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Chaturbate White Label Setup And Make Money With It

A Chaturbate white-label cam site can be extremely profitable, taking advantage of the huge amount of traffic on Chaturbate.

A white label of chaturbate is, in other words, a chaturbate clone.

You will be able to put Chaturbate on your own domain and send traffic to it and make money with your white label cam site.

Even though it is not super nice looking and customizable it is still one of the most profitable cam sites on the internet


They are providing generous payouts and a lot of converting promo tools and payments methods.  Click To Tweet


chaturbate white label

In this article, I will guide you on how to create a Chaturbate white label cam site step by step so that you can earn money


Chaturbate White Label Setup

There are only a few things you will need in order to implement this method:

  1. Chaturbateaffiliate account, make a free account now,
  2. awesome adult-friendly hosting and domain, get a free domain and hosting from $2.95/mo,
  3. Cloudflare (recommended but not mandatory),
  4. traffic, you can get some paid traffic from Plugrush, Juicyads, and TrafficJunky.

Once you have made your Chaturbate affiliate account you will need to click on “White Labels” and then on “Add“.




add new chaturbate white label

My advice is to get to host your domain because they are cheap and awesome and you can put porn stuff on it.

You can read my article on the best porn hosting and get a free domain name by clicking on the button below. 




Once you have a domain and hosting my advice is to let Cloudflare manage your NS server. This is pretty easy to do, you can follow this guide from Cloudflare.




You can then go back to your Chaturbate affiliate account and start to design your white-label Chaturbate site. 

You should pick a nice name and alias, description and a theme.




If you want to customize the colors you can use hslpicker to pick the colors. You need to copy and paste the code with the hashtag called hexadecimal color.


customize the white label cam site


The chaturbate white label logo size needs to be 200 pixels x 70 pixels


chat urbate logo size


Something bad is that if you pick only “couples as a niche you will still be able to choose the other categories.

When you pick that option it will show only couples on the homepage only. 



White Label Cam Site Verification

Then you will need to verify your property, to do that you will have two options using the Chaturbate DNS configurations:

  1. CNAME verification
  2. .TXT file verification

The CNAME verification is a little bit more tricky but it is more stable and you will need nonetheless to point your CNAME to the one of Chaturbate later. 

I advise you to use Cloudflare to manage your DNS because the operations here are instant and you will not need to wait a long time.

After the domain is propagated in Cloudflare any DNS change you will make will take place almost instantly

Once the Chaturbate DNS propagated and it’s verified you can go forward and follow the steps on the screen. 

You will then need to point the CNAME to:

CNAME www in alias of

And the A record to:

A points to


chaturbate dns and cname

Then if you visit your domain you should be able to see a fully functioning white label cam site. 

Now you might wanna know how to make money on chaturbate right?


How To Drive Traffic To Your Cam White Label

A white label site will almost never be indexed on Google, this means that organic traffic will almost never come

But, the advantages of having a white label cam site are that people will bookmark your site and they will eventually become clients. 

But how to drive traffic to my chaturbate clone website?

There are only two ways you can do that:

  1. media buying
  2. referral traffic


#1 – Media Buying

If you want to do media buying I advise you to read my guide on adult media buying here.

But nonetheless here is a list of the best traffic sources that can help you have a lot of traffic on your white label cam site. 

Once you have created an account with each of these websites you will have the chance to advertise your site on famous websites like Pornhub, XVideos, Chaturbate, and so on… 

It will cost money but you can also make a lot of money pretty quickly if you scale your campaign properly.


plugrush traffic


#2 – Free Referral Traffic

If you want to go for the free path you need to invest a lot of patience and dedication.

Getting referral traffic from blogs and social networks is the best way. 

You can also use this method if you want to have long-term success.

The best social networks you should grow to get referral traffic are these:

  1. Snapchat
  2. Reddit
  3. Twitter


  These are adult-friendly social networks if you declare on the settings that you will post #NSFW material. Click To Tweet


Here I have prepared a tutorial on how to grow your Snapchat followers.

For which is like Pinterest but for porn, you should upload amateur pictures you can find on Reddit or on other sites and watermark them with the name of your Chaturbate white label cam site. 

If you keep doing it for months sooner or later you will get an explosion of traffic and traffic equals to money


chaturbat broadcast


If you get a decent number of Chaturbate payers you can easily make a lot of money. If you are interested to know the Chaturbate token cost you can read my article. 

As a chaturbate affiliate, you will earn 20% revshare for a lifetime from your payers. 


How To Get Paid On Chaturbate

There are many methods to get paid with Chaturbate, but here I will list only the most convenient ones.

By convenient I mean that you will pay no commissions and the payment method is accepted almost worldwide and not only by US citizens. 

If you are more interested in the best ways to get paid online read my article, but here we are going to talk about how to get some Chaturbate money:


Paxum $0.50 Worldwide
Cosmo Pay $1 Worldwide
Direct Deposit Free Only for USA
WIRE $45 Worldwide
Mail Check Free Only for USA
FedEx check $40 US – $80 Worldwide  Worldwide


My favorite way to get paid is via Paxum, they have zero fees and the payments are instant.

The only problem is that it is available worldwide but not in the United States. If you are from the USA you will have more options so don’t worry.

Then you can also use cosmo pay, I personally don’t like them but they have a $1 fee and it is available worldwide.  

The other 4 options are mainly available only for the United States you will need to pay a huge amount of fees so I would not pick these options

If you are from the United States you can request a direct deposit and pay no fees, if you are a foreign person the best solution is Paxum.




In this tutorial, you have learned how to make money on chaturbate thanks to a Chaturbate white-label site

A white label is nothing more than a chaturbate clone where you can send traffic and make money.




Here are the main advantages of a white label over sending your Chaturbate affiliate links:

  • people can bookmark your domain.
  • getting paid no matter what they do or if they come months after.
  • building a brand.
  • you don’t have to worry about affiliate links.

The main disadvantages are these: 

  • it is not very customizable.
  • you will never rank on google.
  • only referral and media buying traffic will go to your white labels.
  • you can’t pick a niche. (This is a Chaturbate fault).


I really like the Chaturbate white label feature because it is very easy to set up. You will need just to change the Chaturbate DNS settings and you are ready to go. 

There are other companies that provide a cam white label solution and my favorite after this one is AWempire.

If you are looking to make some extra money this is a good solution and all you need are:

If you liked this tutorial or have any other questions or doubts or you need help send me a message and I will help you.

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chaturbat broadcast


If you liked this post and it was very helpful as it should be please let me know in the comment below! I would also appreciate it so much! 

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  1. One thing you do not mention is that once a new customer buys tokens on your white label, they are instantly redirected away from your white label by a hyperlink, which then sends them to Chaturbate (not your white label) for all future purchases. So in essence, only the first purchase from a new customer will credit the white label, all future purchases go to chaturbate.

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