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How To Build Your Adult Webcam Site & Make Money

The camming industry is very profitable and growing in the adult industry, here you will learn how to create your own adult webcam site.

Cam girls are rich, some of them can earn up to $1000 a day with ease, read my article on why cam girls are rich

There are a lot of people in the world desperately horny and in need of sex

If you decide to subscribe to a website like chaturbate and do private shows with the models not only it be fun but you will need to spend money

Even though you can create a white label pretty much with any website out there like chaturbate, AWempire, etc…


xcams adult webcam site front end


Having your own adult webcam site has a lot of advantages. You can easily earn $500 a day for each model that works for your site.

Meanwhile, with a white label site, you will get a small percentage of their earnings. 

The best way to do it is via an adult cam script called xCams. This is a little expensive but I promise you that you will break even the investment in no time. 




If you are interested in making a lot of money with an adult webcam site, and you want to learn how to create a cam site and make money with it. Read this article. 


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What Is An Adult Webcam Site

An adult webcam site is a website where models stream live and perform adult shows. These might include real-time sex scenes between men and women, solo masturbation streams, etc… 

Since the advent of computers, fast internet and webcams the porn industry started to lean toward live sex and cam sites.

Some famous examples are:


chaurbate exposed


If you want to become a user and have fun with the models you will need an account! Instead, if you want to make a lot of money you can become a model for them.

Another option is the one where you want to start your adult online business and open your awesome cam site and start making big profits with it. 

Coding your adult webcam site is very complicated and it will be not good even unless you have a team of good coders

Thank god created xCams, which is an adult cam script developed by engineers from silicon valley. This will create your adult cam site in a matter of seconds.




With this investment, if you follow this review and guide you will be able to break even the investment pretty quickly


What Are The Requirements And Tools Needed To Make Money With Your Own Cam Site

There are only a few requirements and tools you will need to make money with a cam site. If you are not an advanced coder but you understand SEO, here are the tools you need:

  1. adult friendly hosting
  2. domain name
  3. xcams adult cam script

My advice is to start with shared hosting with TMDhosting, they are 100% adult-friendly. Once traffic grows just get a dedicated server and start making a ton of money.


tmd hosting the best hosting


How xCams Works

xCams is an adult script made on laravel which is a framework of PHP. Having a web app made on a framework like this one will give you many advantages

xCams was created by the lead developers in the adult industry. It will include multiple payment gateways and fast streaming options. 

You will be able to download the software and all the platform. With the basic plan, you will have a fully functional website

The installation is completely free as long as you have an adult-friendly hosting plan. Here you can get the best adult hosting plan




With the premium plan, you will have also Android and IOS apps and even technical installation on the mobile apps

Now that you have your domain, hosting plan, and xCams all up and running you need to figure out ways to recruit models and drive traffic to it. 


How To Make Money With Your Own Adult Webcam Site

Now you know that having your own cam site is more profitable than creating a white-label site. Even though is a bit more effort it is very worth it. 

The first step you need to take when starting an adult business is to look at the SEO of your site. With xCams the SEO point of view will be covered by

There is not a lot of stuff you need to do for SEO. You need to decide what kind of models you want to accept

You can choose to have girls, boys, transgenders, or maybe only Asian, or black lesbians, you need to decide



Then you will need to start creating :

  1. some backlinks and give your cam site some authority
  2. and start recruiting cam girls or boys. 

Once you hook up a few models, they will spread the voice by word of the mouth and you will start getting more models day after day

Then you will need to get some traffic on it. If you are impatience and don’t want to wait for the SEO to take effect and give you free traffic. 

I strongly suggest you buy some ad space on JuicyAds for instance. They are cheap and they will drive good traffic to your brand new cam site.

You can also place ads and monetize your traffic with affiliate marketing!


juicy advertiser sign up


How xCams Is Monetizing The Traffic 

xCams come with pre-installed monetization modules that convert.

  • private cam2cam sessions are paid per minute.
  • group sessions.
  • voyeur sessions. 
  • you can send and receive tips
  • models can sell photos and videos.
  • models can sell Snapchat subscriptions, nudes and digital material, read more here.
  • OhMiBod technology toys are compatible. It vibrates when users tip.

It is possible to create a membership site where members can get free tokens for a monthly plan subscription and much more. 




If you are curious you can check out the demo of xcams here for the front-end, here for the backend, here for the Android app, and here the IOS app, and here is a simple cam model earning calculator.

Admin panel 

Model login

  • username – model1
  • password – 123456


xcams backend panel


How To Find Cam Models

This can be challenging for some people, but if you get xcams now you will get also a package with models willing to cam on your site and some help from adent. 

If you decide to get xcams the script installation and the first steps are taken care and you will not need to put any efforts into it. 

In a couple of months, you could make thousands of dollars with a simple investment. If you plan to have it on mobile as well you should get the premium plan


Best Adult Network For Your Ads And Affiliate Income

Here are the best adult networks to work for that will give you offers and ads to place onto your cam site. 

I advise you to get paid via PaxumPayPalPayoneer, or WIRE

  1. CrakRevenue
  2. StripCash
  3. Awempire
  4. Adverten
  5. Chaturbate
  6. Bongacash
  7. Cummission
  8. Pimp roll
  9. Juicyads
  10. TrafficJunky


pimproll affiliate



Cam sites like chaturbate can be extremely profitable. You will make no money if you don’t decide to start to invest some money in a good product

The best way to create your adult webcam site is via xcams a script developed by that will be fully managed and installed on your adult server. 

You can start making money recruiting cam working on your site but to get started xcams will help you find people to put on your site and work. 

I am making myself a lot of money with adult cam sites and I think that together with porn tube sites these are the ones that are making the best passive income streams and eventually a lot of money. 

This is an investment, and if you use the button below you will get xcams for a special price and you will be able to create your awesome cam site in a matter of hours.




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Porn is an evergreen niche that can turn you into a money-making machine.

Start now with xcams and start making a lot of money. Chat with their support and they will turn you into a cash machine. 

If you liked this post and it was very helpful as it should be please let me know in the comment below! I would also appreciate it so much! 


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