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Ashley Madison Review | Honest Opinion And Evaluation

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Ashley Madison is one of the first adult dating websites that came out. It got hacked a while ago and it was a scandal. A million members got their profiles hacked. But now they got back stronger than before with millions of members that find love and sex with it.


Ashley Madison Honest Review


ashley madison


Ashley Madison is a super famous and maybe one of the first adult dating sites concept. There was half of the world used it back in the years and then people got scared to use it because it got hacked. 

Right now in 2018, they are back more powerful than before, they are offering a 24 hours customer support. They want to rebuild trust after the big hack and they are accomplishing this mission very well. 




If you want to try this awesome adult dating site, feel free to create a free online profile.

There are already millions of members using it, males and females, and the prices are very affordable. If you are interested in this great dating website make your account right now. 


Country of Availability of Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison’s website is available almost in all the most industrialized countries. You can look a the picture below for a more detailed overview. 


ashley madison countries of availability


If your country is on that list you can try Ashley Madison. What we loved compared to Fuckbook and is the 24 hours a day customer service. 

You can call your plan at any time, either if you have some problems with the website, or if you want to cancel your plan, etc. 

We really enjoy having this service on our side, that’s why you should create a free profile now.




What people are looking for on Ashley Madison 

On this adult dating website, there are people of all ages from 19 years old up to 90 years old. The big variety of members is definitely awesome

The chat is a little bit old-looking and the search engine for members is lacking a little bit, but overall is nice. 

If you are looking for a relationship or a cheating hookup this website is definitely worth trying. It starts from $0.44 cent per credit. 

The prices of the service are listed here in the picture below, we can see that with the 1000 credits plan we get messages for $0.22 cents instead of $0.44 cents.


ashleymadison costs


I advise you to pick the smallest plan to get some confidence with the website, and then upgrade later on if it is successful. 


Verified Members Only On Ashley Madison

When you sign up for the first time, you will have to upload pictures and complete your profile. It will take longer compared to other websites. 

We like a lot the fact that profiles are banned and deleted if they don’t comply with the standards and if are fake and made just for spam.

This website knows his shit, and they don’t want to ruin their reputation again after the big hack. Its mission is to give its customers the best experience ever possible. 

There is no way that you will get disappointed by this website, the situation in Miami is great looking. In the picture below we can see some online members. 


ashleymadison search members


The chat is a classic chat, and there is no Facebook messager like a box. We have tried this service for 3 weeks and got awesome results as well.


ashleymadison girl profile


Tip and Tricks to get laid a little bit more

On these websites usually, there are girls that are looking for cheating or something not very serious. But still, it is best practice to not express your perversion and masculinity at the first stages. 

We ran an A/B test where we sent a very naughty message as the first message. We were starting the conversation like this:

  • I want to show you my dick.
  • wanna fuck?
  • I like your tits I wanna cum all over them 

Then we ran the second test where we started with messages like these ones:

  • hi, I am new here. I was wondering if we can talk, I have just broken up with my girlfriend and I want to chat a bit.
  • I am ‘name’, I like you, I am happy that I have the chance to talk to you, how are you doing?
  • hello, I find you very attractive, I loved the pictures of you at the beach. Congrats on that hot body.

With the second approach, which then turned into a more naughty approach after a few messages, we got laid and got more dates.

The success ratio increases of the 88%. So go slow at the start of the conversation and then get spicy.




This is definitely a better choice if your country is not included with are very similar cheat hookup sites and are our top adult dating website picks.


Members’ age varies between 19 and 90 years old, there are more male members than female members. The quantity and quality of members at least for the Miami area is absolutely awesome. 


This is definitely a website you want to use if you are US or Canadian or Hong Kong-based. Over there results are sublime.




If you are passionate about history and you still don’t believe in, you can read about Ashely Madison on Wikipedia.

If you want to try other adult dating websites here are our top picks:


maxxfinder dating site


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