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Stripchat Review And Top 30 Cam Models

Stripchat is my favorite cam site, I spend hours and hours trying to find the hottest girls on it and showing them my cock. Check out this review of Stripchat and the top 30 Stripchat cam models I fell in love with.

Are you still spending hours fapping with porn movies meanwhile the world advanced and you could show your cum to some of the sexiest girls on the planet

We are living in a period of humanity where everything is possible because of the internet. The other day I was walking around some European city and I have found a tag on a wall saying that Napoleon Bonaparte passed by that place around the year 1800. 

Only 200 years ago no one knew about people jerking off on the internet and being able to connect with sexy girls online at any time. 

Well, we are in 2022 and you can take advantage of that and start masturbating the way that all of our ancestors just dreamt about. 

If you are ready to go, I am here to announce the most awesome cam site on the internet, and on top of that, I am going to tell you that you’ll be able to watch girls and chat with them and many other things for free.

Just make your free account now using the button below using your best email (no spam guaranteed) and you will be all set




In this article, we are going to talk about all the main features of Stripchat and why this is the best cam site lately

I am going to showcase a list of the top 30 Stripchat cam girls that are always giving me the best boner and premature ejaculation.

Most of the pictures are blurred to respect the privacy of the girls, but if you click on the links on this article you will be launched on their cam rooms and profiles.

All you have to do is to create a free account now and confirm your email to chat with thousands of bombshells naked online



Stripchat Review Is It A Scam Or An Awesome Cam Site? 

I have been fapping on the internet for more than a decade now since getting hot girls as I always used to have is getting harder when aging. 

Unless I pay for hookers,  it is very difficult for me to find a teen willing to share with me her cherry fruit and why not her virginity. 

I am thirsty for virgins and as long as they are 18 years old I would bang them all, unfortunately, the world is fierce, the sexiness I used to have when I was a teen myself is just a dream right now. 

But it’s not a big deal because the internet is awesome and after many years of being sad, I have finally found a website that can replace my thirst for teens and inexperienced pussy

This website is called Stripchat and it’s a live sex cam site with square balls. On this live cam sex shows website, you will find the most cuttingedge features on the planet, and on top of that most of the features are free with an account




Don’t be shy and put your best email on it, you will get zero spam and you will be able to chat with a lot of girls, couples, trannies, gay people, and much more for free. 

They have of course also features for people willing to pay, and you will be able to buy them with the tokens. 

They have one of the most secure and easy-to-use payment systems and they even accept WIRE transfers with big discounts on the tokens price if you are willing to drain your bank account for some hot piece of ass that will call your name in front of the camera. 

I know man, you are probably horny all the time and 90% of the blood in your body goes straight to your penis, to break down the urge to jerk off all day I think that Stripchat is the new year’s resolution answer.


stripchat homepage


Just as a side note I would like to say that the guys behind Stripchat are the ones behind one of my favorite porn sites on the internet which is

In fact, on xHamster, you will find a live cam section that features a website called xHamsterLive which is nothing else than a copy of the main website but using different colors and logos

If I were you I would stay out of and just signup on Stripchat which is the main site and the legit website you want to fap to. 



How Do Stripchat Work And The Main Features

Stripchat works like a charm, in fact, once you will land on their site via the button on this website you will be presented with a sign-up form




If your level of fantasy is close to zero because too horny you can click on the magic wand and this will create a funky username for you on the go.

If you are lazy AF they even have a Google or Twitter sign-up button that will get you set up in a few seconds. (I am always going for the canonical process e-mail-password.

You can even sign up with no email and add the email, later on, this is not recommended by me as I would never put a credit card somewhere where I have not linked at least my email. 

I have talked about credit cards, so you might be wondering, you just said it’s a free cam site, why do I need a credit card? 

Well yeah, it’s free, more precisely it’s freemium and what that means is that with a free account you will be able to do basic things like chatting with some models and looking at the shows

All the cool features like private shows, cam2cam, sending private kinky messages to the models, recording the shows, etc… of course, are not free.

Models have to survive and make some $$$ as well right? 


stripchat model room


The signup process is spot on, and the models are very happy to work for this website since they receive more than 60% of the share. This makes them willing to do any kind of thing online to earn an extra buck.

This is a 1-1- battle to the most drilled clit in the universe and sticking the biggest dildos in any possible hole of a human body.

