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Rocco Siffredi The Official #1 Italian Stallion

Rocco Siffredi The Official #1 Italian Stallion post thumbnail image

Rocco Antonio Tano in art called Rocco Siffredi is one of the most famous and popular male porn stars of all time.

His stage name come from the famous gangster movie with Alain Delon called Borsalino

Rocco Tano is the porn star that won the most numerous number of AVN (adult videos news) awards in the history.

Every year the pornstars gather in Las Vegas to get a nomination.


Just to mention one, he won in 2013 the AVN award for the most Outrageous sex scene in the movie Voracious with the scene in clothespin-head. 


These are just some of the things that this awesome person accomplished in his life. Rocco is inspirational to many people in the world, and he’s got the best job in the world.




Rocco is of these guys that are never shy in front of the challenge.


rocco crazy


When his mother died he admitted in an interview that he was hugging his 75-year-old mom’s friend and he started to get hard, he pulled off his dick and came in her mouth


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Rocco Siffredi is a sex machine and he was featured in more than 2500 porn movies. Thousands of sex scenes and a huge amount of girls have been fucked by him.



Rocco Siffredi Biography

Rocco Siffredi went to visit his brother working in a restaurant in Paris back in 1985.

One night decided to go to a strip club and he randomly met a French porn producer! The one behind Dorcel which is a famous porn production studio.

He was then proposed to participate in a role in a Porn movie thanks to his big dick.

He fell in love with a girl named Tina that was living in London, so he moved to London and stopped his pornographic career to become a model. 

Rocco and Tina broke up and then Rocco decided to move to Los Angeles to meet a friend. This guy had good contact with John Leslie Nuzzo a famous American porn producer.

In 1991 he won his first AVN award for the best threesome scene in the history of porn.

He also made very interesting porn parodies of movies like Dracula (Ejacula), Dorian Gray, and many more.

In 1996 he won the Hot d’Or award in Cannes for the best movie director.

Rocco Siffredi is married to the Hungarian pornstar met on the set of Tarzan, Rosa Caracciolo!


rocco siffredi ama le patatine


He’s still fucking girls and women all over the world and he’s still making many porn movies even these days

You can even watch the “Rocco Siffredi Film” which is a movie of his biography and it will inspire you a lot. 




If you are interested in knowing any aspects of this awesome Italian stallion you should become a member of his Rocco Siffredi official website.


Rocco Porn Style

If you will become a fan of big dick Rocco, you will soon find out that all of his movies have his personal style in them. 

On a typical Rocco Siffredi video, you will encounter very wild and savage sex scenes.

It is not uncommon that his dick starts to destroy some pussy and then is foot thumb goes into the mouth of the girl he’s fucking and threatens her if she does not suck the toe properly. 

He’s the king of deepthroats and is style is mainly what’s called the Gonzo Style!

Gonzo in pornography is when the video producer is filming the scene at the same time he attempts to jump in into the scene and fuck the porn stars. 

It is very popular to see Rocco XXX with a camera in his hands filming a scene from his POV (point of view). 

His movies are all different and the stories behind are always death interesting and hot. 

Rocco’s stiff dick is making movies and sex scenes with styles ranging from the ordinary to the extreme anilingus and orgies.


rocco ultimate hd



Rocco Siffredi Official Porn Website Free Trial Videos

Never say never to Rocco!

This is a famous motto from this figure! Porn stars that have fucked with him said that they would have never done something similar to anyone else. 

He’s the King of sex and the official Italian Stallion. I hope that you are going to support him now and get the 3 days deal for $1.




If you love him like me you should also decide to get your monthly subscription! You will always have his movies delivered to your inbox.



Nancy Ace And Rocco



Rocco is also talented when it comes to discovering new porn stars. He lives in Hungary now and thousands of girls every day are trying to work for him. 

His experience and talent allow him to Skim the bad stuff and leave only the good stuff on the surface.

This is the case of  Nancy Ace a new porn star that looks like she has a lot to give to the industry.


Kelly Stafford, Megan Inky, Lutro, John Price, And Rocco HD



Kelly Stafford is the nastiest porn star alive, she is famous to have fucked ugly midgets, old and hairy stinky fat guys.

She’s the queen of rimjobs and brutal sex, Rocco’s dick loves this kind of gals and you need to see it in action with her.

The videos in this article are just a taste but Rocco is making a lot of videos each year since 1985.

Rocco the Italian stallion will never let you down and always surprise.


Rocco On The Set Of Tarzan When He Met His Wife Rosa Caracciolo



Tarzan is the movie where Rocco is fucking with Rosa Caracciolo, a pornstar that then became Rocco’s only wife. 

The two are in love with each other and a very open-minded couple with two kids

She is not jealous of Rocco’s fucking girls on set because she knows that she’s the only one that really loves them.

They have a great family and here in this old movie, you can see him in action with her when she was just a girl working for him for his porn movies.


Rocco Siffredi Has Insane Ass Gaping Lesbian Orgy



Rocco’s sex scenes are often extreme! Look what he’s able to pull out from a bunch of horny lesbians and girls

He’s making all of these girls gaping and the situation degenerates pretty quickly when the room starts to become a serious orgy.

He’s a fucking beast and Rocco Tano is never shy and afraid of making all of these girls squirt and cum multiple times.


Rocco Siffredi Riley Reid Sucks Huge Cock For POV Cam On The Siffredi Tube



Riley Reid’s angelic little slut gets fucked by big dick Rocco once again. Her pussy starts to sore when fucking Rocco’s dick.

She is so innocent and the Italian stallion is doing his best to make her scream loud and clear. Siffredi loves to make the girls scream and beg for cock

These are just 5 of the movies you can find on his website, new content will pop up pretty regularly from him and his crew. 


Rocco Siffredi Official Membership And Pricing

Rocco is an idol and a hope for any men in this world.

I think that you should give him a sign of support and purchase a membership so that you will have the best porn and at the same time support a real God.

His lifestyle is awesome, he’s the goal for many men in this world and the way he’s a pervert is a cool way to be a pervert.

Rocco Official offers a 3 days trial for $1 where you can navigate through the membership area and see if it’s worth paying for you or not




Grab the offer now and start watching Rocco’s sex adventures now. 

Here are the prices for a membership with his website.


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3 Months $68.95 $22.98/mo
1 Year $95.40 $7.95/mo


Here are some advantages of joining this porn network:

  • Unlimited Streaming & Downloading in 1080p HD!
  • 1,500+ Scenes & New Content Weekly!
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rocco siffredi




The best male pornstar ever existed name is Rocco Siffredi the real Italian stallion

He’s making cutting-edge porn videos and his biography and lifestyle are a model for many people living on this planet

All of his movies are absolutely awesome and have something to teach you. You can learn how to fuck a girl watching his performances

Girls like to be treated badly when you fuck them and you should learn from how he fucked them how to treat a woman

His dick is always ready to get hard and cum no matter what kind of pussy is in front of him. 




You should grab the deal and join for $1 so that you can have exclusive videos, and gadgets and be part of the coolest porn community online.


Did you know Rocco Siffredi before or you have just discovered him? 

(let me know in the comments below.)


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rocco porn


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