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WhatsFuck is the WhatsApp version for sex, you can send whatsfuck messages to members and even get their real phone numbers if they want too. Like with WhatsApp with whatsfuck you can send video call requests and pictures and videos. whatsfuck is an awesome dating service and it will take over many famous sites already. It is 100% free to join.

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Aaditay  -  2019-01-08 10:24:00
Just new for it
kenny  -  2019-01-08 01:19:00
need someone to fuck
  -  2019-01-07 17:26:47
Adrenson  -  2019-01-06 23:13:00
Wanna know how helpful this site would be
Michael  -  2019-01-05 18:17:00
It is a nice
David  -  2019-01-04 05:27:00
Lookin to trade vids n pics hav fun somethin
price9825  -  2019-01-03 17:45:58
Hiii.. i am 24 year boy in gandhinagar gujarat! I have met a girl with this site!
Love   -  2019-01-02 12:47:00
Love fun
Decision  -  2018-12-27 11:04:00
looking for sex
Dylan Mullar  -  2018-12-25 01:36:00
It's a good site for dating