dirty tinder vs tinder app

Dirty Tinder VS Tinder Dating

Dirty Tinder VS Tinder Dating, Review. In This article, we are going to talk about the benefits of a membership with Dirty Tinder instead of Tinder. Many people use online dating websites and apps for hookups. If you wanna know more about this topic and websites. Continue to read. 

Dirty Tinder VS Tinder

dirty tinder vs tinder dating app


Dirty Tinder And Tinder |Overview and Review.

Dirty Tinder is the Naughty version of the classic Tinder App, with Dirty Tinder you won’t need a Facebook profile to log-in. You can create your free account at this link.

dirty tinder join tinder for naughty girls

We can see here in a glance the pros and cons of the two dating websites/apps. if you wanna know more about them continue to read this review.

dirty tinder pros and cons compared to tinder infographic


Dirty Tinder All You Need To Know

When making an account with Dirty Tinder you will be asked for a valid email and if you are looking for a girl or a man.




Try to complete your profile, put a nice profile picture and some other nice pictures of yourself.

The app goal is to get matches, in order to get a match you both need to have pressed the heart button.

If you match with someone you will be able to talk then. Start swiping right if you like your match, and left if you don’t. 

Here there is a picture of how the Dirty Tinder platform looks like. This is a simple example of a profile. If you both click on the hearth, you will be able to match and chat and interact with each other.

dirty tinder profile swipe right or left


A lot of profiles on Dirty Tinder are looking mainly for sex, The pictures below show some of the registration pages examples you can get when you will sign up



Picture 1 of 2

With a free membership you will be able to see profiles and like them, if you want to interact with them you will need to buy credits

With Dirty Tinder, Members are more likely to be willing to have sex only, it is a community of horny people looking for sex. 

If you are a male looking for a random hookup, this is definitely the website you want to be on. If you are looking for a relationship or a chat with a girl you should not use this website. 

It is easier to get a reply from a match on dirty tinder. A research from the University of Pert, and datingsitespot, proved that members are 56% more likely to have sex and get laid with dirty tinder compared to tinder dating app


Are Dirty Tinder Profiles Real?

We ran a check on profiles for 2 months, and we have discovered that 68% of the profiles on dirty tinder are real.

Some profiles are ads or banners created from people to redirect you to other websites, but the majority of the profile on dirty tinder were real

We were able to prove the authenticity of the profiles asking for dates and mobile numbers, we have called many profiles of female and males and proved the authenticity

DatingSiteSpot was overall satisfied from Dirty Tinder and we can claim it as one of the best datehookup websites together with Fuckbook


Tinder Dating All You Need To Know

Tinder Dating App, is a famous dating app now available also for pc as known as tinder for pc.

The principle is similar to Dirty Tinder if you guys both swipe in the same direction and like each other, you will be able to interact and communicate.

But here members are looking for a more serious relationship. Here is how tinder for pc looks like. 

tinder for pc


You can also download the app heretinder for pc is more easy to use, and you can use your computer keyboard to swipe left or right. It is faster tinder for pc rather than the app. 

You need a facebook account connected to the app in order for this to work. There is less privacy if you are trying to cheat and membership is paid monthly starting from $12.95 a month. 

This is a pretty good deal, you can send unlimited messages for that price, but girls are harder to get and hookups almost impossible

This is great to work with some girl you really like and to maybe get married.


Are Tinder Profiles Real?

We ran the same test for tinder app, like for dirty tinder. We came up that 83% of the profiles here are real. Probably due to the fact that you need a facebook account to create an account. 

We have chatted with many girls with the same profiles we made for dirty tinder. Together with the University of Pert, we ran a test.

And we found out that in 2 months using Tinder we had 56% fewer dates and potential hookups with tinder app. 

We consider this dating app pretty good as well, but it is more directed for people looking for a serious relationship rather than a datehookup session of sex.


Dirty Pick Up Lines To Use On Dirty Tinder And Tinder Pick Up Lines.

Here, I will list some of the best dirty pick up lines you can use on dirty tinder. I have tested them all both on tinder and on dirty tinder and got crazy good results on the dirty version of tinder.