Like many of the cam sites out there you will be able to enter the room with the model you like the most.

  • There will be a private show button where you will be able to interact with the model and ask for any kind of request for tokens.

Anyone who pays can spy on the show but they will not be able to see you don’t worry, spy shows are usually cheaper for spending users and they can be fun to watch.

The token price is set by the model and usually, it goes along with the popularity of the model and how fancy she can be online

  • The Cam2Cam show instead will give you a 360 degrees experience with your favorite piece of ass online.

No one will be able to spy on the show and you will be able to open your camera and show your genitals or just your pretty face to those online beauties

There are models of any kind on Stripchat and I am sure that you will be able to find the skinny 19 years old redhead from Ukraine and the kinky BBW with a fat ass from Zimbabwe touching their genitals and being naughty for you.



StripChat VR Experience


Models can also set up a ticket show that will involve payers to have access to their private shows for a lower price but the catch is that a lot of other horny fuckers will be around you bothering your deepest sexual desires

Something flipping awesome about Stripchat is the VR cam show experience. This is probably the only and best VR cam site out there.

If you have your VR headsets at home you can turn the camming experience into a 360-degree full immersion with pussy, tits, or cocks if you are into males or trannies.


stripchat sign up


This awesome website is also offering Fan club memberships, you pay a quote each month many features will become free for you and you will receive a badge that recognizes you as a loyal and awesome member. 

Stripchat will also launch soon a mobile app, this will make Stripchat the first cam site in history to have a mobile app perfectly working on your smartphone

The links on this article will give you access to 50 free Stripchat tokens, don’t waste the chance to try premium features for free and make a free account right now pal.




This website is also translated in so many languages, to be precise as for now there are 19 languages available. 

The responsiveness with a mobile device is super awesome. I personally never jerk off using my iPhone but I know that many of you do it and so I am thinking of you all as well and telling you that the mobile experience of Stripchat is fabulous

The awesome features on Stripchat are close to infinite, for instance just to throw another radical feature I am going to talk about the partnership with PlasmaMessenger.

This is a secure and anonymous way to privately chat with your favorite models at any time of the day. It’s like having their WhatsApp or Telegram number and being able to chat with them. 

All you have to do is download the app and scan the QR code shown in the model profile, here there is a picture of what I am talking about


plasma messenger


You can send messages and flirts via plasma or via Stripchat directly For some tokens. You can ask your favorite model to wake you up each morning with a hot message and with some wailing of enjoyment.

So yeah my dudes, the awesome features of Stripchat are countless, I will let you discover them all just by visiting the website and figuring it out yourself. I am here to tell you there are no better sites than this one out there. 

You can even friend and follow models and have a social network-like experience. You can record your shows and rewatch them and you can download videos and pictures that models will send you for tokens. 



Stripchat Tags and Categories

If you are wondering what kind of stuff you can see on this awesome live sex cam site, here you will have a gist has a huge selection of tags to pick from, probably more than a thousand tags, and many categories such as bondage, goth, Indian, teen, Dutch, French, emo, Asian, cosplay, curvy, cuckold, granny, BBW, mature BBW and so much more. 

There are always at any time at least 4000 models online separated into 4 mainly categories: 

  1. Girls
  2. Couples
  3. Guys
  4. Trans

And fuck yeah, model’s profiles are awesome, only LiveJasmin has better profile pages but they don’t have as far as I know a fan club OnlyFans style page like on Stripchat. 

Pornstars start to do cam shows on Stripchat as well, before of this only Camsoda was able to offer this and I love it, seeing my favorite pornstar live on cam is awesome. 

They have also a perfectly awesome interactive experience with teledildonics. If you don’t know what teledildonics are I will explain it very fast. 

A teledildonics is a toy that the performer can put in their vagina for instance and that can be controlled remotely and connected to a cam site.

For instance, you can tip a model and make her toy vibrate in her pussy for 3 minutes. She will be screaming your name and be thankful for you and you will enjoy it so much. 

This is a feature that is not available on every cam site and here we have it. 



Stripchat Token Cost And Membership Cost

And now for you all willing to pay some bucks for this awesome site and models I will list the Stripchat token cost and the membership costs. 

