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Buy Used Panties Or Sell Used Panties The #1 Guide

If you want to buy used panties I will give you a list of the best websites where you can trade dirty panties. 

You don’t have to be ashamed if you have a panty fetish, each of us has one perversion.

There are many websites where you can stay anonymous and buy smelly panties to sniff and rub your dick on. 

Sell used panties to people if your intention is to make money in an easy and awesome way

Buy Used Panties instead if you want to grab one of these relics for your collection. 


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Top Websites To Buy Used Panties And Sell Used Panties

There are too many websites on the internet that you definitely need me to tell you which ones are awesome or not

In the following list, I will give you some names of websites that will allow you to sell and buy worn panties

These sites will allow you to do also other awesome things, such as creating a membership site, selling nudes and so much more.

Some of them are just websites where you can sell and buy dirty panties, with other sites you can do other things. 

It is very popular to buy teen panties lately and these are the best sites that will help you get some smelly panties.



Either way, if you want to buy or sell, I highly suggest you create an account which each of these sites. 

You want then go to your settings and fill in the payout method so that you can get paid automatically. Here is an article on the best payment systems.

I suggest you create an account with: 

  1. Paxum
  2. Revolut
  3. PayPal
  4. Coinbase
  5. Payoneer 

Something that works pretty well combined with selling used underwear is camming. You can build up your cam girl or cam boy persona and sell your panties to your fans. 

Check out my guide on how to become a successful cam girl.



SofiaGray is for the ones that want to buy used panties of the elite, the style reminds you of 50 shades of grey. This website is very interesting and you can find expensive lingerie and dirty undies from hot as balls models.








OnlyFans like BentBox will allow you to create a profile where you can decide to charge people for VIP stuff you can send them. The best way to get people to follow your profile is via Snapchat marketing








BentBox is a very complete site where you will be able to buy and sell undies and create a membership profile where people can pay for your services. You can easily start selling nudes or videos on this platform.








PantyBay is a terrific idea to buy used panties while on cam with hot-ass chicks. This is 100% a cam site where you will be able to buy worn panties and even send them to your friends. If you are curious don’t waste more time and make a free account now.







PantyDeal is one of the most used panties websites on the internet. The design is quite new and the payment gateway is secure and nice to use. You can find dozens of models and thousands of a different kind of underwear








ManyVids is a complete platform and I recommend you to use it. You will get the biggest commissions for your services and it is recommended to buy used panties and also sell used panties. You can also upload videos and sell them for cash.








ThePantyBank is very similar to panty deal but with a bit more features compared to the other one. The pros of the panty deal are that the quality of the models and underwear is better compared to the panty bank.







Panty.Com sells and buys teen panties and worn dirty casual clothing in general. They are specialized in dirty and horny stuff from verified models. 






Snifffr is definitely the last website that came out in the business, they are doing very well and the name and the logo should already give you a push to start using this awesome website created especially for you with a panty fetish. 








iWantClips like ManyVids features stuff like selling videos, pics, sex material, panties, and so on. You should have an account with them as well. 








ExtraLunchMoney is one of the first websites launched a long time ago by elm the founder of this great site.

It is a marketplace for cam girls, people interested in porn and willing to buy used toys underwear, and so on.

This is probably the most complete website and highly suggest you make an account right now from the button below. It is the last on the list because the website design is a bit old.







Tips To Become A Successful Used Panties Seller

In order for you to make serious money selling dirty underwear, you will need to become famous and considered in your field.

If you are trying to grow your audience having a nice Instagram, Twitter, and Chaturbate account is a good idea.

These accounts are valuable for males and females.  Click To Tweet

You can read this guide on how to grow your Snapchat audience for instance and shift it for the other networks as well

Here are the top tips to sell dirty underwear like never before: 

  • create an awesome bio, and be kinky, naughty, and slutty.
  • put your best pics of course and even a video if they allow videos.
  • work for cam sites like Chaturbate, BongaCams and put links to your accounts listed above
  • slowly grow, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc…
  • scale the price of your panties for sale from low to high depending on your popularity.


Faq (Frequently Asked Questions)


What’s The Price? 

The price depends on how good you are selling yourself. It is not hard to understand that panties that belong to Emma Watson can have a much higher price compared to someone that is not famous yet. You can start selling used underwear to people with a panty fetish starting from $5 + shipment and then scale it up. 


How To Send Them?

If you are using the websites above some of them will take care of everything. You will need to send them via their services. Otherwise, you will need the customer’s address and try to avoid including your name and address on the package.


Who Buy Used Panties? 

People wear masks, and the serious guy wearing a tie sitting 2 desks away from your cubicle eating buggers when he thinks nobody sees him can be a potential buyer. We are all overwhelmed by perversions of sex and weird shit. A lot of people like to smell dirty underwear and so they are willing to pay for it. 


Most Popular Smell Scents?

There are many different smells that used panties can have, for instance, they can smell of:

  • buttcrack sweat,
  • vaginal discharge,
  • period secretions,
  • fusty cum,
  • masturbation,
  • piss,
  • poop,
  • poop mixed to piss,
  • piss mixed to cum
  • and so on.

Make sure to satisfy your customer deep desires


Should I Wash My Used Pantyhose Or Dirty Panties Before Shipping It?

No way no, unless your customer specifically asks that they want to receive washed panties you don’t have to. 93% of your customers want to smell your real smell and see what your secretions look like. So don’t worry about wasting expensive washing machine soap, most of the time the dirtier your undies are the better it is. 




If you want to buy used panties to take care of your fantasies in this article you have learned what are the best websites

You can also decide to sell used panties and make money yourself. Some people are making over $100 per underwear and you should do it as well. 

You will need to grow your audience, become desirable and create social network accounts and cam accounts like

You should also join groups on Facebook or Reddit for instance like r/usedpanties and so on. 

I hope that you enjoyed this article and you start making money selling dirty underwear or buying used panties.

I also hope that you find your perfect pussy or cock scent if you decide to buy some used pantyhose or teen panties for instance

If you want to buy my panties just give me a tweet so I know that I might have some clients also for this. 

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