hottest girls in the world top 5 countries

Hottest Girls In The World Top 5 Countries

If you want to discover where the hottest girls are located on this planet you are in the right place with these top 5 countries with the most beautiful girls. 

If you are a reader of this blog you might know that we love pussy and even more we like to fuck any kind of pussy that is moving on this planet.

Wouldn’t be better if those holes that we are going to fuck belong from some hot piece of ass?

This is when it comes to this list of the top 5 countries that have the most beautiful girls in density compared to the other countries

In these top 5 countries, there are more females than males and for some reason, we don’t know the girls there are growing absolutely stunning and almost all of them could become a model.

If you are ready to discover this top 5 list read on.



Lithuanian Girls 

Lithuanian girls are the ones who will change the rating scale from 1-10 when rating a girl. If a girl is rated 8 in another country that is not Lithuania will be rated 4 after a trip to Lithuanian

The standards here are unbelievable, girls are everywhere and in a percentage way more compared to males.

If you become a friend of a Lithuanian girl you will soon find out that they are desperately in need of men, in fact, there are not enough men to maintain the Lithuanian species alive. 

Have a trip to Lithuania and you will suddenly see beautiful and intelligent girls walking on the street, girls are not very easy but using some of the dating apps we always talk about you will sooner or later score some sex.

Ask them out eating some Cepelinai and awesome water and you will catch their attention and more, the best places to hang out are Kaunas, Vilnius, and Klaipeda on the beach in the summer.


lithuanian girls


Polish Girls

If you are still looking for hot girls and Pierogi, here in Poland you will find some beautiful and easy girls

If you are going to visit this nation you will soon find out that girls are mostly absolutely stunning and beautiful

In fact, only a small percentage of the girls you will find in this country is ugly, most of the treat themselves nicely with food and grow sexy as fuck. 

If you have time to visit a city located in the north of Poland called Wroclaw, this is a hidden gem full of bars and parties and an awesome university with students from all over the world. 


polish girl


Serbian Girls

Serbian girls are underrated, not a lot of people know them but man, these girls know how to play with a hard cock.

Most of these girls are absolutely stunning, they have beautiful feet and they know how to treat a man for good. 

Their appearance and attitude are also very classy, they love to walk around dressed very nicely and tease men from other countries to the max. 

If you are one of these guys looking to marry a girl, probably I would advise you to go ahead and marry a Serbian girl. 

Among all the other girls mentioned before these are the most house friendly and sexy when walking barefoot in the house. 


serbian girls


Romanian Girls

Romanian girls are smart and tricky, they are probably not the best ones when it comes to marrying them but still, these are hot girls

Traveling to Romania is very cheap, and you will be able to eat and enjoy a pretty decent lifestyle with a few bucks. 

Girls are hanging out in any corner and you will be able to smell their nice pussies everywhere you go. 

Girls from Romanian are charismatic and sexy as fuck, they love to treat western men with respect and blowjobs. 

If you are looking for a girl who will have a lot of sex with you and that at the same time is quite easy to get and super sexy you are in the right country


romanian girls


Latvian Girls

Latvian girls are very similar to Lithuanian girls, here you will find a high density of hotness in every corner of the country.

A lot of porn producers are starting to go there to find new pornstars and being flooded by sexy girls everywhere

A lot of people think that Latvian girls are the hottest girls in the universe and I pretty much agree with that as well. 

In fact, Lithuanian girls and Latvian girls I think are the hottest girls on earth with no doubts, just have a trip over there and you will be soon agreed with me on this

The girls are dressing like supermodels, the economy starts to grow in this country as well and there are a lot of opportunities to grasp if you are a pussy lover.


latvian girl




All of these girls are located in Europe, but this doesn’t mean that in other regions of the world there are no hot girls. 

There are many hot girls in the United States as well but the density and quality of these girls are nothing compared to the ones you will find in the countries listed above. 

Some people like Latina girls and the girls listed on this list are not Latina, but still, even if you are someone who likes Latina girls you will soon find out that you can change your taste pretty quickly once traveling to one of these countries. 

My favorite girls are Lithuanian girls, every time I go there I get so impressed and shocked about how hot a girl can become

I hope that by now you know where to travel next and that this list of the hottest girls in the world by country was a nice list for you.


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