WankCoin #1 Cryptocurrency To Buy On Adult Sites Online

Adult entertainment is one of the biggest businesses online, Wankcoin will be the main accepted method. 

Wankcoin is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, etc! The short name of this coin is WKC and it is already accepted by many adult companies

The price of one Wankcoin Token as today is of $0.000247 USD, which is very cheap. You can buy 100000 WKC for $24 USD.

If the price of 1 WKC will go to $1 in the near future, you will make $100.000 with an investment of $24 USD.

This Altcoin will definitely go up in price in the near future because it is the most trusted coin in the adult space. 

I think that investing in Wankcoin today is the smartest thing you can do and you will thank me very soon! 

So make an account and check them out!




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Who Is Behind Wankcoin

As mentioned on Forbes as the best cryptocurrency to purchase porn online, it should be a warranty already! 

The team behind this coin is the Ice Cube Deep team which is involved in the adult industry since the beginning of the internet. 

The currency is developed by the guys of MILF VR, 4k desire, WANKz, and many other important adult websites and it’s called PimpRoll.



What Are The Advantages Of Wankcoin

When you buy stuff online there is the risk that someone will find out, like your bank or wife.

If you purchase things online with a cryptocurrency it will be anonymous and you will avoid and rebill since you will need to approve the transactions each time you want to buy.

The ability to create smart contracts and to pay in a very fast and anonymous way makes cryptocurrency the best deal to buy stuff online. 

If you have many porn site plans, and dating websites you are using on a daily base, you should invest and purchase them with Wankcoin. 




After you have created an account you will be able to buy them with bitcoin and Ethereum. The thing is that this crypto already works and you can see on the left side of the dashboard all the companies where you can spend it that are accepting it. 


buy wankcoin with bitcoin btc


CoinMarketCap Analysis

As you can see in the pictures below it is already on the coinmarketcap, and you can purchase it online via their platform. 




wankcoin on coinmarketcap


The current price is $0.000247 USD but is expected to reach $0.10-25 cents very soon, so I would not wait. 

If you understand a bit of how trading works, you can see that the trading volume starts to get significant and the price needs to go up very soon

The blockchain will allow you to buy porn in a very secure way! And since the porn industry is about 200 billions dollars a year, the price will go up and you’ll be rich.

Like any cryptocurrency, you can read the white paper, where you will be able to see all about the project. 


The price when the project started was of $0.22 so it means that it will go there very soon! Click To Tweet


buy wankcoin with ethereum eth


Buy Porn With Cryptocurrency Advantages

Buying with cryptocurrency have many advantages! If you are using Wankcoin to buy online you will 100% anonymous and have no re-bills!

Here are some of the advantages:

  • anonymity!
  • easy to buy.
  • no-rebills.
  • no fees.
  • transparency of transactions.

If you are new to cryptocurrency I suggest you read this article on how to buy cryptocurrency with bitcoin for chaturbate.

The same applies to any cryptocurrency, all you need is a coinbase account and a Binance account







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Wankcoin sales are just started and the price is still super cheap! It will not be that cheap for so long, so you need to buy it now.




If you buy $24 USD off this crypto you can potentially make a lot of money if the price goes up.

Unlikely to many cryptocurrencies this one is already used! You can see a full list of famous websites where you can already spend these coins to buy stuff 100% anonymous

This is a real thing, so make an account now and start buying online with crypto the right way




wankcoin spend accepted


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