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Fake Cum Videos And #1 Cumface Generator Tutorial

Do you have a friend, your desk neighbor at school or the girl next door that you wish to cover with cum?

I am going to show you a nice website where you will be able to use your pictures and add fake cum to them.

You can download a picture from Facebook, maybe your best friend’s girlfriend and cover her with cum.

You can then share that pic with your friends and brag about your adventure.

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What you can do is to start telling your friends:

Hey, you know that chick I have met last night! I have jizzed on her face.

People will say, no way she was too hot and shit

And then you will send them a picture of her face covered with cum. 

This is how a cumshot editor works and you can use it as a cum face generator!


redhead cumshot



Fake Cum Cumface Generator

This is going to be a short article with a video that will show you how to upload a picture and edit it to cover with cum your prey.

I have found a few pictures of naked girls on Reddit, but you can probably use the Facebook pictures of your friends or some pictures of girls you like and you would like to cum on. 





I am not an expert with cum face generator but I am sure that If you have a little bit of patience you can achieve great results

You will have a wide choice of fake sperm stickers and a fake cumshot generator to add to your pictures. 

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If you want to add fake semen to some pictures you own of girls, the easiest way is via cumfacegenerator

Here you will be able to add fake cum stickers to your pictures and impress your friends.

This is a 100% free service that works very well. 




If you are curious about this service just head over to cum face generator and start building your fake cum empire. 

You can even add your face to it and cock stickers and so much more. Here is a list of extra stickers.

  • ass
  • boob
  • blowjob
  • cumshot 
  • dick
  • toys

fake cum 1


I hope that you have fun with this website, just in case if you are curious about how they have huge cum loads on porn movies read this article. 

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