pinkdate is

Pinkdate.Is Blockchain Escort Coin, is an ICO ( initial coin offering ), basically is a project that will go into the blockchain. Then it will be possible to buy it like bitcoin or any other altcoin.

This project is interesting, it will connect the client and escorts if you are interested I will write a little more about in this article.


Pinkdate  | Blockchain Escort And PinkCoin

pinkdate is

What Is The Purpose of PinkDate

Being an escort it can be a lot of work, you need to host your client, spend money on makeup and gas if you need to travel.

Pinkdate is a project that takes advantage of blockchain technology, in other words, the technology behind bitcoin to give advantages to escorts and clients. 

The idea is that they want to fight abuse and sex traffic and give advantages to the clients, you can read the whole white paper. 

They claim to be the first worldwide escorting services that offer, screening, booking and payments in one single place. This place is called 


Pinkdate overview of the project

This project is interesting and ambitious if you don’t know what an ICO and the blockchain is, I would suggest you do a little research about it. You can see a roadmap for the project here.

The app and software will be similar to dirty tinder, you will be able to swipe your escort and book her and pay her with cryptocurrency

The advantages of paying with cryptocurrency is the anonymity and the security of the payments. 


The escorting industry brings over 15 Billion dollars only to North America, and creating a system that will make this job safer is important.


Why should you use and invest in pinkdate? 

Investing in pinkdate is a very nice idea, some of the advantages are listed here: 

  • as an investor, you will earn 50% on the escorts fees profits
  • the industry will never fail.
  • the platform can be used in any country.

Advantages for escorts

Here are some FAQs.

  • safer, and all in one, find the client, book, paying.
  • free listing of your service.
  • more secure and anonymous.
  • You will make money from your investment in the platform on top of the escorting service you are offering.
  • detailed analytics of your profile.

Advantages for clients

Some FAQs.

  • anonymous.
  • you can search for escorts within the platform.
  • safe payments.
  • you will earn the money you invest when booking an escort.
  • rating system.

You will earn money because of blockchain technology, the price of the pink date token called PDP, will increase. So if you bought $1 of PDP service today it might be worth it $100 dollars in a few months or years. 


pinkdate is client platform


PinkCoin PINK Charity Coin

In addition to It is recommended to invest also in PinkCoin PINK. This one is already on the coinmarketcap and as we can see in the graph below is doing very well. It is available on these exchanges:



PinkCoin PINK is very famous already and there are more investors compared to the other one. If you are into pink stuff, I suggest you buy a lot of PinkCoin PINK now on Bittrex. It is a good investment in charities and adult stuff.





In conclusion, I think that investing in this project can bring awesome benefits for both client and the escort. 

The fact that using blockchain technology with this business is interesting, something that will never die is escorting. 

The platform will bring a new concept and more safety to escorting, it is the first 100% safe and complete escort platform on the planet. 

If you want to invest and start to use you can do it via this link here


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