how to gain followers on tumblr

How to gain followers on Tumblr

In this article, I am going to expose all the coolest Tumblr tricks on how to gain followers on Tumblr. Hence how to make money on Tumblr. 

This Social Media is underestimated but the potential is big! If you want to know more tune-up and follow this post.

How to gain followers all the tricks exposed.

how to gain followers on tumblr

What is Tumblr and how to make money on Tumblr

So, first of all, I think I wanna give my definition of what is Tumblr, and what does Tumblr mean. As my understanding, the word ‘Tumblr’ it self-reminds me of something that goes into a laundry machine and gets tumbled and moved around.

In fact, Tumblr is ultimately a social network where you can interact with other blogs and you can like posts and re-blog interesting things.

You can just write about your business only for blogging purposes, but the main things are to get reputability and followers in order to engage your audience.

The goal is so that they will re-blog your stuff and you can potentially get viral.

How to gain followers on Tumblr?

The best way to make money on Tumblr is to gain targeted followers that are engaged with your shit. So how to gain followers on Tumblr?

Why Tumblr?  Adult stories and crazy stuff on Tumblr is allowed

  1. The first thing you wanna do is to define your niche!

If you are going to sell candies or books there is no need to set your profile to ‘ADULT’, but if you plan to put up some spread pussy or jizzed faces, you need to do so.

Tumblr Settings Configuration

  • create a Tumblr account, verify your e-mail.
  • go to settings.
  • hide or enable the ‘safe material’ option.
  • click on your blog settings
  • enable or disable at the bottom the option ‘ yourBlogName is explicit ‘.

This option is important!! Because if you are going to put some nudes or porn and the option is disabled, you will get banned and it will be over.

  • in the screenshots, I have put my configuration and I think it is a good one in order to get followers.
  • also, I would set up the posting times for the Tumblr queue feature as mines. But you can change it as you want.

This last option it is not important because if you follow this post we will use another tool to auto re-blog posts. So no need to focus on the built-in Tumblr queue option.

Blog Visual settings that help on how to gain followers on Tumblr

If you are in your blog section you can click on edit appearance, something I like to do is to put

  • my snapchat snapcode as the profile pic.
  • a nice cover pic.
  • and a nice link to my website in the headline.

to do so I will guide you a little bit

  • click ‘edit theme’ (it is usually a gray box on top of the blog settings).
  • then click on ‘description box’  and add this HTML code, where you replace the name of your website and link to it.
[html] <h1>TITLE</h1> <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a> [/html]

you want to replace TITLE and with your website. Note that the one after href is your website URL that needs to be correct the other 2 blocks you can put whatever you want.

Of course, there are a lot of other settings, my advice is to follow them all and optimize the settings according to your needs. But this setting above is according to me essentials.

Now that your blog looks all nice, it’s time to go deeper into How to gain followers on Tumblr.

I think that combing these 2 methods, using them both will start to pay off soon and you will gain followers soon.

Method 1: Using to automate posts publishing

The first thing you wanna do is to produce content on your blog, my advice is to post cool stuff that you make once in a while and it’s yours and unique. But before we do that regularly we need to engage our audience and start growing our followers right?

So here is a little trick I have discovered on how to automate your posts hence, your engagement and how to gain followers on Tumblr.

The magic pill is, this tools/website allow you to automate the shit out of Tumblr, in a nice and fast way.

Here are the steps:

  • log into your Tumblr account from chrome.
  • go to
  • create your account on qplus with the same email you have used for your Tumblr.
  • link your Tumblr account and press allow.
  • you need chrome for this job because you need to install the qplus extension too, that is not available for opera and buggy on firefox, here is for chrome
  • then go to your Tumblr dashboard and let’s start with the cool sh**.

You might wanna look at the screenshots pictures as a reference.

Let’s say your niche is ‘technology’ ok? Search for technology in your Tumblr search box, when you find an appealing blog that has stuff you like and related to your niche, click on it.

Open the blog in a new tab.

Cool Tumblr add-ons trick, keep reading

Here is where the all process becomes interesting, Tumblr has an archive feature for any blog, so let’s say that the blog URL structure of the blog you have found is something like:

all you wanna do is adding a slash and archive after the URL like so:

This will bring up the archive of that blog. If you scroll the blog all the way down, you will access to all the media files published on that blog.

In the menu bar, there is an option called ‘quick select‘.

From there you can select the kind of media, I usually do ‘select photos‘. When all the pics are selected you can go to the menu bar, and click on ‘queue+’. WARNING click on queue+ and NOT on queue, look at the screenshot.

All the pictures of that blog are queued to your Tumblr blog now.Now we want to go to our website and throw in some settings.

