Dating Site Spot Dating Victoria Milan Dating Review And Features

Victoria Milan Dating Review And Features

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Victoria Milan together with Ashley Madison created the first milestones with adult dating. This is another awesome website to try. The thing that makes this website great is the IOS and Android apps available after the profile creation.

Victoria Milan Review And Dating Features


victoria milan


The homepage and the sign-up process are very smooth and nice if you are interested in this website you can create a profile now.




The thing we really like is the fact that there is a mobile app available, you need to create a profile first via a computer. You need to verify your e-mail to have access, this makes it harder to create fake profiles.

Then you will be able to download the Victoria Milan dating app and search for your matches.

We can see it on CrunchBase as a real established company, we really like this website and as always we ran a test for a few weeks. 

At the end of the weeks we tried this website in London, the UK we found many women willing to cheat their husbands.


victoria milan settings

This is the best adult dating website for cheating and for marital escapes.


Victoria Milan Overview

You need to create an account first and complete all the details. They are asking you what turn you on, and to put some profile pictures.

You can also put your weight and height and then something we really like is the fact that you can verify your profile on Facebook, your mobile number, and windows live.


victoria milan facebook verification


This is a great feature! If you see a member that has the Facebook or google+ profile verified logo it means that is 100% real. This is a feature you can’t underestimate, the importance of having real profiles is all. 

Victoria Milan is available in many countries, this is a list of the ones with the most users: Belgium, Denmark, Finland,  France, The Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. 

But here in the pictures below we can find in more detail all the available countries, so if you are in one of those countries you definitely want to check them out. 


victoria milan countries available



Victoria Milan Dating And Chat

With this adult dating website, we can not chat with members unless we pay for a membership. But we can see for free the pictures and start a chat.


victoria milan chat


We don’t like that we have zero messages to try the service, but the price is very cheap and you can send unlimited messages with a membership.

We like also that with a membership we have also access to Rich Meet Beautiful, which is another great dating website to find sugar daddies.


victoria milan dating


Always remember that if you verify your profile you will stand out from the crowd and the chances for you to cheat and get laid are substantially increasing.


victoria milan girl profile

The fact that we can see profile descriptions and pictures is very interesting, on other websites we can not do this. We are glad that this website has this feature. 

What is missing is the live cam and live chat feature like in, we would love to have this also here. 


The Costs And The Success Rates

This is not a 100% free website, it doesn’t work with credits but with monthly memberships. One month’s membership costs $29.99 meanwhile if you pick the 6 months membership the price drops to $19.99.

I think that is more convenient to pick the $19.99 plan since we will have more chances to cheat and get laid. 

If you are in the countries listed above, there are millions of members that are using this website so you will not be alone. 

Here is a picture of the costs in detail, they accept, Visa, MasterCard, and many other payments. 


victoria milan upgrade and costs


Victoria Milan Dating App

Something we don’t have on other websites is the mobile app. With this website, you will be able to download the app via your profile page. 

Create an account via this link, and then if you like to download the dating app for your smartphone. You can find a link from your profile. 

You can find the links to the mobile apps here: 

  1. Victoria Milan For IOS
  2. Victoria Milan For Android


victoria milan app


We have tried the website and the app for weeks, and we like more the website than the app. We ended up on a few dates, most of them with MILF or Mothers.





We really enjoyed this website! Something we truly love is the ability to see profiles, descriptions, and pictures for 100% free.




We like the membership feature where you can send as many messages as you want for $19.99 a month.

We have found a lot of MILFs and mothers that wanted to cheat their husbands.

You can find the links to the mobile apps here: 

  1. Victoria Milan For IOS
  2. Victoria Milan For Android

And also the Victoria Milan dating app is very cool, we used the app mainly to receive notifications on our mobile phones. Then it’s easier to interact with a computer.


victoria milan preferences


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