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UsaSexGuide is a popular adult community that provides sexual services, and after the shut down is finally back again.

President Trump signed a FOSTA legislation that caused many problems to adult sites. Here in this article you will learn about UsaSexGuide and get an overview of the website.

FOSTA is basically considering you as a criminal if you are a US citizen who has an online interactive service dealing with prostitution.

In fact, and the erotic personals section of Craigslist are completely shut down since then. instead decided to block all the US traffic instead. 

Laws are something that I don’t understand, common sense should be more important than laws.

It doesn't make sense to me that having a website based in the United States can get banned meanwhile a website based in the Netherlands will work with no problems. Click To Tweet

The trick that they have used to have their site back again was to change the domain and the legislation behind from the US to the Netherlands.




In fact, as you can see the old domain is now called




This is the official message from the team behind UsaSexGuide

First and foremost, thanks for waiting, we missed all you guys. You will note that the new URL. The name is essentially the same, it’s just in Holland where buying pussy is legal and the Dutch kinda dig telling everybody to fuck off. The site is also pretty much the same, we did some upgrades and it’s owned by a Bulgarian guy now but the site itself will remain the same. 


What Is UsaSexGuide? is a huge website with almost a million registered users and a lot of visitors as a guest

You can find a lot of personals ads posted from escort in the sections called Johns’ boards

Yeah, Johns is the name that people give to men who buy sex to give them a little bit of discretion.

People discuss where to find street hookers, massage clubs, and escorts are posting ads offering paid sexual intercourses

Prostitutes, escorts, and hookers around the US can post ads on the forum and make it easier for horny males to find them. 

The habitual users of this site are people that don't want to spend time #dating girls and that want to fuck for cash.  Click To Tweet

My advice is always to get a nice hot girl using some of the awesome sites on for instance. 


photo gallery usasexguide


Fucking prostitutes can be dangerous, you can contract a disease and it’s not fun in most of the cases


How To Use


A lot of the ads and girls on it can try to scam you. You should never pay for anything before you meet. Click To Tweet


Also, there are a lot of profiles of sneaky males pretending to be horny hookers. They will first make you hard as a rock, and then, try to steal your money.

You should never trust these online communities but if you are smart about it, you can find the good stuff

The best advice I can give you is to never pay for something until you get it. 

If you have doubts, finding girls on would be a better idea.  


VISIT OPENFORDATING offers a paid membership with extra services, please don’t do that. The free version is more than enough to find hookers. 

You don’t want to be a paid registered member of a website where you can find sex workers. 


usasexguidenl thread


UsaSexGuide The Different Types Of Memberships

Once you make a free account you will be limited until moderators see that you are not a spammer.

There are several different types of memberships you can get once you are in. 

  • Guest User: if you are a guest user you can not post and interact with the community.
  • Free Email Sign Up: If you make an account and confirm the email you will have access to the forum and you can interact with it.
  • Senior Users: if you have an account for more than 6 months and made 25 good contributions you will be senior.
  • Top Members: once you get approved by the community and moderators you will be able to post stuff with no risk of getting banned or moderated.

#Johns tends to be quite aggressive and treating girls as objects, you should always respect girls. Click To Tweet



Some of the top members take advantage of their power to trade sex and denigrate the laws talking about prostitution.



UsaSexGuide is back again on a new domain. There are a lot of users trying to find sex and hookups on it. 




It can be a dangerous place to hang on, a lot of people is trying to scam you and maybe it’s not even super safe. 


You can contract diseases and get ripped off if you are not smart. Click To Tweet


However, if you are smart there are a lot of personal ads of escorts and girls willing to have sex with you in any city across the USA.

If you are traveling a lot for work or for fun and you feel like to score, you should give it a try. 

My advice is to never create an account with your real name and also never pay before you meet someone. 

On there are a lot of dating sites you can safely try that will allow you to have sex with real girls. 



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