BlueChew Review Your Ally For Erectile Dysfunction Problems

Having a hard time getting your cock hard or lasting enough? No problems, I am here to review BlueChew, a new magic pill that will fix your erectile dysfunction problems.

If you are a guy you might have had erectile dysfunction problems, or your dick just didn’t work the way it was supposed to work. 


What Is BlueChew?

BlueChew is a chewable tablet you can safely order online to fix ED problems.

It was created by Dr. Alex Jovanovich, a certified and expert doctor with a lot of experience with erectile dysfunction problems. 


There are 2 different BlueChew pills you can order online.


One contains Sildenafil most commonly known as Viagra, and another pill that contains  Tadalafil also called Cialis




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These two principles are different! 

  • Sildenafil helps you to keep the blood in your dick there! As soon as you get slightly aroused the blood will flow there and it won’t go away for a while.
  • Tadalafil instead is going to lower your blood pressure and raise your heart beats a little bit. This is exactly what happens when you see a naked pussy or a porn video, you get turned on and then hard.

The good thing is that you don’t need to see a doctor to order this product!


You will get a free consultation with a physician when you will get your plan! #chewblue Click To Tweet


It is 100% legally distributed in all the US states except for Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana,  Maryland, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina. 


It will probably be available worldwide soon! Put your email to get updates about when the product will be available in your state or country.

It is a 100% discrete service that works with a subscription plan, each month you will get your dose of pills


For Who Is BlueChew? 

  • If you are tired to be scared that your girlfriend will cheat on you because you don’t fuck her good or you don’t get hard enough
  • If your wife is not turning you on like the first time and she gets depressed for that, make her happy with the hardest boner and use BlueChew
  • In the case that you feel like paying $100 for a hooker to last only a few seconds is not worth it, you might need BlueChew.
  • If you suffer from ED erectile dysfunction in general.


BlueChew Is Your Boner Ally!


There are millions of magic pills on the internet that promise magic effects! 80% of them are dangerous and not working properly.  Click To Tweet

bluechew effects panties


Benefits Of BlueChew

The most important benefit is probably that the product is very healthy and it won’t cause you any problems.

The side effects can be found on WebMD Sildenafil and WebMD Tadalafil.

Some other cool benefits are: 

  • very easy to use, you don’t need water or to inject anything! You can chew it like regular candy or gum.
  • it is totally safe and it does not require a doctor prescription to get your tablets. 
  • it works for good, you will get the best boners of your life, and you will last longer.
  • it is completely anonymous, the package comes discrete and no one will know it. 
  • it is very cheap, they can afford to make it so cheap because it comes with monthly subscription plans. 
  • you can cancel the plan at any time from your account, and you will have a 30-day complete refund policy. 


Drawbacks Of BlueChew

There are also certain things that are not completely awesome and that some people don’t like. Here are the most important ones: 

  • Some people don’t like the fact that you cannot order just 1 or 2 pills to try it but you will need to get a monthly subscription.
  • It is not FDA approved yet, the patent is pending, and still, it is not considered as an awesome ED cure from FDA.  If you don’t know what is FDA you can see it here.
  • It can have some side effect depending on how your body reacts to these drugs. It is recommended to read the WebMD articles listed above before buying it or taking it. 

blonde girl very satisfied


Where To Buy BlueChew And Prices

You can buy it only online, and if you use the links on this article you will get a special discount price because you are reading this review.




If you are interested in the price of this product you can consult the table below!

It includes the prices for both the BlueChew pills, sildenafil, and tadalafil and how much money you can save depending on what plan you will pick among active, busy, popular or PRO.




What’s Right For Me, Sildenafil Or Tadalafil?

Tadalafil most commonly called Cialis is in most of the cases a better choice.

The reason why is because you will need a lower dose, from 2.5mg to 20mg instead of 30mg for Sildenafil(Viagra). 

  • Tadalafil(Cialis) also has a longer effect than Sildenafil, what this means is that you can have sex multiple times in a day, the effects can last up to 36 hours. 
  • Sildenafil(Viagra) instead is more powerful, but the effect last less time and it can take a little longer to work, around 30 minutes on average.

chewblue table age range data

If you need to have sex with a random partner just one shot probably Sildenafil is a better choice! You will need 35mg to up to 100mg and the effect usually last 6 hours.


If you don’t want to be horny for more than one day you should take Sildenafil instead of Tadalafil. 


I am not a doctor and you don’t have to take this advice as medical advice. You should try to take it during the day and preferably with an empty stomach.

get confident with sildenafil


What Do The People Say?

There are a lot of rumors on the internet about BlueChew, a lot of people tried it and is very happy with it. 

You can read what these people on reddit is saying. 


Just ordered bluechew from r/PKA

Bluechew review from r/PKA


And here is the twitter feed of BlueChew!




It looks like people is very happy about this product, you can also watch this awesome video to boost your mood even more.




BlueChew is an awesome pill you can take if you need to fuck a girl and get a hard dick with no problems

It comes with monthly plans starting from only $20/mo and with a refund policy of full money back within 30 days.




For discount and 5 free pills apply the promo code SURVEY on BlueChew.Com


You will get 30 mg pills for Sildenafil and 6mg pills for Tadalafil! On top of that, you will get a completely free online physician consultation where you can ask any question for completely free.

BlueChew is a pretty safe drug and it works very well with no prescription. Order your first 5 pills now and try it, whoever you will fuck will be very happy.

You will get monthly refills so you will never run out shipped discretely at home. You can reach them out also via their website, phone or email for questions. 


get the blue pills


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