Chaturbate token cost guide and chaturbate

In this guide, I will write about a famous webcam site called Chaturbate Cam and the chaturbate token cost. I will write about how to use chaturbate. According to me, is the best free live cam website and it deserves some credit. You can use this guide for any other cam site but today we are going to dive into chaturbate.To know more, continue to read.

Chaturbate token cost, what is it? How does Chaturbate work, and how to make money on chaturbate best guide for free live cam shows and becoming a model.


The art of masturbating while chatting online

This is how chaturbate owner defines their website:
“The act of masturbating while chatting online”
It is actually very accurate, I remember when I was 12 years old thriving to find some naked pics to put on a floppy disk; I was happy back then and ready to jizz with those pics.
floppy disk vintage porn
Then I started to have contacts whit older buddies (mafia stuff) able to provide me some CD-ROMs with real porn movies in it, still, the internet was not available everywhere, I am talking about the end of the 90s.
This made me so happy, being able to masturbate with these real movies, but if I am looking back now to my masturbating career, I can not believe, that I was able to masturbate with these things.
Right now, I am not even using porn movie, the things that excite me the most are spying girls at the windows and being looked by real cam girls or girls on skype.
A nice website for skype private paid session is this one
So that’s why you should start masturbating with chaturbate, because super hot girls would do whatever you want them to do, live, on cam for you, and I think being looked cumming is cool.

How  does Chaturbate work

Chaturbate is an online platform where real people can broadcast their camera and do whatever they want.

First of all, you need to create an account from this beautiful link and verify your e-mail address.

There are two main sections of the website:

  • the cam section

cam section chaturbate

  • the options, blog and store section

chaturbate option tab

Cam section, you can pick the main categories

  • featured – the handpicked top cam according to chaturbate
  • female – only solo females cam
  • male – only solo boys on cam
  • couples – couples fucking and showing off
  • trans – only transgenders
  • spy show – here you can pay to see cameras that are hidden because are on a private show with somebody else

Options section there are other interesting features:

  • chat rooms – the main option, that will bring you to the live cam chatroom
  • broadcast yourself – here you can start broadcast yourself and start making money
  • tags – you can sort the webcam rooms by tag
  • blog – read the latest chaturbate news 
  • earn free tokens – you can earn free tokens
  • my collection – you can see the shows you paid, they will be recorded here
  • store – it’s an online sex store for toys and official chaturbate merchandise

How to buy chaturbate tokens and chaturbate token cost

The chaturbate token cost and the chaturbate token value varies based on how much tokens you get, yet, here (how to buy tokens on chaturbate with bitcoin) there is a great article on how to buy chaturbate tokens anonymously and faster without the need of passwords or being busted from your bank and girlfriend, how to but tokens with bitcoin.

Just to have an idea of the prices, here I am going to make some tables showing the prices depending on the payments methods.

So let’s start off with the credit card option! If you choose credit card as payment method you are able to get 200 tokens if you upgrade your chaturbate membership for 19.95 $ a month. This is the only option where you can get free tokens but also you need a membership each month so I am not sure if it’s worth it.

19.95$ Membership advantages include free private chats, no ads, and few more things.

Chaturbate token cost for different payment methods

  • Here the chaturbate token cost for the credit card method (Visa/Mastercard/Discover)speaking in dollars is:

100 tokens for $10.99 1 token price is 0.109$
200 tokens for $20.99 (5% Bonus) 1 token price is 0.104$
500 tokens for $44.99 (22% Bonus) 1 token price is 0.0890$
750 tokens for $62.99 (31% Bonus) 1 token price is 0.0830$
1000 tokens for $79.99 (37% Bonus) 1 token price is 0.0801$

chaturbate credit card method chaturbate token cost

  • Chaturbate token cost for the epoch card (Credit Card/Sofort/MisterCash/PaySafeCard/NeoSurf), prices are in euros, I will convert them in dollars in columns two:

1 token price is 0.110$1 token price is 0.100$1 token price is 0.090$

100 tokens for €9.80 1 token price is 0.120$
200 tokens for €18.72 (5% Bonus) 1 token price is 0.110$
500 tokens for €40.13 (22% Bonus) 1 token price is 0.100$
750 tokens for €56.19 (31% Bonus) 1 token price is 0.090$

chaturbate epoch card method chaturbate token cost

  • And now the chaturbate token cost with a wire transfer, the minimum amount you can transfer is 250$ and one token will cost you always0.08$.

3125 tokens for 250 $ 1 token price is 0.08$
12500 tokens for 1000 $ 1 token price is 0.08$

pic00008 300x213 - Chaturbate token cost guide and chaturbate

  • The best chaturbate token cost with bitcoin, if you wanna know more on how to buy it with bitcoin which I think is the best way to do it read my article how to buy chaturbate tokens with bitcoin, the prices are :

note BTC price may vary, but I am pretty sure the USD price will stay the same more or less and this is the cheapest method so far.

