TalkToMe Review And 1 Free Phone Sex Call Try

TalkToMe like NiteFlirt is a website where you can find girls to talk dirty on the internet

I feel like to review them both as the best phone sex sites on the internet.

The TalkToMe website looks a little nicer compared to Niteflirt but with fewer users, an update would be nice.




With TalkToMe you can get paid for:

  • phone sex with people.
  • skype shows.
  • sending a text message to customers.
  • selling your own hot stuff. 

This is a very good sexting website where you can meet and talk with millions of members that are all looking for the same thing.

talktome homepage

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How To Become A Model For TalkToMe

In order to become a model for TalkToMe.Com you will need to meet these requirements:

  1. 18+.
  2. a computer.
  3. a phone.
  4. being naughty.

You can charge people to call you up to $2.99 per minute. You can also charge a price prior the call that will not change. 

This is something you can not do with other websites and a lot of people like a lot because the price will stay the same no matter how long it will be the call

You will get paid to talk to unknown people on the internet and it is completely anonymous and secret.

They will pay you each week as long as you have made $25 with: 

  • WIRE transfer.
  • Checks.
  • Paxum.

I strongly recommend using Paxum since you will get the money immediately and almost no fees. Also, it doesn’t matter your country paxum will work everywhere

With TalkToMe.Com there are two rooms where people will be able to interact with you:

  • public room.
  • private room.

With the public room, everyone can ear and see what you are doing. If you are live on cam for instance. 

cam girl customer

With the private room, you will get paid from a single customer that can interact personally with you and you can make more money. 


Become A Customer Of TalkToMe

If you are instead someone that want to take advantage of this service you need to become a customer

Customers on this site can look at profiles and interact with horny girls online for sex on the phone. 

The easiest way to do this is by creating a free account from the button below so that you can fill in your credit card in a very safe way. 




If you are instead on the go, you can always call:



The money will be withdrawn from your mobile bill. This is not very recommended but still an option

If you are horny and you need a real model available to satisfy your needs TalkToMe is not a bad solution. 

My favorite sites that are providing these kinds of services are

Chaturbate is mostly a cam site but it is awesome! The other 3 websites are very interesting websites! Especially skyprivate where you can read a review from the button below.  




If you are interested in reviews you can read also the one from chaturbate and chaturbate token cost


slut naked with dildo


TalkToMe For Selling Nudes

I have recently published an article on how to sell nudes online, you should read it.

There you can find the best websites that will help you make money by selling nudes.

You can do some of these things also on this website! Even though it looks less nice compared to fancentro for instance but still, you will find elite stuff in the adult niche that you can not find somewhere else. 


How To Become A Successful Sex Operator

A successful sex operator is the one that is kinkier and more open-minded

In this world, perversions are changing very fast! People interested in feet a month ago can be interested in smelling underwears the next month. 

If you are not volatile in your mind and you are not willing to try and do stuff that others don’t do it will not take very much to replace you with a better worker. 

Some tips you should always consider when putting your voice, ass or face online are:

  1. do not disclose your personal information to unknown people. 
  2. be kind and polite. 
  3. don’t abuse of the platform. 

If you didn’t already I strongly advise you to make an account now and check out the website now. 

cam me online always for you




This website together with a few more listed above is top notch to interact with phone operators willing to talk about sex and moan dirty. 

I really like the feature of this website where you can pay a flat price beforehand the call so that you will not have huge bills to pay when you are taken by the horniness.

You need to create an account now to have full access to this website.




  • Planning to be a customer: I strongly advise to put your credit card on it instead of calling the 1-800.
  • Planning to make money: as a phone sex operator, I definitely suggest you get paid every Wednesday with Paxum. 


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