skyprivate Skype girls online

SkyPrivate Review To Skype With Horny Girls Online

There are several alternatives to porn movies to masturbate, one of my favorites is SkyPrivate. This service allows you to skype girls online anonymously, for private cam shows and they even offer a private girlfriend experience. If you want to know more, continue to read.


Skype Girls Online With SkyPrivate


skyprivate Skype girls online


Skyprivate, Skype girls online pay as you go service.

There are many alternatives to have fun online, you can play games, chat with your friends or you can have private shows with cam girls.

I have talked about chaturbate already, you can read more in this article too.

But today I want to focus on skyprivate to skype girls online, with this service you can skype girls worldwide willing to do private shows on skype pay as you go. 


skyprivate skype horny girls

All you have to do is make an account, and for the rest, I will guide you, even though it is pretty simple.




If you don’t have skype you can download it from this link.


Setting up a Skyprivate account for skype girls online.

To set up your Skyprivate account, you can follow the pictures below. The procedure is pretty standard: 

  1. create an account using your Skype username as username.
  2. verify your e-mail from your inbox.
  3. fill in your data.
  4. Choose if you wanna be a member(masturbator) or a model (money maker).
  5. in order to chat with the models, you need to have cash into your account.
  6. chat is free but you need cash.
  7. refill your account, my favorite methods are credit card or cheaper with bitcoin.
  8. once the money is in your account, contact a model.
  9. Chat with her/him and start the paid skype cam show.




If you don’t know what bitcoin is and how to set up bitcoin payment methods and how to use bitcoin for porn you should read this article.

We are talking about chaturbate there but you can apply the bitcoin part to skyprivate too.


skyprivate setup 1

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Best practices to avoid scams

  • pay only for verified models, (they have a blue dot in their profile).
  • chat with a model first and ask their prices and fees.
  • ask the model how she will calculate the time. (starting when?).
  • put on the table all your perversions asap, (like if you like anal sex, and you want that model to put a brush in her ass) ask her first, she might not be willing to do all you want. 
  • after you know that you can have some fun and a nice show, pay and start the skype cam girl show.



How to pay for a Skyprivate Skype girls Show with bitcoin 

If you are not familiar with bitcoin, read my other article here and go to the bitcoin part. I advise you to download the coinbase app on your mobile too so you can scan the QR code with your phone. 

coinbase free sign up 10$

You can make the payment with your computer anonymously, just put the bitcoin address on the skyprivate screen, payment will be very fast, and you will be able to pay for skype show.

Here are some pictures of the bitcoin method to pay in order to Skype girls online.

skyprivate bitcoin 1

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What you can do with a Skyprivate account to skype girls online. 

What can you do with those Skype girls online? 

There many things you can do with a personal skype girl just for you, nonetheless skyprivate offers different services. 

They are sorting the models based on their interests, for instance, these are some skyprivate models services in this list below.

Refer other models to work for you, be a pimp, wink wink!

Something usually people do in these shows is usually taking out all the perversion hidden inside. Some people just want to be seen ejaculating from a hot girl while she is masturbating. 

Other people like to see the model feet and cum while she is sucking her toes.

Another person might like to see the model pooping on the table and playing with the poop! If you plan something that might be weird, be sure that your model is willing to do it.

You can watch your model screaming and masturbating hard for you while playing with a big dildo. 

It might be interesting to let your model screaming your name, or just saying the word FUCK ME while you are masturbating. 

Those are just examples, you can do more, your mind has no limits.


skyprivate - bdsm


Best ways to enjoy the show and become skype friends

To have a nice relationship with your camgirl or camboy you should treat them nice, are not there to do whatever you want. 

Be clear with your perversion ahead before starting the show.

fuck book review sex



Skyprivate is definitely a fun and nice way to have sex online with hot girls and boys, you can stay anonymous if you buy via bitcoin and coinbase wallet.

You can use other services like chaturbate, this one works pretty much the same but it is nicer to have your personal model in your Skype contacts.




All you have to do is:

  • create an account here.
  • add funds.
  • pay with credit card or bitcoin.
  • contact the model.
  • have fun.

If you think that you want to be a model, you can sign up via this link.




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