the push for security with hp new laptop

The Push For Security With HP’s New Laptop

The tech industry has been experiencing troubles with cybersecurity for a while. If you need a  reminder you can lookup the Equifax breach?

Maybe the Capital One breach that took place earlier this year?

There’s no need to dwell on those issues, as both of those situations are in the past. However, the industry’s troubles with cybersecurity stay current, and almost no companies show any signs of taking it upon themselves to fix this.

Sure, you have companies like Apple that are going out and preaching about the importance of cybersecurity, but they’re in the minority; the majority of companies refuse to keep their security standards up-to-date or even implement existing security standards.

But I want to focus on that minority; specifically, I want to focus on Hewlett-Packard, better known as HP.

HP doesn’t get mentioned a lot when concerning news, and that’s because they play things safe.

Their products are safe, only sometimes shaking things up. Their printers are good, nothing special about them. The company itself tends to not stick its neck out of it can help it.

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However, this week saw HP change their tune a little bit when they released a press release for their new laptop, the Spectre x360 13.

I guess “new” is misleading, as the new Spectre 13 is actually a reiteration of the previous Spectre 13. This doesn’t mean that what’s there isn’t impressive though.

And as much as I want to go over the countless upgrades and details that HP provided about their new Spectre laptop, I find it best to focus on the meat of the press release, which–in my opinion–is the security section.


An Upgrade In Security

HP advertises numerous security features for the Spectre x360 13, such as a way to turn off your webcam and the ability to mute your microphone.

But I want to focus on one interesting tidbit of information that HP threw on the end of the security section:



Help protect online activity when connecting to unsecured or untrusted Wi-Fi networks with ExpressVPN, and manage passwords using one solution with LastPass.”




That’s right! HP partnered with two prominent cybersecurity companies in order to push for better security.

Both LastPass and ExpressVPN will come preinstalled on the new Spectre, along with a 30-day trial being offered for both.

Having both being partnered with HP is great, but I want to focus on the ExpressVPN partnership specifically.


Well, it’s rare to see a company give so much attention to a VPN company. In fact, I’d say I’ve never seen it happen! #partnership #vpn Click To Tweet

VPNs have been gradually becoming more popular throughout the decade though, so I’m not shocked by the news, as much as I am sort of…surprised, I guess?

According to ExpressVPN, this partnership is only one of many to come in the next few months as well!

  • But why would HP partner with a VPN?
  • Do they truly care about their users’ privacy?

I couldn’t tell you, but I can tell you that I think it’s a great thing, and I think that because of the influence it may have on the tech industry.


Making Long-Lasting Decisions

As I mentioned earlier, the tech industry suffers from a lack of proper cybersecurity.

Most companies like to brush their security concerns off and continue as nothing has, is, or will ever happen.

Not only because it’s convenient, but the general public seldom put their focus on such features. Instead, performance and gimmicks sell a lot better.


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However, HP is showing businesses that you can profit off proper cybersecurity for you and your users, even if you’re not the one actually selling the cybersecurity solution.

When profit is involved, any company will sit and listen.

Furthermore, this whole ordeal shows us the every-growing focus on cybersecurity that the tech industry is slowly starting to adopt. #vpn #expressvpn Click To Tweet

Again, I don’t want to lump in the companies that have actually fought for better cybersecurity in with the majority that haven’t done anything, but the truth of the matter is that many companies don’t care as much as they should about user privacy and security.

HP is going against the grain, fighting for better security by not just preaching about better security, but also practicing it, and their partnership with ExpressVPN and LastPass highlights this.

Security typically doesn’t sell a product, but the average consumer is becoming more mindful about the products they buy and the companies they buy them from, and there will come a day where if your company isn’t known for being secure, you’ll be booted off the corporate map.


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That’s why I think this whole partnership is important; because if HP pulls it off and succeeds (which it will, it’s Spectre), then other companies may attempt to follow suit.


Sure, those companies will only be tightening their security because of potential profits, but hey, if the consequence results in users gaining better security, then I see no reason to stop them.



There are many things about HP’s new Spectre x360 13 that impress me, and maybe I’ll get to talk about next year’s.

But for now, I feel that focusing on the security partnerships HP has made is the bigger story.




ExpressVPN and LastPass partnering with HP foreshadow good things for the tech industry, ExpressVPN’s partnership especially.

The idea of multiple popular tech companies partnering with a VPN company excites me, as the cybersecurity sector is the sector I find myself criticizing the most–not out of anger, but out of disappointment.

Hopefully, HP and ExpressVPN’s partnership leads to the acceptance of better security and increased awareness of how users can secure themselves more than they think they already are.

Because, let’s be real, not many people keep themselves secure while on the Internet.

And if it doesn’t?

I’m sure another company will come around and partner with more cybersecurity companies.

However, I’d like to see improvement in the cybersecurity sector sooner rather than later, lest I fall victim to the Deep Web–a fear I have that better security standards will soothe.


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