how to become a gigolo

How To Become A Gigolo Or A Male Escort

If you are tired of women that can fuck anyone and meanwhile for you it’s a struggle, maybe you want to learn how to become a Gigolo.

If you are using the websites that we always review and talk about on you probably noticed how easier is to fuck for a girl.

If you start using websites like Fling or Dirty Tinder you will soon realize that if you were a girl you could fuck a lot more compared to being a dude.

But the world is not over yet! Because in this article I am going to tell you how to start doing the oldest job on earth as a male.

The first thing you want to know is that a Gigolo is not a Male Escort.


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There is a subtle difference between Gigolo and a male escort. According to the human definition, those are not the same thing. 


how to become a gigolo


The Difference Between A Gigolo And A Male Escort 

So if you are wondering what is a gigolo, in a few words it’s a male that is hunting for rich women and that pleases them sexually not for money but to get gifts and affection from them.

Instead, a male escort is a male that is selling his body to a woman for money. 

While a Gigolo is still considered a high-class person a male escort can be declassified and considered as a male prostitute.

You can be a male escort that fucks only women or you can be also a gay male escort. 

If you are wondering how to become a Gigolo or how to become a male escort I am going to tell you here what are the best ways to do it. 


How To Become A Gigolo

To become a successful Gigolo you will need to hang out in places where the rich pussy is hanging out.

For instance, if you are trying to be a male escort in Bangalore chances are a lot less compared to someone trying to become a gigolo in New York City.

There are not so many rich women in Bangalore! Maybe the ones that are rich are not just partying around India.

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Then you need to find parties or places where divorced women in need of sex girls are most likely to go

These can be douchy parties on a fancy avenues or just a bar that has a dress code or shit like that. 

If you want to become successful in this you will need to dress nice! Start selling yourself as the best one. 


gigolo in line

Once you are in the right place you need to look around for prayer

The ones that are most likely hunting for a Gigolo are the ones that look kind of shy but at the same time, you can smell their hornyness from the way they move.

As an example, you can keep track of how she’s reacting if you start to stare at her eyes in a kind of sensuous way. 

If there is a visual connection, and you need to become good at this, you might want to go after that and start your game

Once the desperate rich women are hooked up to you and willing to taste your penis, play it good and you will soon get a reward.


sexy cougar


Some Tips And Tricks For A Gigolo

A successful Gigolo is a real man! What I suggest you do is to go to the library and start studying a bit about what’s a man.

You need to develop skills like persuasion, manhood, and so much more.

You will need to do personal development and boost your self-esteem to the point where you can sell yourself for something you are not even.

The most famous Gigolos around the globe have nice bodies and they smell good.   (Go to the gym and shower)


Do not try to go out in fancy places with #dandruff in your hair or with #dingleberries up your arsehole. Click To Tweet


Try to be professional and a sensuous evil like Jim Morrison was saying more than one time. 

You need to move like a snake between ass and start to develop that skill that will make you score the right person.


mature girl

If you want to learn how to become a gigolo that gets the attention of multi-millionaire girls you better work hard and start from today.

You can do it it’s just a matter of hard work, dedication, and passion.

Do not attempt to do this job if you’d rather jack off or play video games! 

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How To Become A Male Escort

If you want to make money selling your body instead you should become a male escort

Do you have a nice body or a big cock?

You can charge any woman an hourly rate to be in your presence

If you think that this is not going to be possible you are wrong. There are a lot of businesswomen living in big towns that have no time to go out and date

They are often out of time, or on a business trip and they are looking to spend their money with someone worth the price

These women can find guys on any of the websites listed on for instance! But still, they get excited to pay someone to be fucked

If you are living in a small town probably it will be harder to find these women! But I have proofs that in a big town there are so many

Now I am going to tell you how to become a successful male escort in a few steps.


#1 – Move To A Bigger City

The first thing you need to do is to move to a rich country or a big city in your country. There are more opportunities there to find women interested in paying a male for sex. 

If you are from North America or Europe you are probably luckier compared to someone living in India or Pakistan. 

But even though it might sound impossible even for someone living in New Delhi or Bangalore this can be achievable. 


#2 – Make A List Of The Classified Sites

The internet will be your best friend to become successful as a male escort. Based on where are you living there will be different classified websites or male escort websites.

Search on Google in your language stuff like “best-classified sites” or “male escort agency” or “post an Ad” or “sell stuff in ‘countryname“.

Then you want to start posting ads in the erotic section of each of these sites! People love to buy second-hand stuff or to looks at ads online.

Make your profile appealing, put nice pictures, and start listing your prices, services, and why they should choose you to pass a fun sexy night with. 

Here are the biggest classified sites I came up with right now. A lot of male escorts started with craigslist which is free and used a lot.

  1. craigslist
  2. oddle
  3. olx
  4. geebo
  5. locanto

male escort ad

#3 –  Get Listed On An Escort Directory

There are many websites on the internet! Depending on your location you might want to Google stuff like “male escort directory <your country>“. 

There a lot of escort directories online and you need to find them and get a profile in there. 

They are usually requiring you to send them pictures to prove that you are an authentic person! You might need a selfie with the name of the site written on it on paper. 

You will need to be 18+ and willing to put your face on it.

There are many websites and some of them as an examples are these: 

  1. escort directory
  2. mintboys
  3. rentmen
  4. dukesofdaisy
  5. the male escort agency


#4 – Contact Some Male Escort Agencies

Very similar to the previous step here you will need to contact a male escort agency.

The good part is that you will get more clients, the bad part is that it will cost you money. 

These agencies will do the hard work for you. They will even shoot pictures and make your profile more appealing.

You will take advantage of the targeted traffic that they have on their sites. If you deserve it you will be banging all the clients that they have.

Just to have an example here are some websites but you should always Google stuff like “male escort agencies <your country>”.

  1. male companions for women
  2. cowboys 4 angels
  3. the male escort agency


#5 – Word Of The Mouth

And last but not least you should always try the word of the mouth approach.

Create a great business card to give to your customers if you started to have some.  Ask specifically if they can spread the voice among their friends.

If you end up fucking a business woman it will not take very long before she will start talking about how fantastic sex was with you. 


sexy gigolo

This will mean that her friends will know about you and you could also start making money and acquiring new clients.

It is very important that you take this business seriously! You should be professional and advertise yourself in any possible way. 

The word of the mouth is one of the most efficient ways to start earning free and legit customers.


Other Alternatives

If you think that all of this is too complicated, too much work or that it might not work for you can always become a cam performer.

There are a lot of cam models that are making a lot of money online just to masturbate in front of the camera

If you are into this kind of practice my advice is to sign up for some of these companies which are the best ones:

  1. chaturbate
  2. bongacams
  3. stripchat
  4. livejasmin

Once you will have an account with them, you can start broadcasting yourself on cam and start making money online from the comfort of your house. 



You can read how to make money as a cam performer in this article. 



In this article, you have learned what is a Gigolo and the subtle difference between a gigolo and a male escort.

A gigolo is not getting paid with cash for performance, meanwhile, a male escort gets paid by performance.

You can read about the best tips and techniques on how to make your dream real and become an escort even if you are a dude.


american gigolo


If you want to start earning money and make it a serious business you will need to sell yourself online the best way you can.

There are many women interested in paying for sex and the top categories are the following:

  1. businesswomen 18-45.
  2. divorced 45+ women.
  3. lonely women 60+.

If you are interested in becoming successful in this you can send me a message. I have some personal experience in this field.




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