bluechew vs forhims vs keeps vs getroman vs blinkhealth

BlueChew VS ForHims VS Keeps VS GetRoman VS BlinkHealth

BlueChew VS ForHims VS Keeps VS GetRoman VS BlinkHealth, The Super Comparison Review You Were Looking For To Fix Any ED Problems And Men’s Issues To Have Better Sex.

Telehealth or Telemedicine is pretty popular lately, in fact, many of the meds and pills you could only get in a pharmacy right now can be ordered online.

Most of these Telehealth websites will be able to give you a free consultation with a doctor before shipping your pills.

Lately, the telehealth industry is having a lot of success regarding erectile dysfunction pills and hair loss pills.

There are a few companies that are advertised all over the internet and that are making millions of dollars nowadays. 

In this article, we are going to make a good comparison of these 5 companies and describe what are the pros and cons of each of them. 

Most of these companies are located in the United States and they are meant to solve ED problems, premature ejaculation and hair loss.

The business model they adopt is for almost all of them a pay per month recurring subscription which is usually way cheaper than buying the pills at the pharmacy. 

In this review we are going to discuss the biggest companies at the moment and I hope you will find this useful

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The advantage of ordering online is that you can do it at any time and there will be no embarrassing faces with your doctor


1 – BlueChew






BlueChew is our top pick and the best choice if you suffer from ED Erectile Dysfunction problems.

There are many reasons why this is the top ED cure pill.

Bluechew comes in chewable form and it is absorbed by the body faster. Many customers got interviewed and no-one experienced headaches or bad side effects like Viagra or Cialis. 

Thanks to their business model they can keep the price of generic Sildenafil (Viagra) and Tadalafil (Cialis) at the lowest price for the best quality.


With Bluechew you will pay every month a few pennies and you will get shipped at home your dose of Bluechew.
Plans start from $20/mo and if you order now using the link above you will get the first month free and pay only for shipping.

It is 100% safe and shipped almost in any state in the United States and soon in the UK

The subscription can be canceled at any time, you can order your first month free and then cancel if you want too!

All of this with the best privacy and discretion and you can read about their pricing here.

Bluechew comes in two versions, Sildenafil or also called generic Viagra and Tadalafil also known as Cialis. If you want to understand the difference between these two active ingredients read this BlueChew review.

Bluechew gets delivered at your door and you can order it online thanks to the telemedicine and online consultations.


Click Here To Fill In The Survey And Order Bluechew Now



2 – ForHims






ForHims, is another great product and it is focused mainly on hair loss, erectile dysfunction problems, premature ejaculation, and anxiety pills.

It is not available in all the states as well and the only thing that prevents me to put in the first spot is that is slightly more expensive and less effective than bluechew.

If you have erectile dysfunction problems, hair loss problems, anxiety and also premature ejaculation problems you might want to pick Hims instead because they will give you a discount if you buy all of their products. 

The company is pretty stable and the products are fine, of course, chewable tablets are more effective but ForHims is great as well.

Hims, can be ordered online as well and it is a good telemedicine company! They offer generic Finasteride and Minoxidil for hair loss problems and Sildenafil and Tadalafil for erectile dysfunction problems.

Prices start from $30 a month + $5 for the medical consultation, as you can see it is slightly more expensive than bluechew but still it is a very good product.

The prices for Tadalafil is a lot higher, starts from $240/mo and the premature ejaculation spray starts from $29/mo. You will always need to add the $5 consultation.

The hair loss product pricing starts from $15 / mo + $5 consultation. They are offering a wide range of products that i am not going to list here.  


Click Here To Check Them All Out And Get A Discount On ForHims.



3 – Keeps


bluechew 1




There some many hair loss treatment pills online that you might get lost. Today I am here to tell you that is one of the top-notch hair loss companies in the world. 

Keep is a telehealth site where you can just go on it and order your pills after a short online consultation with a real doctor. 

Keeps, instead of the other products listed above, is mainly focused on hair loss pills that are extremely efficient.

If you want to keep your hair, you definitely want to use keeps, and start your treatment today. Girls like a lot of guys with hair and for certain girls having to deal with a bald guy can be a dealbreaker. 

The pricing for keeps is pretty transparent, the first online consultation is free meanwhile if you need more consultations you will pay $25 from your keeps account.

