LuckyCrush: The Chatroulette Where Girls Make Money Chatting

LuckyCrush is a video chat site that randomly pairs men with women and women with men. Men must buy credits to chat while women earn points they can convert into money and gifts.

It was launched in May 2019, and already has more than 800,000 members from over 50 countries. The three French cofounders have even already received an acquisition proposal from foreign investors.




The website seems like it’s going to grow a lot and people love to use it on a regular basis to improve their masturbation experience.



Where Did LuckyCrush Idea Come From?


Millions of men are looking for female partners on Chatroulette and Omegle every month, video chat sites that randomly pair strangers, and on which you just have to click “next” to change your partner.

However, there are hardly any women on these sites; only men searching and being paired together.


lucky crush male or female


We decided to reconceive this entertaining video chat experience by creating an incentive for female users, through fun and gamified reward system allowing them to earn money and gifts.

Results: LuckyCrush is a video chat for heteros where you easily find 50% of female members.



How Does LuckyCrush Work?


LuckyCrush is a video chat site that randomly pairs men with women and women with men.

It was designed as a dating platform for heterosexuals based on random matching and video chat. But it’s actually a site where people simply come to chat with no intention of meeting in real life.


The site is reserved for adults and welcomes people from all around the world. An automatic translator allows people who speak different languages to communicate easily. LuckyCrush is available on desktop and mobile.


The operation is as follows: when a visitor arrives on the site, a “Start searching” button allows him to start searching for a partner.




A few seconds are enough for the site to make a connection with a random opposite-sex partner. Once the connection is made, the two partners can see each other by video, chat through written messages, or orally.

The chat can last indefinitely, provided the male user has enough credits. Both users have a “next” button allowing them to terminate the chat at any time.

Once one of the users has clicked “next”, both of them are immediately and automatically paired with another random opposite-sex partner.

For men, access to the chat is free and doesn’t require registration. They benefit from a certain amount of free time. Once their allocated free time is over, they must buy credits (or “minutes”) to continue chatting.


start chat


For women, access is completely free. A reward system is even made available to them, allowing them to earn points for every second they spend chatting with men.

Points can then be converted into money, gift cards, and gifts. An Italian female member already earned $10,000 in 4 months, for example.

Unlike male members, women must register before they can access the video chat, and their registration must be approved by a moderator.

This ensures that no man tries to register as a woman in order to benefit from the reward system enjoyed by female members. 

LuckyCrush is similar to a random-video-chat experience found on chat sites like Chatroulette, Omegle, Chatrandom, or apps like Azar.

The difference in LuckyCrush is that users are only paired with opposite-sex partners and that female users are incentivized to use the site.

In comparison, there was an average of 11% of online female users on Chatroulette (article posted in 2010), while this number is closer to 50% on LuckyCrush.

In November 2019, the site registered 500,000 members from more than 50 countries, just five months after its launch in May 2019

The team has even received an acquisition proposal of several million euros during the summer.



LuckyCrush Reviews From Members

If you want to read some of the real reviews that some members made on lucky crush here I have pasted some

In this LuckyCrush review, you will find pictures of real members who enjoy having fun online with real girls that get naked eventually.


lucky crush interface


Devin, US – Male


“I’ve always liked dating and chat sites. Exchanging and sharing fantasies with strangers. Cutting to the chase. Being behind a screen allows you to be spontaneous and just say what you really think, what you really want. If it doesn’t match, it doesn’t matter: you just switch to the next person. The important thing is to be respectful of your partner’s desires and fantasies. But when you find someone with who you share the same fantasies and wants the same kind of thing, what a feeling! Sometimes I feel like a teenager rediscovering life when I find a partner as vicious as me.”


girl tongue on luckycrush


Erika, Italy – Female


“LuckyCrush is really one of a kind. It’s incredible but also kind of obvious that it works this well. I personally love it, and I have to admit that I’m kind of addicted. I started off mainly to earn money, but now it’s become my evening ritual. Sometimes I stumble across the same people, so that’s really nice. Apparently, the website is going to add a feature allowing you to add people that you liked as friends so that you can contact them later – I can’t wait!”


girl on luckycrush


Martin, UK – Male


“For me, this is the best chat website ever. Honestly, I spent a few quid now and then on cam sites like Chaturbate or StripChat, but they’re just virtual striptease websites. They’re a far cry from the naughty chats you can have with strangers on classified ad sites. That’s what I love about LuckyCrush – being able to chat with girls that are as naughty as I am! Haha”


showing boobs on luckycrush


Nathan, France – Male

“LuckyCrush is just no-fuss no-frills chatting. No need to get to know each other for days on end before really getting into it. There’s a feeling of total freedom because the chats are fleeting and you can stop them whenever you feel like it. Plus it’s really anonymous – I only show my face when I feel really comfortable with the person I’m chatting to.

I think most members do that actually.”


luckycrush interface


Emma, Argentina – Female


“The first time I tried it out, I couldn’t believe it. I mean I was chatting with nice people and my balance was constantly growing. First I was doing it for money but I met such nice guys that it’s become more of a financially rewarding hobby now! Sometimes I can spend the whole night on the chat. What I love is that you never know who your next partner is. Unfortunately, there are creepy guys sometimes, like everywhere. But moderation is pretty good (hopefully) so there are a lot of gentlemen too. Surprisingly, I prefer gentlemen to creepy guys like everyone! So if you’re a creepy guy and use LuckyCrush: please be a gentleman. I can guarantee you that it will work to your advantage!”




Lucky Crush is one of the best random video chat sites you can use at the moment, they have a great platform and plenty of real girls ready to make your dreams come true.

Stop spending hours trying to find some slutty girls on Instagram and Snapchat to send pics of your dick too. 




Thanks to Lucky Crush you will be able to find real girls who enjoy showing their tits and pussy on cam because they will get paid for that.

Girls on Lucky Crush have the motivationof being a slut because they earn money to be online on this site. If you are one of these guys who doesn’t want to masturbate alone this is a great opportunity to improve the quality of your masturbation routine. 


In this article, I have talked about how the platform works and you should make an account on Lucky crush now.


random video chat


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