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Top 10 Realistic Sex Dolls And Sex Dolls Brothel Map

Love made you suffer and you’ve realized that girls are outdated and a realistic sex doll can sometimes be better?

If you ever had a girlfriend you know what I am talking about. Unless you find someone you really get along with a lot, girls are just a pain in the ass.

You end up wasting timespending a lot of money, and hoping for better days, while in fact, what we all are pursuing is to ejaculate in them or let them see you cum somewhere in their presence.

It is sad but the world is changing pretty fast, there are many countries where it’s possible to find a sex doll brothel.

sex doll brothel is a place where instead of real girls in the brothel, there are high-quality dolls with no maintenance costs. 


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A lot of people decide to spend their night’s fucking dolls all over the place together with other horny dudes.

While this can be sad for some people, from a philosophical point of view it’s the same thing that goes with regular hookers.

Most of the time when you go fuck a hooker you don’t ask her name, you just hand her $50 or something, and you cum and go away.

Fucking plastic dolls can be at the end of the day more practical and secure! This is why sex doll brothels are starting to get popular

If you are picky and you want to have your personal doll, I have created for you a top 10 list of the best and most realistic sex dolls you can find on the market right now.

Some of these dolls seem expensive but in fact, they will last you for a lifetime.


If you are ready to start and pursue your career as a plastic pussy driller you are in the right spot, these dolls seem like they are real.


#1 | Irina Sex Doll

irina sex dollIrina is one of the best and most sold silicon wives’ dolls. 

You can customize her hair, vagina, etc.. the way you want to! She is 5’5” (165 cm) tall and looking for a kind man.

She is a virgin and looking for passionate men that will have sex with her for good.

She has almost no maintenance costs and she does not need food and clothes.

Irina always agrees with your perversions and she is a hot Japanese doll with perfect hair and smell.






#2 | Lily Sex Doll

lily sex doll

Lily is a busty petite little slut ready to make you happy.

She is fully customizable and she comes with the nicest rack. She is 4’11’ (148 cm) tall and ready to get fucked.

Lily would love to lose her virginity with your massive cock.

If you are wild and ready to treat her as your personal slut, get her shipped at home.

Lily does not complain and she will respect any of your ideas. If you like this solution for your life check her out.






#3 | Marlene Sex Doll


Marlene is a redheaded doll with a beautiful TPE pussy to fuck hard.

If you never fucked a redhead you should try her. She is 5’2” (157 cm) tall and with pretty feet and eyes.

Marlene’s pussy needs to be deflowered and fucked from you.

You can dress her up as a college girl or a serious supermodel

Her skin is super soft and she looks like a real sex doll. Don’t wait for too much and get Marlene shipped at home now.






#4 | Esther Sex Doll

esther sex dollEsther is one of these hot Japanese sex dolls you don’t want to miss. 

She comes fully customizable and with the best materials. Esther is 5’5” (165 cm) tall and ready to fuck.

Her vagina is super tiny and tight like many Japanese girls.

You can dress her up as your favorite street skank or Japanese college babe.

Esther does not need food or water but just cum in all of her holes in order to survive this fierce world.






#5 | Kim Sex Doll


Kim is a thick doll with huge tits and a hot ass to fuck. 

She is one of the naughtiest and sluttiest babes you can buy. She is 5’5” (163 cm) tall and 37.8′ tits bust.

Her stomach is sensuous and reactive to the way you fuck her.

Kim likes to get fucked with no condom, especially in the asshole. She is one of the most fun.

If you are looking for a big slut ready to taste your cock and cum, check the details and have her with you.





#6 | Blake Sex Doll

blake sex doll

Blake is an Athletic blonde sex doll in need of horny dicks. 

You can fuck her under the shower or outdoors, she is not afraid. She is 5’7” (170 cm) tall and sexy to the bones.

Her bones are in steel and she will probably live longer than you.

You don’t want to get married to this slut, she will drain your cash.

But while you are alive she does not need anything but your caring and love. Are you ready?







