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WPLiveCam Review And Make Money With Cam Sites

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Thursday, October 17, 2019, WP-Script launched a new brand called WPLiveCam that will allow you to make an API cam site and make money.

Wanna learn more about WPLiveCam? Wanna learn how to set it up, and how to earn money from it?

Here in this article, I am going to make a WPLiveCam review and I am going to tell you how to use it to make money.

On top of that, I will show you a website I have created myself with it, and I am going to tell you how you should use this theme to make money yourself.

On the website that I have created, I didn’t pay too much attention to the details because I have no time.

But I am going to tell you exactly how to create a website that is going to be successful.

Making money with porn is one of the most profitable ways to make money online and WPLiveCam is a cheap investment that can make you a lot of money.


What Is WPLiveCam?

WPLiveCam is a WordPress theme you can use on your WordPress site to start making money from the top cam sites as an affiliate.

The theme is very simple to use!

Once you have it installed on your WordPress site, if you do the things right, you will make money from the cam sites from where you are going to embed and import the live shows onto your site automatically.

If you don’t know how to install WordPress I suggest you look at my article about wp-script where you will figure out how to install WordPress.

In order to install WordPress you will need 2 simple things: 

  1. A domain name, and you can buy one for cheap on
  2. With a hosting plan, you can get the best and an adult-friendly one

Once you have these two things, you can go ahead and install WordPress. Watch the video below to learn how.



Once WordPress is installed on your domain name you will be able to buy and download WPLiveCam from their website.




Then go in your WordPress appearance section and install the downloaded theme.

This theme works with no plugins, all you will have to do is to add your webmaster’s IDs and activate the model importer from the backend.

importa cam models

The only tricky thing is that in order to auto-import the models you will need to set up a cron job on your server.

The detailed instruction can be found on their website, take a look at how to set up a cron job on your server for WPLiveCam.

This is the hardest part which is by the way super easy, if you need help you can reach out and I will help you.


How To Setup The Affiliate IDs And Make Money

At the current moment, WPLiveCam is supporting the following cam sites, these are the website where via the API you are going to import the cam girls on your website:

  1. LiveJasmin, MyTrannyCams, MyCams, MaturesCam, LiveSexAwards, LiveSexAsian, LivePrivates, JOYourSelf, and CameraBoys: All of these sites are managed by AWEmpire. Sign up for AWEmpire now and get your PSID ID.
  2. Chaturbate. Sign up for Chaturbate and get your ID.
  3. Stripchat. Sign up for Stripcash and get your ID.
  4. BongaCams. Sign up for BongaCash and get your ID.
  5. XLoveCam. Sign up for XLoveCash and get your ID.

But in the near future, they might add also other cam sites, so you might want to create a webmaster account also with: 

  1. PussyCash.For ImLive And Sexier and many more cam sites.
  2. Flirt4Free. For Flirt4Free.
  3. CrakRevenue. For MyFreeCams.
  4. Camspower. For XCams and many more.
  5. CamBuilder. For StreaMate.


These last websites are very famous and they might be added in the near future soon also on WPLiveCam!

Having an account already can be beneficial.

Once you are into your affiliate account you will need to identify your affiliate ID.

Only if you add it to WPLiveCam it will track your conversions and you will make money.


Here I will show you how to find the track IDs for the first 5 websites above.

  1. AWempire. (is the username you have signed up for and is called PSID, in my case it will be: rawdawg).awempire campaign
  2. Chaturbate. (under linking codes is the campaign ID &campaign=ejhkG, in this case, you will need to paste: ejhkG in WPLiveCam).chaturbate campaign
  3. Stripchat. (you will need to copy your affiliate link on a notepad, the part that you need to drop in WPLiveCam is your userid &userId=8d66222aa50a5debc8b90eb8ccebff7838469a62e1839c00f0f9b0c8b0cd9c4f in this case: 8d66222aa50a5debc8b90eb8ccebff7838469a62e1839c00f0f9b0c8b0cd9c4f).stripcash campaign
  4. XloveCam. (Go to text link generator and the id_affilie=15542 you will need to drop your affiliate number in my case: 15542).xlovecash campaign
  5. BongaCams. (You will need to create a campaign from the campaign button and then ?c=658296 and then paste your campaign number in WPLiveCam in this case: 658296). bongacash campaign


Now that you have set up your affiliate ID into your WPLiveCam you are ready to make money, but how?

