chaturbate 2 step verification settings

Set Up Chaturbate 2 Step Verification

In this article, I am going to highlight the importance of 2 step verification. I am going to tell you what it is and I will use chaturbate 2 step verification account to guide you. 

You can apply the same concepts to any other website. If you wanna know how to do it, continue to read.

Chaturbate 2 Step Verification Account, How To Set It Up.

chaturbate 2 step verification settings


What Is Two-factor Authentication?

[2 step verification] or 2 step authentication, also called 2fa is a good way to keep hackers and attackers out of your accounts and data.





Technology progress goes at the speed of lights in these days. This makes it easier for hackers to hack into websites and steal important information.

For any account you have on the internet, from Facebook to Google you name it, you need a username or e-mail and a password in order to log-in into your account.


When you create an account on any website, you give the consent to that website to store your username and password on an encrypted database.

This means that your personal data are somewhere on the internet and you need to trust that website, that your information is safely stored.

Today, I was reading an article that UBER accounts got hacked 1 year ago and UBER paid a lot of money to the hackers so that they would not put public the customer’s data. UBER kept this news secret until today.

Hacking into a website has become easier lately, a famous way is a SQL injection, but as the technology, advanced more effective ways and hacking tools came out. Anyone should be trying to keep their accounts as safe as possible.

One way to do that is to secure your account with a 2fa system, what this means is that hackers to log into your account would need :

  • username
  • password
  • the temporary code generated from your phone

So What Is This Temporary Code?

The temporary code is a code that changes every 30 seconds connected to the clock (CPU) of your mobile phone. When you try to enable 2fa from the 2 step verification settings a special code or QR code needs to be scanned with your mobile camera.

This will bound to your phone CPU clock to that account, only your phone will be able to generate that code needed to log in.

So to explain how to set up a 2 step verification account I have used chaturbate, our nice and famous free cam live service.

I advise you to use 2 step verification in almost all your websites, at least the most important ones such as Google (Gmail), Facebook, your hosting company (TMD hosting is a good one), banks, online payments services, Dropbox etc…

How To Set Up A Chaturbate 2 Step Verification Account 2fa

If you don’t have a chaturbate account, well you need one, you can create your account here at

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After you have verified your e-mail, make sure that you whitelist chaturbate so their e-mail doesn’t go into spam. To whitelist an email you simply find the e-mail and add it to your contacts.

The screenshot below is for Gmail.

whitelist on gmail

Download the Authy app, so far according to me this one is the best 2fa app out there, you can read more about Authy on my other article how to buy tokens on chaturbate with bitcoin .


After you do that just follow these steps and the media gallery pictures below:

  • log in to your chaturbate account
  • click on ‘my profile’
  • go to settings and privacy, click on adjust two-step authentication settings
  • click on chaturbate 2 step verification settings
  • add code generator
  • scan the QR code with Authy app
  • view or generate a new backup code
  • download and store safe the backup codes
  • put the .txt file somewhere safe like an external hard drive

The backup codes are meant to save your ass in case that you are losing your phone, these codes will allow you to log in into your account if you no longer have access to your phone.

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2 step verification is absolutely worth it! Your credit card, identity, and chances that your account can be compromised and not accessible are reduced significantly.





To set up your 2fa settings it takes 2 seconds and the only things you have to be aware are:

  • try not to lose your phone
  • if you change your phone, first disable your chaturbate 2 step verification settings
  • in case you lose your phone, make sure you have printed out or backed up your backup codes the day when you have enabled the 2fa
chaturbate 2 step verification 1

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