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How To Start A Pornsite With A Porn Adult Tube Script

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Looking to start an adult site? It’s easy with an adult tube script. Here, in short, I will show you how to start an adult site and make money with porn.

Before digging into the details I would like to tell you that one of the easiest and most efficient ways to do it is xStreamer adult tube script.

This is software that is not based on WordPress or on some old platforms. It is all designed on Laravel and it will be able to handle the big amount of traffic and requests




If you are interested in starting an awesome porn site and learn how to make money from porn you need to check out xStreamer.


xstreamer adult tube script

This software will make your life very easy and eventually you will be able to start an adult tube that will make a lot of money. 


How to Start A Porn Site and Make Money

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Types of Adult Websites

Broadly speaking, adult sites can be categorized into five types:

  1. Tube sites.
  2. Membership sites.
  3. Sex toy marketplaces.
  4. Webcam sites.
  5. Adult blogging sites.

The porn industry is huge.

You cannot be the one that dominates all. So, it’s important to zero in on the type of adult website you intend to start.

And yes, choose a top performing niche.

Each of the adult sites listed above can be decomposed into multiple niche sites.

For instance: if we are talking about a tube porn site you can upload videos only of deflowered Asians

Deflowered Asians, in this case, would be a niche, and people interested in deflowered Asians will bookmark your site.

deflowered asian


They will give it a preference over all the other porn tubes because it is interesting for them that they might have a perversion to deflowered Asians


Niche Selection

There are too many generic porn websites. A few of them are well established. A few of them aren’t.

The truth is that there is not a big reason for audiences to visit your generic website.

It’s suggested to choose a niche and build upon it. This brings me to the next question.

A niche is a smaller section of a market! For instance, porn is an entire market, porn videos is a niche, teen porn videos is a more targeted niche, deflowered Asian teen is a more targeted niche, and so on. 

The more targeted you go, usually, the less competition there is. You need to be sure people search for that as well

If you are trying to become successful with a pornsite with ‘teen videos’ it will probably never happen. There are too many teen videos sites out there!

Instead, if you go for high-qualitydeflowered Asian videos‘ for instance you could start growing your audience, and traffic and make money with your Adult tube script.

How do you choose a niche?


vr porn niche


Research An Adult Niche

Research is of two types, Primary and Secondary.

Primary research: Talk to industry influencers, consultants, experienced webmasters, and porn performers. Post your questions on adult forums, Reddit, Quora, etc. Build relationships with all your stakeholders.

Secondary research: Read e-books, blogs, guides, and industry reports. To enhance your knowledge, enroll yourself in online courses.

You need to be smart and make a serious study before starting to buy domains and things you don’t need

The only thing you will need is an adult tube script like xStreamer




Spot the Niche With Less Competition

You will need to spot a niche that doesn’t have too much competition. The porn industry is fierce and you can not think about making money with porn very easily if you don’t do accurate research first. 

But once your website will start to get noticed money will come on autopilot and you will thank me for this post and for the recommendation I gave you to create your porn site on xStreamer. 

You can also read one of the tutorials I wrote on the crakrevenue blog a while ago on how to spot the perfect porn niche. 




This is a very powerful technique that if you are using it together with the google keyword planner can bring a lot of results


spot porn niche


Domain & Adult Hosting

The domain name should be catchy. By all means, it should reflect your adult website niche.

There are many tools that will help you to find a good domain name, and one of them is called

The first thing to do is to spot the perfect porn niche using the tutorial from the button above.

Once you have spotted your pornsite niche, you want to put your main keyword in

This will give you a lot of suggestions of potentially good domain names you can purchase

I suggest you purchase domain names on Namecheap, you can get one starting from $0.48 using the script below. 


Find a domain starting at $0.48

powered by Namecheap


Then you need to choose an adult hosting service that promises at-least 99.9% uptime, great bandwidth, and excellent support.

I have created another article talking only about the best porn hosting. But my advice is to start with a TMD hosting cloud hosting. 




And then when the traffic grows you will need to get a VPS hosting or a dedicated server. TMD hosting is 100% adult-friendly and with the best performance on the market. 