#7 | Goldie Sex Doll


Goldie is an unshaven pussy doll with golden hair and a tight snatch.

You can customize her eyes and hair, this classy slut comes 5’6” ( 165 cm) tall and with nice nipples to suck.

Goldie does not know what a dick looks like yet, she is a virgin and innocent.

You can purchase her clothes or you can just leave her naked.

Goldie doesn’t care about people’s opinions, even with no clothes she is hot and ready to get fucked.






#8 | Celine Sex Doll

celine sex doll

Celine is one of the sexiest dolls you can buy, her French charms are in the air.

You can choose the kind of vagina that most suits you. She is 5’2” (158 cm) tall and sexy as fuck with any dress.

Celine had some blowjobs experiences but her pussy is still virgin.

If you give them good clothes and rings she will let you deflower her.

Dress her in heels or sneakers, anything that will have on her will make your dick hard stone. Try to fuck her from behind as well.






#9 | Marci Sex Doll

marci sex doll

Marci is the MILF of your dreams, with big tits, and nice shapes.

She looks very experienced and her pussy is wide open. She is 5’3” (160 cm) tall and passionate.

Her mouth adapts to your cock and she likes it a lot.

Marci does not come virgin, you need to respect her for the slut that she was. Get her ass wet asap!

She does not need food and she does not get pregnant. Sounds like a deal? Check out her price and features.






#10 | Natascha Sex Doll


Natascha is the ebony slut you always wanted to fuck and never did. 

Natascha is very classy and not picky when it comes to fucking. She is 5’1′ ( 155 cm tall) and with a nice mouth.

You can dress her casually or like a pole dancer hooker.

Her pussy needs to be washed if you cum in her and that’s it. 

No maintenance costs and no harassment, she is silent and cute even when taking it in the ass. Do you like the idea? If yes check her out!!






Pricing and Overall Evaluation

To make this article I got shipped home one of these dolls from

I personally have tried Celine the French slut, they gave me a case and I keep her in the wardrobe, every time I am horny I lay her on the bed and I fuck her. 

She doesn’t care if I last one second or an hour, it feels very similar to a real girl, of course, she doesn’t talk and you can tell that it’s not human skin. 

The average price of these dolls is something like $2000, there are many other dolls way cheaper but then they will break. 

I have got shipped other dolls but they don’t feel as good as the ones I have listed here from

If you are considering buying one of these girls, please take your time and pick a girl you might like for real. 

These girls come with steel bones and silicon/TPE skin and junctions. They feel very nice and here in this video, you can see their consistency when you fuck them or when groped



You can pay them in installments if you want to, with $100/mo you will have your brand new 100% realistic sex doll knocking at your door. 

I would appreciate a lot if you buy them via the links on this website! It will make me happy to know that you’ve found them nice and a good solution to the traditional pussy.

If you are wondering what fucking a sex doll feels like go ahead and purchase one now!



Having a girlfriend is complicated, leaving all the suffering, time, and money wasted behind these dolls.



I gave you a list of the best and hottest quality sex dolls you can purchase right now. 

There is a big market now and a lot of people struggling to have a real girlfriend opted to buy a doll instead of maintaining a wife. 

There are many advantages of owning one of these things, you can even use her to spice up your private sexual life with your wife if you want to.




Sex dolls don’t need food and they will never ask for a divorce, they will satisfy your brutal and primitive instincts of reproduction and the need to cum

Technology took a big leap lately and they are making awesome products and realistic sex dolls that seem like a real woman.

Don’t fall in love with these realistic sex dolls, they have no emotions, this is probably the only big difference!

If you are smart you can buy a silicone sex doll and start fucking immediately!

If you like the genre and you can’t afford to buy many dolls, you can find the best sex doll brothel locations thanks to the map I have prepared for you.

The most famous brothels at the moment are 13 and here they are:



I hope that you have enjoyed this article and that you will share it.  People might want to know about sex doll brothels and how to buy a cheap silicon wife or girlfriend.

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