100 tokens for 0.001 BTC 1 token price is 0.0820$
200 tokens for 0.002 BTC 1 token price is 0.0818$
500 tokens for 0.0049 BTC 1 token price is 0.0803$
750 tokens for 0.0074  BTC 1 token price is 0.0802$
1000 tokens for 0.001 BTC 1 token price is 0.0800$
12500 tokens for 0.001 BTC 1 token price is 0.0799$

buy chaturbate tokens with bitcoin

Bring friends for free tokens

  • Bring a new friend in:

Earn up to 10 tokens for every registered user and 500 tokens for users who broadcast. Broadcasters must earn $20.00 before they qualify.

You will need to share your personal affiliate link with friends to get the bonus.

refer a friend on chaturbate

Chaturbate token cost per minute

Just to have an idea of how to use the tokens, and how much are chaturbate tokens per minute, the prices for the private shows varies based on the model popularity, if we put an average cost of 0.085 $ per token, prices  are the following:

6 Tokens per Minute 0.51$ per Minute
12 Tokens per Minute 1.02$ per Minute
18 Tokens per Minute 1.53$ per Minute
30 Tokens per Minute 2.55$ per Minute
60 Tokens per Minute 5.10$ per Minute
90 Tokens per Minute 7.65$ per Minute

As a result,  the chaturbate token value for all the different payment methods available, using bitcoin will be the cheapest and safest way, read more here on how to do it.

How to make money on chaturbate?

To make money with chaturbate there are mainly 2 ways:

Broadcast or be an affiliate for chaturbate.


If you broadcast yourself you just need to press the broadcast button and do your best on cam, you can do it either if you are a guy, a boy, a couple or a trans.

This is how to make money on chaturbate with broadcasting.

become a chaturbate broadcaster

You need first to go to your profile:

  1. Create your account at this link
  2. click on ‘my profile’.
  3. press ‘token stats’ your profile tab.
  4. hit model verification form.
  5. agree to the terms and conditions.
  6. upload you id’s documents.
  7. submit your payout info.


To become an affiliate and promote chaturbate you need an affiliate account:

  1. Create your account at this link
  2. Submit your payout info, they might ask for a Payoneer so make one from this link
  3. then start promoting chaturbate on social media, blogs or whatever you want
  4. the best offer is probably ‘ Best Converting Tour’ on revshare in the bottom

There are many affiliate links you can use:

  •  $1.00 Pay Per Registration + $50.00 Per Broadcaster + 5% Referred Affiliate Income

Here you will get 1$ per lead, means that for any email you collect you will get 1$ which is great but you need a lot of traffic to make good cash

  • 10 Tokens Per Registration + 500 Per Broadcaster

This program is good if you want free tokens

  • Revshare: 20% of Money Spent + $50 per broadcaster + 5% Referred Affiliate Income

This is according to me the best one, you will get for life 20% on total money spend from your hooked up a client, it is harder to convert but sometimes you get the one that pays a lot and will make your month richer.

Free live cam chaturbate and best models

If you can not afford the paid version because you are too broke, you can always make your free account and use chaturbate for free. You will be able to see almost all the public cam shows, with some limits of course but overall is not a bad experience.

In the footer of the website, there are some cool options I like a lot, like the one where you can pick the age of the models like you can pick chaturbate 30 50 if you want a model with that age. Chaturbate 18 Teen Cams (18+), you can download chaturbate videos if you pay for a private show.

This is a list of the best chaturbate girls and couples performers I like the most:

  • ohmymia
  • pretty_rebecca
  • vikikinkygirl
  • gang_bang_style
  • sunset_parade_x
  • lady_phephe ( nice feet )

Other cool Chaturbate Adult Cam Features

On the top bar we have talked at the beginning of this article there are some noticeable features I still want to talk about. I like:

  • Blog
  • My collection
  • Store

Furthermore, you can use chaturbate tokens to tip girls and for asking things while they are live and not on the private show, I like to ask them to show their feet for instance and if I pay some tokens they will do it for me.

The blog tab, here you can find awesome news on cam models and events around the world you might want to participate if around your location

My collection is a nice collection of all the private shows that you paid for.

The store is a great online sex store where you can buy sex toys, gadgets and chaturbate t-shirts for an OK price

List of other sites like chaturbate

If you will ever get tired or you want to try other sites like chaturbate, here I have prepared a cool ass list of the best cam sites on the internet, just make your accounts and try them all if you feel like.



To sum up, we found out that for the biggest package the chaturbate token cost if bought with bitcoins is 0.0799$, and for the cheapest show type, the price is 0.50 $ per minute.

We have discovered the main features on chaturbate and the footer special links, we have played a bit with all the different shows available.

To sum up, we have put together the two ways to make money with chaturbate, the main ways are:

If you like and you found this post nice and useful, please share it and comment below, I will be glad to reply to any of your questions.

fuck book review sex

Further reading:

how to buy tokens with bitcoin

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