How To Get Accepted On CrakRevenue #1 Step By Step Guide

In this article we will Talk about CrakRevenue also called the holy grail of adult offers. This is the best adult CPA, and it is one of the best ways to start making money with adult traffic. 

If you wanna know the CPA requirements and know all about it, continue to read.


How To Get Accepted On CrakRevenue

crakrevenue affiliate program, how to get accepted


What is a CPA and why Crakrevenue for Adult Offers in this article

If you want to start making money online, one of the best ways to do it is with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is selling someone else products in order to get a commission.

Let’s say a company sells frames.

If you like these frames you can talk good about these frames, promote them on websites or ads, and get a commission on these frames if you sell them. 

You can create an affiliate account pretty much for any company, but then it will become a lot of work to manage all these different companies. That’s why there are CPA’s!

A CPA ( cost per action), is a network where as soon as you get your account approved you will have a big range of offers to promote.

The cool thing is that they will pay you for any action that will happen.

Like, if someone fills in a form and put their e-mail in it, you could get cash! If they pay for something you’ll get more cash etc.. etc..

So let’s start to make some cash with Crakrevenue, as an example of an awesome CPA, go forward and create your account. 




How to get accepted On CrakRevenue Adult CPA

They are pretty serious about their affiliates so I am going to walk you through the process to get accepted and make money. 

The first thing you want to do is to sign up via this link to their network.


crakrevenue join as an affiliate


  • Sign up to Crakrevenue  adult affiliate program

Follow the pictures below to get approved. They will ask you for questions if you have already an adult business feel free to fill in with your answers.

If you do not have one follow the pictures below to have higher chances to get approved.

If you do have a website, it would make it easier, if not make sure you check the boxes the same as the pictures below.

After a few days, someone will contact you, try to reply with honest answers and if you do not know what to reply, contact me and I will help you.



So here are the steps, I suggest you look at the pics as well down below here: 

  • Sign up as an affiliate, fill in your email and password.
  • put in your contact information.
  • chose a payment method, I suggest paxum for now. (note that the only bad thing about crakrevenue is the payment methods. paxum is not awesome but the best of the ones they have). They will put more payments methods soo, I have heard. So, for now, stick with paxum.
  • check all the option in picture 5 – 6, if you do have a website put it in, if not leave it blank.
  • put a check on the options in figure 7 – 8.
  • look at picture 8 and do the same, if you have reference and work for other CPA put it in, otherwise no.
  • they will contact you with questions. If you don’t know what to answer contact me first.


Picture 1 of 9

How to make your paxum account and what is paxum?

Paxum is an online bank where crakmedia will send your earnings too. So since it is an online bank they will ask for documents to prove your identity. The process is very simple and secure, so go for it and get your paxum now.

  • Sign up for Paxum
  • fill in your profile with all the info.
  • I have used the driver license.
  • when you are into your profile.
  • you need to send documents and follow figure 6 requirements.
  • when you are approved you will be ready to receive payments from Crakrev.


Picture 1 of 6

What to do next with this adult cpa network?

The answer is simple you need to drive adult traffic to their offers.

I will make a lot of other articles on how to drive traffic to their offers. But for now, we will concentrate on the platform and how it works.

How to make money with crakrevenue? Here I will describe the platform and how it works. 

crakrevenue sign up


From the dashboard, you can see all crakrevenue announcements and all your statistics and rankings, and earnings at a glance. Your payments history, your affiliate manager, and featured offers.

This section is a recap of all your account.

crakrevenue platform 1


From the statistics tabs, you can see what’s going on with your promotions, when I am making a new offer I like to give it a source to track it. I will describe it better later.

Something important is to put all your tracking in the offer panel so we can see it here in the stats.(look at the 1st video)

crakrevenue platform 2



If you have an idea what offer to use for your traffic, you can use smart links, these guys will pick the best offers based on your GEO’s and taste of the customers based on their cookies.



Here is where the cool stuff happens, to make cash you need to promote some offers and here you can see all of them. I will write how to use this section later since it is the most important.

crakrevenue platform offers



If you refer friends to crakrevenue, you will earn 5% on all their earnings, so it is a good passive income.

crakrevenue platform 4



Fill in all your data here in this section, and the most important is the payment method, which if you are international affiliate I think it is paxum at the moment.

crakrevenue paxum


Survey Generator

People like survey, this section is a survey generator where you can make surveys to generate leads and money.

crakrevenue survey


Native Ads

These are native ads, I personally not use them but some people think are great, and you are encouraged to try them on your websites if you have some.

crakrevenue native ads



Here on the crakrevenue blog, you can read very interesting blog posts, the crakrevenue team put up always nice blog posts to help you make more cash. Read it all the time and subscribe to their newsletters as educational.


What kind of payouts do they offer an affiliate commission? 

Crakrevenue offers almost all the different kind of payouts, if you are not familiar with affiliate payouts, here some explanations are coming. 

When you pick an offer fro the offer tab you can see what kind of payout they offer, and here are the meanings of the payouts. 

  1. SOI (Single Opt-In) this is the easier payout, they will pay you for any e-mail lead you will give them! No need for your client to confirm their e-mail from their mailbox). The payout varies from 0.01 $ to up to 12 $ for some offers.
  2. DOI (Double opt-in) they will pay you for any e-mail lead that confirms their e-mail from their mailbox. Payouts vary from 0.01 $ to up to 18$
  3. CPI (Cost per install )This payout will redirect to an app or software to download and install, if they will install it you’ll get cash. Payouts vary from 0.03$ to up to 4$.
  4. PPS (Pay Per Signup) My favorite kind of payout. They will pay you a fixed amount when the customers will start to pay for a service, no matter how much he will spend you will get a certain amount of money as soon as their credit card spent 1 $. Payouts vary from 1$ to up to 450$ for some offers, the average payout price for the offers is about 50$, and the offers that convert the most have usually a payout of 40$ – 50 $
  5. REVSHARE (You will earn a % every time a customer buy). Let’s say a customer buys a service for 100$ in an offer that you are promoting. Every time this customer will pay some money on that website you will get a commission that can vary from 35 % to 65 %. So if he bought 100 $ of services and you have a 65 % referral commission you will get 65$ for a lifetime. Every time he buys you’ ll get the cash! This is together with PPS a very interesting payout method.