The first thing you wanna do is to set an auto schedule time. To get nice results with followers you should post something every 10 to 15 or max 20 minutes so that on average you post 100 times a day or more.

This is how to gain followers on Tumblr the automated way.

When the auto schedule times are all set, you want to go to edit posts and change the caption to whatever you want. Note that a link linked to your affiliate products or your website is the one that will make you money on Tumblr after you gained a lot of followers.

Go forward and check the box, ‘delete caption‘, so you don’t have the stuff written from the other blogger where you have copied the content.

Best practices for the qplus method

Make sure you add at least 25 nice targeted tags, so people can find your blog via TAGS.

Note. This procedure in case you are adding your website URL will add a huge amount of nofollow backlinks pointing to your site from a high authority website like Tumblr.

This is the process on how to gain followers on Tumblr and it might take months to see results but it’s worth it.

With the free version of, you will be able to manage one Tumblr blog for free. There is a paid version that allows you to manage unlimited blogs and it’s just 27$ a year.

Then you need to combine the next method to start off and have nice followers right away.

A little trick from your account!!

Click on ‘BADGE’, you will see a script code to add to your description just underneath the other code you added before for your description in ‘edit theme’, go up and read how to do it.

But in short:

  • go to your settings
  • edit theme
  • find your  description box
  • ADD the new script from

This trick will help with a lot of nice things.


This is the automated way to how to gain followers on Tumblr, but the next method combined with this one will give you the best results.

Method 2: Tumblr target my niche on google

So let’s say you have just started with Tumblr, there is no way that you will have a lot of followers right away. If no one is following you and at least liking your content once in a while, there is no follower gain.

The best way to get followers is to manually follow people that might be interested in your stuff. Manually, by the way, there is a way to do it automatically but you will be banned.

So how to gain followers on Tumblr targeted to my audience?

Well, this is really simple, just go to google and search for:

Tumblr tagged MY NICHE

(change MY NICHE with your niche or Keyword). This will bring up posts that have been tagged with that keyword, BOMB!!!

Some of these posts will have a shit load of people that liked them, re-blogged them or liked them.

What you wanna do is to go there on that post and follow all these people with no compassion. Just follow them all manually.  (you can click on ‘notes‘ in the left bottom corner to bring up this peeps).

It is proven that at least a 10 – 20 % or more will follow you back as long as your blog is not ugly and empty. But if you started to do the step written above in this post, and the method as described above you should be fine.

Make it a routine on Tumblr

This needs to become a routine, every morning you just follow all these people using this method. The people who reblogged or liked the post are the more likely to reblog your shit and like your shit and bring in more followers and bring more money.

NOTE. Tumblr will allow you to follow only 5000 people, after that you can not follow anyone anymore. But I am going to give you another trick to bypass this problem.

Before I said that you can not automate the following process. My experience of being blocked several times, allowed me to understand that it is possible to automate the unfollow process. (the reason might be because every page has only 25 persons and it’s not considered a bulk unfollow)

To do this I have put up some screenshots and described the problem, at the first sight it looks weird, but trust me it’s gonna be fun and easy.

I suggest you use google chrome because it is pretty much the best browser.

So let’s assume you have reached the 5000 following limit, you want now to unfollow them all the fast as you can.

How to unfollow all your following audience with Tumblr

Click on the link below:

Open the chrome console, you can do that with right click of your mouse and hit ‘inspect’ on your Tumblr blog page.

Then on the main panel, there is a console tab, just copy and paste the following code into the console. (copy all the 3 lines and paste them together in the console and hit enter).

Next: go to the next page manually.


Paste the code above again in the console, repeat the process.

When you reach 0 following you can start again to follow people with the method 2. Wait some hours or a day before you start following again. (best practice to avoid blocks)


Now that you know How to gain followers on Tumblr. You should also find other methods that work for your niche and stick to those two for best results.

You must know that to queue+ all the pictures or posts it takes time. If you post 100 times a day, it will not take a lot of time to finish the other blogger post.

So at least once a week you should spend time queuing other new fresh posts from other blogs.You can use the ‘find other blog function also from the archive page.

fuck book review sex


Tumblr is an awesome and underestimated social network.

The main advantages are:

  • Tumblr allows porn, drugs and crazy shit (if you set this in settings as mentioned before).
  • It will create nice nofollow backlinks to your site.
  • Easy to get followers and automate things.
  • when you will have a lot of followers, re-blogs will happen and sales will come too.
  • you can modify your blog as you like. If you know how to code a bit (to learn how to code, you can use this website FCC).
  • it is very fast and straightforward.

In this post, I have tried to explain 2 awesome methods on How to gain followers on Tumblr. These 2 methods combined worked for me and with a bit of patience, will work for you too.


If you liked this post, please share it and comment below if you have any doubts or questions.


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