I will answer next.


affiliate ids



How To Make Money With WPLiveCam

A lot of people probably will buy this theme, and if all of you just embed cam girls onto their sites with no criteria it will be just a mess of copied content that google will not like.

What you have to do is to import manually or auto-import the cam girls with some criteria and then go into your WordPress and change the tags ad the descriptions of these models


models description


Try to make the model descriptions as coolest as you can and add only appropriate tags. That way Google will favor your site and give you traffic if you nail it.

If you are able to change the tags and description of all the cam girls imported, sooner or later you will be successful. 


model modify


But how to make money you might still be asking right?


All the cam girls imported onto your WordPress API cam site are going to show up on your website.

Once some people click on them to chat or talk if they make an account and then pay to have a private show, the affiliate IDs you have added will trigger and the companies listed above will give you a commission. 

Example: $1 trial with AWempire set to PPS will give you $150! If you set the ID to RevShare you will earn 40% of the customer spendings for a lifetime. You can check out their program here.

If someone is spending money for months you will constantly earn money from them every time they spend money.


The adult business is absolutely awesome because if you are smart you can make a lot of money without hurting anyone.  #adult #porn Click To Tweet


WPLiveCam will allow you to automatically add cam girls to your homepage from 13 different cam sites and growing. 

A user that will land on your website will be like having 13 websites opened simultaneously.

Your site also looks clean and people will love to bookmark it and use it again to search for cam girls. 


My WPLiveCam Example Is Called CamSite.Org 

As soon as they released this WordPress theme I bought it of course and tried it.

I immediately liked it even though it is still in the early stages and there are some bugs. 

If you are wondering how much money it will cost you here I will put a picture with the prices


wplivecam pricing


If you click on the link below you will be able to get it with 50% off, and the price for the license for 1 website will be $49. 




If you want to create an empire of API cam sites you can get the license for unlimited sites for $89.

Updates and support are included for a lifetime, so this is definitely a huge deal and you will make back the $49 in no time, I promise. 

If you need help setting up your site you can always contact me. I have created a website as well and is called


I haven’t found yet the time to renominate all the cam girls’ profiles, but I will do it soon i guess. 

The website is auto importing new models every 5 minutes and I have used a few plugins to make it smoother and more google friendly. 

What do you think about my website? Do you like it? Hopefully, when you read this post it will be famous and full of traffic already.




I bought that awesome domain on and the hosting I am using is called TMDhosting, they are the only ones reliable 100% and adult-friendly.



WPLiveCam is a simple  “all-in-one” multiplatform live sex cam-based WordPress theme that thanks to the cam sites and affiliate marketing will make you money in the long run. 

If you are a newbie webmaster or even if you are an expert like me this investment could change your life. 

In fact, cam sites are the most profitable websites in the adult industry because these girls are real and fun. 

If you click the link below you will be able to grab WPLiveCam with 50% off for a limited amount of time after you click it.




If you make a sale on LiveJasmin and your client will buy a package for $1 dollar you will instantly make $150 on AWEmpire and your investment got already 3 times more profitable.

You will need to buy hosting and get a domain as well so the cost in total will be:

  • $49 (for WPLiveCam) + $35.4 (for 1 years of hosting) + $8 (for the domain)= $92.4 
  • $150 -$92.4 = $57.6 profit if you make one single sale. Then all the other profits will be only in profits and no more expenses.


If you get TMDHosting and Namesilo these will be the prices of the cam site deal. 


I hope that you understood everything, and if you have doubts or if you need help to set up your site please comment below or reach out at [email protected]

I will gladly help you set up the site and make you money.

I think that if you want to make money online this is a great and cheap opportunity to start your adventure online.


wp script long new


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