Rules to respect in order to make money. 

  • do not try to put leads in your offers using proxies or any kind of cheating.
  • don’t force clients to buy or put their e-mail using ewhoring or even chatting on snapchat with clients.
  • no bots.
  • no virus installed on your traffic in order to install software on their machines and shit.
  • etc. etc..


Offers panel, where all starts.

In this section, We will analyze the offer section where you can find all the offers that you will be able to promote. 

The offers tab is where you can see all the offers that crakrevenue has to give you, and then you will get your personal affiliate link to promote. 

In the video above we have shown how to pick a dating DOI offer. When your affiliate link is copied you can put it on your websites or promote the way you want.

The cool thing is that clicks with crakrevenue are never wasted, why? 

Let’s assume you are promoting only hookups as shown in the video, which is only available in the USA, Australia, and Canada. 

Your link is on an xxx website where you get traffic also from Norway. If someone from Norway clicks on only hookups, this guy will be sent with a fallback link to the best DOI offer available in this country, in this case, Norway.

Of course, he will not see the landing page of Only Hookups but something else, but the good thing is that your click does not get wasted.


Smartlinks set up on Crakrevenue

In case you are confused on which offer to use, smart links will make your choice easier. You just have to pick your niche and let Crakrevenue do the job. This video shows how they do it.


Smartlinks, what they are and how to use them

Smart links are the good choice for someone who doesn’t know what offer to use and still doesn’t have a perfect idea of its traffic composition and funnels. 

These links are choosing for you the best converting offer based on the user location and taste.

All you have to do is to decide Vertical and put that link wherever you want to promote that vertical.


Survey generator at crakrevenue

People like to feel engaged and reply to questions to have something for a special price at the end or whatever. Try the crakrevenue survey feature


What can you expect from Crakrevenue?

The support team and the skilled marketers and software engineers working for crakrevenue makes it one of the best CPA in the world. Create your affiliate account here.

Their 50Millions commissions paid yearly is a warranty, their offers are super converting and the platform beautiful looking.

There always more than 1000 offers to promote from different verticals such as:

  • cam
  • dating
  • adult paysite
  • VR
  • VOD
  • Apps
  • background checks
  • gaming
  • gambling
  • beauty
  • binary options
  • casino
  • male enhancement
  • nutrition
  • sweepstakes
  • and more.


How the affiliate link works and some super converting offers

The purpose in life of the CPA is to give you a link that you can cloak, or promote everywhere you want. 

Cloaking is a nice thing to do and I am going to show you my favorite way to do it here in a few seconds.

So if you understood the offer section of crakrevenue adult CPA network, you might wonder what to do with that link. 

Here is an example of how this link will look like: link format

I have picked “So Naughty – SOI – Desktop – LVL2”

affiliate link format 2

As we can see in the picture the offer ID is 4796

If you look at the following picture you will be able to understand the meaning of this link.

  1. crakrevenue temporary domain for your: offer_id=
  2.  is your: aff_id 
  3. The third parts are the tracking parameters you gave to the URL in order to figure out where the click came from, from the statistics. 

You should put your trackers as shown in the next pictures.


Picture 1 of 3



Make a lot of money with a CPA like crakrevenue

Unfortunately this article it starts to become too long and then boring to read, this is a great introduction on how to start with a CPA network. I strongly advise you to sign up for crakrevenue.

Get familiar with the platform and bookmark this blog, I will post making money methods all the time. 

We will start from methods that will make you 1$ a day, so you will get confidence with the process. Then we will scale it from 1$ a day to 10$ and then 50$ and then 100$ a day and so on. 

I will link other articles here as a reference as soon as they will be ready. But for your best subscribe to our newsletters, social media channels and blog so you will have the new posts straight to you.

here are some of my favorite converting offers:

Do you see that my links are not super ugly and have a pattern?

This is because I cloak them, so Google is happier and it is easier for me to manage the offers from my hosting. 


How to cloak links the easiest way.

To cloak links there are a lot of methods.

A lot of people use but this is a very bad way to do it, not only the link is ugly but on top of that you don’t own the link.

The best way to cloak a link is with PHP, don’t get scared I will tell you how to do it. 

  • The first thing to do is to download, this is a free coding editor. 
  • create a new file.
  • in that file paste this code below.


  • change the part with your affiliate link, keep the space after the colon.
  • now save that file as something like offername.php
  • the format must be .php
  • throw that file in your hosting.
  • and now to get your affiliate offer you will have to follow the path where this link is.
  • in my case for this blog, I have my affiliate links under 
  • zz is the folder that contains my affiliate links to this blog.

If something is not clear, send me a message and I will help you in 3 seconds.



This article is just the top of the iceberg on what a CPA network is, we have picked crakrevenue because they are awesome and the platform is easy and beautiful to use.

If you didn’t already I highly suggest you sign up for crakrevenue from this link




And follow the steps described before in order to be approved, if something is not clear to you, please contact me.


Wrapping up: 

  • make an account
  • try your best to be approved.
  • contact me if you have some doubts.
  • get familiar with the platform.
  • do not cheat or use spammy techniques, crakrevenue will ban you immediately and the Sayonara.
  • stay tuned to this blog and read the how to make xxx $ a day methods blogs soon.


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