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The Best Guide On How To Become A #1 Cam Girl

In this article, we will talk about how to become a cam girl or a male adult performer. This is the future of adult entertainment, it can be very lucrative and most of the cam performers make more than 5000$ a month


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Learn How Cam Girls Make A Lot Of Money!

As easy as it sounds, it is not so easy to get started with. That’s why I am writing this article to help you out.

If you are interested in becoming a cam girl, continue to read.

becoming a cam girl


How Webcam Girls Make Up To 100k A Year?

So now you might be wondering why online cam girls are able to make so much money right?

The reason is quite simple, there is a lot of horny people in the world and not so many people are willing to be exposed online, sometimes naked for money, that’s why becoming a cam girl might be a nice idea.

The ratio (willing to be naked online)/(horny people) is very low, so there is a lot of room for online webcam girls to make money.


  • How do cam girls make money online? 


Mainly performing a sexy show for their audience, they can have public shows were they get tipped to perform some actions.

Or they can have private shows with their customers for a more intimate experience. 

Horny, Lonely and Bored People are willing to pay a lot of money to have a hot girl looking at their cock while masturbating, or to do any sort of thing online.

So this is how you are going to make a lot of money online as a cam girl!



What Is Needed In Order To Become A Cam Girl? 

All you need for this job are very simple things, such as: 

  • you must be at least 18 years old.
  • you need a computer.
  • a webcam.
  • an internet connection.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you might need some extra stuff, but this can come later on when you start making serious money.

  • toys.
  • lingerie.
  • kinky stuff.
  • an expensive HD webcam.
  • etc..


Top Camming Companies To Work To Earn A Profitable Income. 

You might be wondering, how are you going to get all of these customers willing to pay so much money to see you on a webcam.

Here I have prepared a list of the 3 most lucrative with a lot of traffic cam networks you can work for and apply right now.

If you are using the links in this article the procedure for your verification will be done faster.

So I strongly recommend keeping this page as reference and as a guide. #camming Click To Tweet

Here are the top cam model networks you can work for from tomorrow, and start making a living.


1. Becoming A Cam Girl For Chaturbate

One of the most famous and with a lot of traffic website, easy to use and more qualities are without any doubts chaturbate.

To start making money as an online webcam girl or male adult performer fill in this form.




(note: you might need to disable adblockers to open these links).

Just put in all your data and you can start broadcast and earn from tomorrow.

Becoming a cam girl on chaturbate


Most of these networks require you to upload scanned documents of yourself in order to verify your age. 

If you have no scanner, you can use your phone to scan your documents.

There are plenty of scanning apps for IOS and Android

The process is very safe and trusts me you can make some good dinero on the side very soon.

If you instead want to be a customer of a cam girl and start having fun online you can make an account with the picture down below.

cahturbat revshare



2.  Becoming A Cam Girl For Flirt4free

Flirt4Free is another network where you can work for and make a lot of money.

They require you to have a better quality cam, and they are more strict respect to chaturbate in the selection.

Become a cam model click the fill in this form.


flirt4free cam girl customer


If you want to work for them, the advantages are a lot, you will be streaming high-quality content, you will be paid more than the other networks.

You can become a famous cam girl and if you want to, your becoming a cam girl career can escalate to high levels.

They might invite you to cam girls fairs around the world, and you might win prizes as the best cam model of the year




To work for flirt4free just fill in the form or click the picture above, and start earning money from your shows. 

If you want to be a customer of flirt4free, make your free account here or click in the picture below. 

flirt4free model recruit


3. Becoming A Cam Girl For Bongacams

And in the end, another great cam network is bongacams, this website is available in almost any country in the world.

It is similar to chaturbate and if you want to speed up your registration process, just fill in this form and make your account now. 


becoming a cam girl for bongacams


The advantages of becoming a cam girl for bongacams are that they are less strict respect to flirt4free and they have a bigger range of perversions

Male performers and transexual performers are welcome, they have room to make good cash too.

If you are a guy looking to make some extra cash, I would not mind working for one of these 3 companies.




