Spankchain Review And All You Need To Know

Spankchain is a blockchain-based infrastructure that you don’t want to miss if you are into cryptocurrency and adult sites.

Thanks to Spankchain you will be able able to interact with the adult niche in a very nice way, in fact, it is also listed on CoinMarketCap.

The project is pretty neat and it will allow millions of workers to take advantage of cryptocurrency to operate online.

By deploying a framework on the blockchain they provide sex workers the functionalities necessaries to create and operate a streaming or static content distribution application. 

All of this is made while offering a range of services that provides enhanced functionalities for these blockchain-based applications



How Does Spankchain Works?

Spankchain is a decentralized adult social network that has integrated payment services on the blockchain. 




Spankchain is using the SPANK token that is dominating the SPANK ecosystem on the blockchain and that will unify all the payment systems. 

In order for the system to work, you will need to generate BOOTY, in order to generate BOOTY you will need to lock down SPANK coins. 

While SPANK coin is locked they can not be used, this way it will guarantee the system to work without any glitch

Spankchain will then develop a staking contract called the SpankBank that will allow SPANK holders to lockdown their SPANK token to generate BOOTY which is redeemable for $1 on in Spankchain infrastructure fees.


SpankChain Products



SpankPay will allow you to buy and sell SPANK tokens on the platform and get paid for your adult services seamlessly.

SpankPay is already working and you can already use it to buy tokens on the other platform and products of SpankChain. 

SpankPay is working instantly to send money with the lowest fees and a lot of users are already using it to pay for adult services online. 

SpankPay supports BTC, ETH, LTC, ZCash, Monero, and most other top cryptos, as well as the ERC20 Token Standard.


spankchain 1




SpankBank is an online bank blockchain-based application you can use to store your money earned from the adult industry. 

You will be able to convert tokens in your currency and spend them at the local store seamlessly. 





On CryptoTitties you will be able to post your tits and nipples together with your ETH token address. People who like your tits will be able to tip and send you money instantly

The website is pretty great and a lot of beautiful tits and boobies can be found on it. If you love tits you might want to check it out using the button below. 







Spank.Live is a fully functional and working cam site where you will be able to stream your dick or pussy and ear money from it like any other famous cam site. 


If you are looking for a list of the best cam sites visit 


On Spank.Live models will receive a SPANK token when they will private shows, this is completely anonymous and super fast. 










Spankchain is an ambitious project based on the blockchain where adult performers and sex workers can have full control of their money and actions with no issues. 




The system is working already pretty much everywhere and you can become a part of it right now.

There are several different projects that you can participate and I have listed some of the above. 

Working with porn is not always welcome and here on Spankchain, you will be more than welcome. 

If you are new to cryptocurrency I advise you to read my article about how to buy Chaturbate token with bitcoin




Wankcoin Review


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