I will tell you also what will happen when you buy tokens, how to get them for a cheaper price, and many other things

The Stripchat token cost is as follows: 

  • Ultimate membership for $19.99 / month
  • Ultimate membership yearly is $199.99 / year (you will get 2 months free)
  • 90 Tokens for $9.99
  • 200 Tokens for $20.99 – 5 % OFF
  • 540 Tokens for $49.99 – 20 % OFF
  • 1100 Tokens for $96.99 – 25 % OFF
  • 2350 Tokens for $199.99 – 30% OFF
  • WIRE Transfers for cheaper price instructions.




stripchat token cost


Stripchat is 100% legit, in fact, they have a secure payment gateway that will accept credit/debit cards, PayPal, gift cards, skrill, and awesome crypto.

Your wife or girlfriend or bank won’t find out that you are blowing money on a cam site, in fact, the billing is discrete and anonymous.

The support team replies within a few minutes, this is outstanding and if you want to cancel your membership or something does not work well for you getting a refund is pretty easy too, as long as the foundations of your refund claims are real.  

If you decide to pay you will become one of the following members based on what you are doing with the website.

  • Grey Members are users that are not paying and that just surf for free.
  • Green members are users with tokens but they don’t spend a lot of money and they can’t ban annoying users and do awesome stuff yet.
  • Ex-Green members are users that used to have tokens and they ran out of tokens.
  • Gold members are users who have a monthly subscription and they can ban other users they are called Knights and top Stripchat members with more power compared to free members.


Top 30 Stripchat Girls Models

If you are wondering who are the models that are banking the most and that they have more success on here I will give you a list of the top 30 Stripchat models.

I can not put pictures of those hotties because they are protected by DMCA and they can sue me, I don’t want that but no worries. 

I will put a link to their profile and if you click on the links below you can go read the details of the models and if they are online chat with them on the go

If you don’t have an account yet you are stupid, this website is going to be online forever, probably until you will die and it will be one of your biggest assets when it comes to masturbating or having sexual-related fun


Here is the list of the top 30 Stripchat cam girls: 

  1. ChantalCarol
  2. Sweety-Kate
  3. RachelIvy
  4. Alana15
  5. JordanXo
  6. The_Snowwhitee
  7. MichelleChanelX
  8. Jessicakay288
  9. NikaLegran
  10. SexiLexiHotBody
  11. LorenRosse
  12. EmmaChar
  13. IsabellaEtthan
  14. KirstieVegas
  15. TattooGirlAlia
  16. RuthReeves
  17. RiriRose
  18. Sofi_1
  19. AnastasiaAnies
  20. ErikaLust
  21. AliciaBridge1
  22. PrettieKate
  23. CNVIVI00
  24. LittleMissEeve
  25. YourRadhika
  26. BelleTaylor
  27. Olesya
  28. HannaBush
  29. ClarySweet
  30. IrisBlues


And now that you know who are the most active and sexy chicks on Stripchat click on the links above: stalk them, suck all the info possible from their profiles, and fantasize about how to make them squirt.

Put the pictures of their pussies as the main picture on your desktop computer or home of your smartphone

Make a free account now to chat with them for free and let them show you their feet or open their mouths yelling your name for cum

In 2022 everything is possible, we are living in an awesome time and these angels/beauties are here for you. All they want is a little tip and they can turn into naughty slut machines ready to squirt and more.

Are you not convinced yet that this website is going to change your life for the best? 




Stripchat is according to me the best cam site out there! They have the best design, the best features, the most meticulous camming experience on the internet, and some cutting-edge features you will never forget.

The platform is not a scam at all, in fact, they are using one of the most advanced encryptions and systems for payments and the privacy of the users. 

The whole process of signing up and giving you the best camming experience is definitely on this website. 




In this article, I have mentioned just a few of the top features and why you should become a frequent visitor of this website

Millions of users are using it each day and it is growing as one of the most visited websites on the internet just right after Google and Facebook. 

The models on it are selected, beautiful and of any kind, they won’t disappoint you and I am sure you will not regret the moment you started to use Stripchat every day.

I hope that this review was cool to read and that convinced you to make an account and start chatting with these models right now. 


There other cam sites on the internet but I would say that the main Stripchat competitors are: 

  1. StreaMate
  2. Chaturbate
  3. CamSoda
  4. LiveJasmin
  5. BongaCams


The other websites are good but not as good as Stripchat or the ones listed above as far from my experience.



If you liked this post and it was very helpful as it should be please let me know in the comment below! I would also appreciate it so much! 

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