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Tinder Auto Swipe Right #1 Free Script And Tutorial

Who the hell has time to look at all the girls on Tinder? What I always do is swipe right even on my sisters and cousins.

Swiping right all day long can be time-consuming but worth it, even if you match with an ugly girl you can always decide afterward if to talk to her or not. 

Swiping right all the time is the way to get laid on tinder and today I am going to show you a very easy technique you can use to swipe right all the girls in your area with one single click.

This Tinder auto swipe right script will work only on a desktop computer, there is no trick for mobile.

Tinder.com is available online on a desktop computer, all you have to do is to log in via your Facebook account or mobile number from your desktop computer.

Once you are logged in you will be able to auto-swipe right and like all the girls like there is no tomorrow. 

You don’t even have to look at the girls and you can keep your browser hidden and it will like thousands of girls in your area automatically


Recommended Requirements  For The Tinder Auto Swiper

In order to swipe all the girls on Tinder, you will need a Tinder account.




For anyone who doesn’t know what’s tinder, tinder is nothing else than a really popular dating app that will allow you to meet up with real girls

If you are into hookups only my advice is to use:

Fling.com, Ashley Madison, Dirty Tinder, Fuckbook, and AdultFriendFinder.

If you want to try Tinder and the auto swiper here are the recommended requirements: 

  1. Download the Tinder App from your app store. 
  2. Tinder for IOS or Tinder for Android
  3. If you want to stay private I advise you to get a VPN! My favorite one is called ExpressVPN. (Try It Now Free).
  4. Download a kick-ass browser, my favorite ones are Brave Browser and Google Chrome. (Brave is Recommended).
  5. Create a dating profile on your Tinder App. You can watch many videos on YouTube on how to make the perfect profile. 
  6. Once you have your profile ready, you need to grab your laptop and go on tinder.com
  7. Once you are on tinder.com you need to log in from a desktop computer and you will be able able to apply one of the two methods listed below and auto swipe right and like all the profiles.

In order to be able to auto swipe until you die you will need to have a paid plan with Tinder!


With the free version, you will have only a few swipes a day meanwhile with a paid version you can swipe unlimited and change your location to any location in the world.  #tinder Click To Tweet



How To Tinder Auto Swipe Right – Method 1

There are two methods that are working perfectly to auto-swipe on Tinder!

This method is the one that is more efficient and that works better.

Some people can get scared when looking at this tutorial and video but it is actually very easy.

This method is completely free, do not ever buy any paid tool because it will not work or mess up with your profile! There are chances you can even get banned. 

Use this method and be safe with no risks and for zero money.


tinder auto swipe right



This method will allow you to stop the auto-swiper script at any time!

Meanwhile, method number two is working, but still, you will need to remove the chrome extension every time to stop the script. 

You can watch the video down below to learn how to auto-like all the profiles, but if you need some steps to auto swipe on Tinder here they are:

  1. Login Into tinder.com
  2. Right-Click With Your Mouse.
  3. Click On “Inspect“.
  4. Click On The Console Tab.
  5. Paste The Script Below In The Console.
  6. Click Enter.
  7. Swipe Right All The Girls.
  8. Close The Dev Tools Once There Are No More Girls.  




var confirmBox = confirm('Start swiping right?');
var count = 1;
var like = function(){
if (confirmBox){
console.log('Liked ' + count); count++; };
setTimeout(like, 100);
setTimeout(like, 100);





How To Tinder Auto Swipe Right – Method 2


If you are not able to pull out the console from your browser you can always install a Chrome extension.




Doing this will be easier, but extensions are slowing down your browser and on top of that with this extension, you will not be able to stop the swiping process.

The only way to stop the script is to uninstall it, which is very annoying because each time you want to auto swipe on girls you will need to install it and then uninstall it in order not to crash your browser.


The first method is my favorite and I like it and use it all the time to swipe the whole planet to the right. #autoswipe #like #tinder Click To Tweet


With a paid Tinder plan you will be able to change your location to any location in the world, so you can ideally swipe all the girls on the planet in a fewmonths. 


Just keep the scripts doing the jobs in the background, move to a different location, and eventually, you will find many girls who like you on the whole planet

This Tinder auto-swiper trick will save you so much time and effort.  







There are two methods you can use to swipe to the right and like all the girls on Tinder! 

  1. The first method involves you copying and pasting a simple javascript script into the console of your developer’s tools on your browser.
  2. The second method involves you installing a chrome extension that still works which will eventually crash your browser, slow down your computer and that require you to uninstall it every time you use it if you want to stop it.

Swiping on Tinder to the right on any girl is something you definitely want to do in life. 




This is not shallow at all like many girls would tell you probably. #smart #tinder Click To Tweet


You are just saving time doing so, you can always decide afterward if you want to talk or not with your match.

This is not the same if you are a girl! It is known that guys are always swiping to the right meanwhile girls take time to look at any profile and swipe to the right only if they like the guy in the pictures and your profile. 

If you are a girl it would be hard to apply this method because you will get millions of matches.


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