go to your favorite sex shop, this one is my favorite one, and buy one of the many sex board games you can play

Having toys and interesting stuff in your bedroom can easily help you out


9. The Power

Grab a pillow or stuff in your house that can make you look like the one with more power.

Play games and start being the one who can control the situation.

Be careful if you are using dangerous stuff like knives etc.

This is a game and you don’t want to die. 


10. Hide And Seek X

Hide and seek is a very famous game that many kids are happily playing every day.

You can turn this game into an erotic machine pretty easily. 

Example: Put your clothes around the house, once your partner gets home he can follow them and find you. Once he/she finds you can start to fuck.


hide and seek





There are many couples games and sexual games you can play with your lover or random hookup partner. 

On this article, we have talked of the best and most famous sexual game apps you can download and use and also about some games you can play with no need for electronic devices


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Playing these games can help you to know better your partners and spice up your daily sex life with ease

So have you tried some of these fun games for couples yet or not? 

If you did please comment below, I am also willing to accept new suggestions to add to this list.


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