Yes, this business is not only for girls but also for gay people, straight males, and transexuals

If you want to start masturbating with bongacams and be a customer, make your free account here. 

bongacams english



Requirements Needed In Order To Perform Under The Laws.


The basic requirements in order to have no troubles are pretty simple: 

  • you need to be 18 years old.
  • do not perform abuse or offenses.
  • no raping.
  • avoid paying street hookers to perform for you.
  • you don’t want to encourage prostitution. 
  • not harassing your customers.
  • no screenshot of your customers and blackmail them.
  • don’t try to find their real names and blackmail them for money.


Make up to 5000$ a month with a cam show.

Most of the webcam girls that are becoming a cam girl or male adult performer make easily up to 5000$ a month.

These numbers are real, but not so easy to get, you will need to make a better service compared to other performers.

You must also follow some SEO best practices and other tricks I will talk about later

Is the online webcam girls business only for girls? 

As I mentioned before the cam girls business is not only for girls. There are a lot of straight male performers making a lot of money, gay and lesbians performers are kicking ass lately. There is room also for transexual and transgenders.  One of the most lucrative niches are solo and couples, a lot of couples that are just having sex on cam live show, are making a lot of money. They perform private shows or they just get tipped to have fun online. Some couples play to each other and get a huge amount of money just to show their cock or tits. 

Can I be a Guy or Boy or Male Cam Adult Performer? 

If you are a guy, you can definitely make a lot of money being a male performer. I assume that your audience would be mainly of guy males looking at you. But I am pretty sure that also a lot of old rich ladies and horny gals will be more than glad to see you performing, especially if you have something awesome to offer. Like a big cock, or a nice looking body or if you are doing crazy shit only that will turn on the most frigid girl. 

How to keep my privacy safe as an online adult performer, tips, and tricks.

You are going to put your ass, cock or pussy online, this is the process of becoming a cam girl. Even though a lot of performers makes money even without getting naked, the ones that make the most are doing some kind of sexual acts online, and are getting nude.  Some of the best practices you can follow are these: 

  • choose a username that does not contain your name or info.
  • do not share your real name online, ever.
  • perform from a room where it is not easy to figure out your city, ( like not in front of a window where you can see outside).
  • do not share your location via social media.
  • ( you can block traffic from your country, if you are worried your parents can see you, there are options in the settings to do that)
  • make sure that the DMCA option is enabled.
  • do not give away your name or last name or address to anyone, even if they are willing to pay you a lot of money, some people are dangerous. Especially when horny.
  • do not engage in illegal activities such as prostitution or rape.


How To Become A Top View Cam Performer

Let’s assume that there are 1000 performers performing at the same time you want to perform, how do you stand out of the crowd and gain an audience? 

Here are some tips. 

  • do something that others don’t do (I saw one time an old lady giving a message to a hot young girl, that weird situation brought a lot of viewers, people probably thought that her grandma was giving her a naked massage, this is just an example, you don’t have to do that).
  • encourage your audience to hit the follow button.
  • do certain things, for free sometimes.
  • engage in hardcore stuff.
  • find your niche. ( fetish, dildos, anal etc.) 

Other ways to grow your audience are SEO and Social Media

Your journey in becoming a cam girl is just started. You will need to put a lot of efforts at least at the start in order to make the good cash you always dreamt about.


Grow An Audience, Create Your Twitter Account. 

The first thing you want to do when starting the cam model route, you want to make your social networks matching your cam networks username.

I advise you to work for all of the 3 networks mentioned above, those are the best.

And then see where you get more cash and audience and cut off the others and then focusing only on one. 

You want to create: 

  • a twitter account (in the twitter settings mark your content as adult content) you can connect the twitter account to chaturbate and flirt4free and notice automatically your followers with a notification.

what you wanna do with Twitter, is to create an account with the exact match name as in your cam profile.

You want to start following people interesting in online cam. I use this free website called unfollowspy. 

This helps me to get not blocked because I follow too much, and helps me to find the right audience.

You can see the movie here and repeat this routine every day.