My list of 20 dirty pick up lines is here:


  1. If I were a watermelon would you swallow or spit my seeds?
  2. hypothetically what are you wearing?
  3. mmm, your pics #instanterection.
  4. roses are blue, violets are blue, like the Titanic I am going down on you.
  5. hey, could you dress up like a Nazi and spank me?
  6. you made me feel like a suicide bomber because when I looked at your pictures something exploded all over my pants.
  7. want some dick? YOLO.
  8. We are a match. Wanna Bang?
  9. I feel like a miner because I have found a Beautiful gem.
  10. I am Stoked. Sorry, autocorrect, I meant to say I want to skull fuck you.
  11. If you were a tropical fruit you’d be a fineapple.
  12. are you writing with an invisible ink? (If she does not reply).
  13. what’s your first thought when you see a banana laying on a bed?
  14. can I be your Adam? Watch out for my Snake.
  15. did you grow up on a farm? You sure know how to raise a good cock.
  16. what’re the chances that I see you naked tonight?
  17. can I lick your butthole?
  18. I wanna fuck you, that’s why we matched?
  19. hey, you seem hot, we should meet for a pizza and fuck?
  20. becoming a donor is the only way I can get inside of you?


dirty tinder join tinder for naughty


We have tried to use those pick up lines for both dirty tinder and tinder app, and the results were pretty straightforward.

  • almost no replies on tinder app.
  • 90% reply rate on dirty tinder.


Tinder Tips And Tricks For A Male

If you are a guy looking for a hookup, we suggest that you create an account on both websites, dirty tinder and tinder. You should put the little hearth or swipe left to all the profiles. 

Something you should do to increase your probability to get a match is to change your app settings. 

  • Put any age from 18 to 99 years old.
  • and at any distance.

If you will put the settings like that and keep swiping on both dirty tinder and tinder always left, you will get some matches. Unless your pictures are so bad or if you don’t have one.

We have tried to make a lot of profile from the ugly fat guy to the hot sexy male. 

We discovered that with dirty tinder the success rate and reply to a message rate were way higher compared to tinder.

Our passion is also live cam sites, and while swiping if you want to be looked from some of our cam girls you can click the picture below. 

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Tinder Tips And Tricks For A Female

If you are a female looking for a man, you will need to find out first if you are looking for a datehookup, or for something more serious. 

Let’s assume you are looking for a datehookup, here are the steps to follow:

  • make an account.
  • swipe always left.
  • you will find millions of guys willing to fuck you.
  • pick the one you might like and just ask him to fuck you.
  • no one will say no.

Instead, if you are looking for a serious relationship leave dirty tinder away and go for tinder app:

  • swipe right only the guy that might interest you.
  • read his description.
  • when you get a message start to get to know him.
  • don’t ask for his number to fast.
  • don’t be clingy.
  • go on a date.
  • do not have sex on the first date. ( if you are looking for something that will last).
  • if you are satisfied to try to build a nice relationship with your match.


Is online dating only for weirdos?

The answer is no, it is demonstrated that more than 77% of the population after 2015 found his partner with online dating.

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In the following years probably more than 90% or 95% of the population will find love with a dating app or websites

The reason why we are leaning toward this are simple: 

  1. we are all mobile and computer dependents.
  2. it is easier to talk to someone behind a screen.
  3. you can do it at any time of the day.
  4. more convenient.
  5. and is cheaper.

Why is that cheaper? Well if you start going out in bars, getting drunk or going to a club, you will need a lot of money.

It is also not a healthy lifestyle, you could invest that time to go to the gym while chatting on a dating app on a tapis roulant.

If you are lucky you can come out from the night with 50$, but most of the time is more than that. Some people blow actually even 300$ – 400$ in one night, and they are not even sure at the end that they will get laid

With a dating app or a website, you will pay for a membership, but at the end of the day, you would have talked with heaps of men or women.

Your success rate will drastically increase. 


Other Dating Sites Similar to Dirty Tinder and Tinder

There are many dating sites on the web, so how do I choose the best ones?

The best advice I can give you is to bookmark datingsitespot.com, we sort the best dating websites for any country.

If you go to our main website you will be able to pick your country from the menu on the left, as shown in the picture below. 


Picture 1 of 2

You can sort for any country in the world.  The list of the best dating sites available in your country will be updated and always online there.

P.S. Try them all, some have free messages as long as you verify your e-mail address. You can get laid in any country in this world with datingsitespot website.

Our top picks of adult dating sites are this one:

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In conclusion, we have compared dirty tinder with tinder dating app and tinder for pc. At the end of 2 months of tests with the same profiles on both sites, here are the stats we came up with: 

  • with dirty tinder is 56% easier to get laid, make a free account here 
  • tinder app is more for a serious relationship(girls are less likely to reply and harder to get)


  • you need no facebook account for dirty tinder
  • a facebook account is required for tinder app and tinder for pc


  • if you are a male, dirty tinder is more indicated
  • if you are a female tinder app is better



The authenticity of the profiles on dirty tinder is 68% real while on tinder app and tinder for pc 83% of the profiles was real.

  • So if you are looking for a datehookup, make your dirty tinder account here.
  • If you want something more serious with a string attached you can use tinder app.

Our advice is to use them both and keep an eye on the best new dating sites in your country via datingsitespot. Some Alternatives here:

If you feel like this article was useful and If you enjoyed it, please share it and comment below if you have any question.

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