If you are starting small, a shared hosting plan will be sufficient. Starting from $2.95 a month. If you have some capital, go with dedicated hosting.

tmdhosting homepage


Turnkey Software For Adult Tube Script

You will need awesome turnkey software also called adult tube script or porn tube script like xStreamer from

There are many porn tube scripts out there but is very specialized in creating the best products that will help you to create the best adult business online

If you are planning to code a porn tube yourself it will probably take you years. With xStreamer everything will be taken care from




You can see a live demo here. It is cutting edge and very customizable, and you can log into the admin panel from here

  • username: admin
  • password: admin


xstreamer backend


Purchase a turnkey software or a porn CMS that’s loaded with features such as a sophisticated video player, responsive templates, video grabber module, payment processors, scalable architecture, etc.

These are the main features

Your users can:

  • Watch videos on any device.
  • Download the porn videos.
  • Pay for premium videos from your membership site.
  • Make comments.
  • Share videos.
  • View videos related to the one they like.
  • Subscribe to a channel.
  • Create and manage collections.
  • Create a Profile.
  • Network with other users.

You can let porn studios/brands:

  • Sign up and customize.
  • Pay for creating channels.
  • Promote their site on your site.
  • Manage subscribers.
  • Pay for channel features.

As the administrator you can:

  • Customize everything.
  • Configure your email settings, SMTP, PHP, etc..
  • Configure video conversion.
  • Edit pages.
  • Edit e-mail templates.
  • Configure the video players.
  • Limit bandwidth.
  • System checks.
  • Adjust the upload rules.
  • Enable/disable email verification.
  • Ban user’s IPs.




How To Make Money From Porn Tube


Here’s your favorite part.

To make money with porn, you can:

  • Sell sex toys, used panties, lingerie, and merchandise.
  • Sell membership subscriptions.
  • Sell website space to feature advertisements of sponsors. (juicy ads is good for that)
  • Explore and implement adult affiliate marketing.
  • Hire webcam models and earn a certain commission on the earnings of each model.
  • Try your hand at adult consulting.


juicy advertiser sign up


You can do all of this and money will come to you on autopilot only if you upload nice videos and respect the seo practices. 

xStreamer is already SEO optimized and you can just auto-upload videos using tags and keywords from the backend

The hard job is already done and all you have to do is just literally pick a profitable niche. Maybe create some backlinks once in a while from an authoritative website

This is advanced software that will allow you to create a porn site like Pornhub, Youporn, xHamster, etc…

These websites are making millions of dollars a month. I am not telling you that you will make millions of dollars from day to night, but if you pick the right niche you will make a lot of money in a few months

adverten join the best dating cpa



Top Companies To Monetize Your Adult Traffic

There are a lot of companies that will pay you for your adult traffic. Here are the best ones that pay the most and are easier to get started with.

I suggest you create an account with each of them now! So that you have already your account approved with the payout method filled in as well.

I advise you to get paid via Paxum, PayPal, Payoneer, or WIRE


  1. CrakRevenue
  2. StripCash
  3. Awempire
  4. Adverten
  5. Chaturbate
  6. Bongacash
  7. Cummission
  8. Pimp roll
  9. Juicyads
  10. TrafficJunky


crakrevenue affialite cpa network




In this article, you have learned how to start a porn site thanks to a very good adult tube script called xStreamer adult tube script

An adult tube focused on a particular niche can bring in a lot of traffic. Traffic will make your website profitable and you will learn a lot of money

The first thing you need to do is to figure out the best niche to create your porn site about. This is a good article on how to spot the perfect porn niche. 

Then you need to get xStreamer from the button below a discount will be applied. You will be able to get even a domain for free. 




Do not get a domain name without doing a bit of research.

 First, use google keyword planner to find high volume keywords and not very competitive ones.  Click To Tweet

Once you have an idea of the domain name go to and get your free domain via xStreamer.

Then you will need a hosting plan. I strongly suggest you start with a cloud-shared hosting plan and then pass it to dedicated servers once you make money.




Here is my tutorial on how to pick the perfect adult hosting plan

If you need help and something is not clear I would be happy to help you and you can always contact me or comment below


how to start an adult site and make money infographic


If you liked this post and it was very helpful as it should be please let me know in the comment below! I would also appreciate it so much! Click To Tweet


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