The main features are: ‘grow your network‘, ‘mention tool‘, ‘unfollow the people’ that don’t follow you.

You need to unfollow the people that don’t follow you because otherwise, you can follow only 5000 persons.

Your follow/followers ratio must be always higher. 

An example: you can follow 5001 persons only if you have 6000 followers or something like that. 

With the free version of unfollowspy, you will have 100 free unfollowers, and 50 grow your network follow a day.

Make it a daily routine.


Grow An Audience, Create Your Facebook Page Account.

Regarding facebook pages, you can start growing your audience too, but be careful, with Twitter if you pick the option a mature audience in your settings, you can put naked pics and porn stuff.

With Facebook, you can’t put naked stuff and porn links.  Use your facebook page just for announcements, to share articles and non-nude pics of yourself.

Encourage your audience to follow you on twitter and put your links to your cam networks like chaturbate there.

Do not put your streaming sessions on Facebook.

They will ban you and block you. Most cam girls or adult performers have a successful Facebook page, it is up to you to keep it clean and not to get blocked.


Grow An Audience, Create Your Youtube Account.

Youtube powers are insane and huge, use it to grow your twitter account and username brand name.

Make no-nude videos talking to your audience.

Tell them how was your day and create stories that your audience will enjoy to watch. Tease them and encourage them to watch you live on chaturbate or flirt4free or bongacams.

Do not put these websites links in your description, just say, something like: 

Watch Me Live On Chaturbate, My Username Is Username.

Use the YouTube descriptions to promote things such as your brand etc.


Grow an audience, create your Snapchat account.

Create a snapchat account, you can read more about it in this other article I have made some time ago.


The best tricks to grow your snapchat audience. 


Also with snapchat be careful, they can ban your account, do not spam too much and just keep your audience growing normally.

You can post there stories and links that lead to your online streaming profile. 

I think that snapchat is one of the best social media to grow your audience and becoming a cam girl with a good success rate. 

fapchat snapchat dating


Grow an audience, create your Pinterest account.

Pinterest can be tedious, but rewarding.

Do not post nude or porn pictures here, but put some kinky non-nude pictures of yourself. 

Start following people interesting in adult and cam girls, just find a hot girl and start following 50-100 persons a day that already follows that hot cam girl


Grow an audience, create your Instagram account.

With Instagram is the same as for a facebook page, do not post naked pictures, just create your brand and tease your customers. 

Follow 50-100 persons a day, search forcam girl’, ‘cam‘ and follow the people interested in that.

Post a lot of stories and go live. People love to see that you are real and this will skyrocket your audience. Do not go live naked or post naked stories. 

Here same as for Twitter, you can not follow more than 5000 people unless your ration followers/ unfollowers is higher.

So you need 6000 followers in order to follow 5001 persons for instance. I use this app to unfollow all the people that do not follow me, is called instaclean.

It is free and be aware of scams asking for money, this one works good and will avoid you to be blocked on Instagram.

Connect your facebook page, Twitter, and Tumblr to Instagram so when you post a pic on Instagram it will go on those accounts too.


Grow an audience, create your Tumblr account.

Tumblr is very powerful, in 2019 they don’t allow porn anymore, keep it clean and not porn!

You can read more on how to grow your audience on Tumblr in this other article of mine here.

How to grow audience with Tumblr.


Top Techniques To Become A Good Cam Girl 

You should also consider putting the right tags, and descriptions in your social media profiles and cam networks profiles.

If you are a teen or a black lady you should optimize your social profiles, and your live cam profile based on what you are and what are you trying to show in your cam shows.


Social Media growing Best practices conclusions. 

  • do not start following to much right after you make the accounts.
  • give some time to settle in the accounts, it might be a few weeks.
  • no spam.
  • don’t go naked on certain social networks, read above.
  • go live as much as you can.
  • follow the best practices guides above in order to keep your account live.


Make Money Without Even Taking Off Your Clothes, Create A Niche


Some webcam girls and some gay male performers don’t even get naked to make money. 