Finasteride starts from $25/mo And Minoxidil costs $10/mo meanwhile the shampoo that contains Ketoconazole costs $10/mo.

Keeps can be ordered pretty much from anywhere in the world and this factor makes it the best solution for people who have hair loss problems. 

ForHims is not available worldwide yet, meanwhile keeps doesn’t offer any ED treatments but they are definitely the best when it comes to hair loss problems. 


Click Here To Get A Free Consultation And Keeps Shipped At Home



4 – GetRoman


bluechew 2




GetRoman, has been advertised on porn sites and on facebook like crazy. These guys are the ones with the biggest budgets and the main reason is that they are approved in many states.

We don’t think that this is the top product in this list because it costs too much, still, the quality is great and you should consider it if you have money.

Roman is a cloud-based telemedicine company with many employees and good products. If you want to pay for quality here is the place to be, thought bluechew is way better and cheaper.

In order to order GetRoman, it gets more serious and you will have to fill what’s called “dynamic online visit”.

They will ask for a valid ID before starting an online consultation with a doctor, you will need also to do some blood tests and show them to the doctor and a valid credit card only to have a consultation that might get even denied.

This is definitely a little more annoying but it makes you feel safer this way. 

Roman can solve different problems, just to mention some: Erectile Dysfunction, Hair Loss, Premature Ejaculation, Cold Sores, Genital Herpes, Quit Smoking, Enlarged Prostate and more. 

The pricing model not on a monthly bases subscriptions, the consultation itself costs $15  and the pricing starts for the products starts from  $2 for one single pill to up to $63 for one single pill

For instance, Viagra costs $63 dollars meanwhile generic Viagra thought GetRoman it will cost $4 more or less. Generic Cialis will cost $17 and Levitra will cost $52 dollars and the full list of prices is here.

The monthly based subscription is the future of men’s health and we love it, GetRoman offers these kinds of plans as well but still, it costs too much.


Click Here To Order Roman And Get $15 Off Your First Consultation



5 – BlinkHealth






BlinkHealth is last on this list but actually it gives the chance to solve both ED Erectile dysfunction problems and hair loss problems for a quite honest price.

BlinkHealth is a new brand and a very good product in the telehealth space that you should consider. 

They have erectile dysfunction pills starting from $6.95 for 10 sildenafil (Viagra) pills which is darn cheap. 

And 30 pills of Finasteride will cost you only $8.95, the picture below is clickable and you can access this special discount if you click on it.


blinkhealth pricing


You can see a comparison of the costs with the pills you will find at the pharmacy and the price of Blinkhealth.

This is a no brainer and if 10 pills a month are enough for you there is no need to get a monthly subscription like with BlueChew

Bluechew will cost you $20 each month to have your pills ordered meanwhile here at blink health you can order 10 pills whenever you want for only $6.95 no subscription needed. 

This is a great solution for the men that can not get hard and at the same time doesn’t want to pay a monthly fee for a product

If you have an active sex life Bluechew might be way cheaper and the best solution, if 10 pills are enough BlinkHealth is the guy for you.

When you start your online consultation you will be asked if you want to have a monthly subscription or buy the pills on demand

There is no need to wait or being embarrassed at your doctor, BlinkHealth works and can be ordered from many states and is growing. They have free shipping and 24/7 support for us members. 


Click Here And Get Your BlinkHealth Treatment For A Cheaper Price Now




If you are no longer a young guy you might have some of the most popular men’s issues which are erectile dysfunction problems and hair loss problems. 

Thank god we are living in a time where telemedicine and telehealth are a real thing and you can order online these products for real.

You can have an online consultation and get your ED and hair loss medicines delivered at your doorstep. 

This is an advantage because you won’t have to deal with lines at the doctor’s and embarrassing faces. 

All of these products come on a monthly base or on-demand. After trying and reviewing all of these products we came up with 5 best solutions and these are listed above. 

  1. Bluechew,
  2. ForHims,
  3. Keeps,
  4. GetRoman,
  5. BlinkHealth.

The two best solutions are BlueChew and BlinkHealth, the first one comes with monthly subscriptions and its cheaper and more efficient. Meanwhile BlinkHealth comes on-demand or in the monthly subscription. 



I hope that all of this makes sense, if you are interested in these products and use my links you will get a discount so it is a smart thing to do.

I hope that you will not lose your hair and that you will have the best erections on the planet thanks to these awesome products.


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