I know a lot of cam models that are just showing off their feet and make cash.


hot feet teenFor example, the foot fetish niche will allow you, to make money thanks to your pretty feet.

These girls have nice awesome feet and they grew their online business only on feet.

As mentioned before in my top 3 cam networks you can select the categories.

And obviously, if you want to be a feet model you will need to get into the fetish category. 

There are a lot of categories and some do not require you to be naked. Perverts and perversions are unlimited, there might be people that want to see you taking a shit.

Some other people that want to see you eating, some others might want to see you eating naked, some people might want to see you sleeping naked and so on.

Find your kick-ass niche, and create your brand and you will see the money rolling into your bank account very soon.



How Many Hours Do I Need To Work?

This is up to you, if you have a huge audience, as soon as you log in, customers will receive a notification and if you are lucky within a few minutes you’ll be able to make 100 – 200 – 300 dollars or more. If you instead have no audience it might take more time to make cash. Follow the best practices written above and you will make good cash soon. 

What If I Get Refused Or I Don’t Make Any Money? 

It might happen that people don’t like you, or you get refused, or nobody is interested in you. As said before don’t get discouraged, if this is your call and you want to live the dream of working from home, keep doing it. Be persistent and find your audience. I know many ugly women making more money than hot teens. There are people who like things that you can not even expect they might like. Find the special ‘thing’ to do and you will make money. The world is huge and full of people. 

How Long Should It Take To Be Able To Make It A Living?

This is a very hard question to answer, some people might start making good cash just right after a week some other people might take longer. You need to focus on building your brand and persist especially in the first 6 months. When you are at home bored, just play around with it, get better at performing online and you will kick ass soon.

What If After 6 Months I Still Barely Make 20 $ A Day

This is easy to answer, if you don’t make a lot of money it means that you did not put the right efforts to make money. Growing your social media presence and the audience is vital for you to make money. 

I Got Offered To Make A Porn Movie, Do I Need To Do It?

Some very talented cam girls might be offered a job as a pornstar, or they might be contacted from the network to run ads with your brand or even to make porn scenes with your person. It is up to you to choose if you want to do it or not. No one will force you to do a porn movie, or no one will use your pictures to create ads for chaturbate or bongacam etc..

Can I Do This For My Whole Life?

Well, here it comes in handy a more complicated thing. All of us must have a purpose in life in order to be happy, if you feel like that making money that way it will work as today, just do it. Don’t think too much about the future. Something that can happen is that you will make so much money in just a few years that you might not need to work for your entire life. If you are from a cheap country this might change your life. If you do that for 1 or 2 years you can pretty much live forever. 

What Is Not Allowed To Do?

As said before is not allowed a child or pedo stuff, no prostitution, no harassing, not accepting money from outside your network in exchange for a real sexual act, etc. 

What If I Just Want To Masturbate And Not Being A Broadcaster?

I advise you to try chaturbate, is cheap, quality is great and it’s good to start off your journey masturbating with cam life.

Does Becoming A Cam Girl Model Cost Money?

No, it is 100% free. You can just make money out of it. 

Is Broadcasting The Only Way To Make Money?

No, you can also sell pictures or videos via chaturbate platform, and do private shows asking your price.




There many ways of living your life, you can decide to work 9 to 5 in an office or in a workplace, or you can decide to do some sexy online performs.

You can make up to 100k a year!

Making a lot of money at your schedule. Becoming a cam girl is a good solution. We have discussed how online cam models make money, and what are the 3 best cam sites to work for:


chaturbat broadcast


We talked about the importance of growing your social media presence and SEO, pick a nice user-friendly username etc.

Now we know how to keep your privacy yours, and to avoid creeps creeping into your door. 

If you want to masturbate with cam girls you should make a free chaturbate account.

There is an FAQ section where some most common questions are answered. I hope that this guide will help you make 100.000 Dollars a year or more.

I hope becoming a cam girl will make you famous,  and becoming a cam girl was a nice decision. 

Becoming a cam girl might be daunting, and discouraging in the beginning, just don’t give up and make your dreams come true.

sex dolls shop now


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