bluechew coming soon to the uk breaking news

BlueChew Coming Soon To The UK | Breaking News

BlueChew is the most popular erectile dysfunction pill at the moment and today breaking news is that BlueChew is coming to the UK.

Right now Bluechew is available only in certain states in the United States!

But since today Oct. 3, 2019, there are rumors that Bluchew will be sold in the United Kingdom as well in 2020

If you never heard about Bluechew I have already made a few reviews on this website and you can read them here:

In this article, we are going to cover the complexity of selling a pill like bluechew worldwide and the roadmap of the expansion of this great product.

bluechew coming soon to the uk breaking news


BlueChew Plan To Expand Worldwide

Bluechew is an erectile dysfunction pill sold since January 2019 in the United States.

It took the company a while before passing all the tests and exams to sell their pills on the market.

Each state has different regulations and it takes months if not years to get a drug approved on the market. 




Bluechew is one of the only erectile dysfunction pills that can be sold online with no need for an appointment!

They have created a solid and complex online consultation program with a doctor that will prescribe you bluechew online if you meet the requirements. 

Bluechew is getting very popular and one of the cheapest and yet more secure and efficient erectile dysfunction pills in the world. 

Today Oct 3, 2019, a big step forward for this pill was done, bluechew officially stated that the next country where it will be available is the UK (United Kingdom).

Is not clear yet the precise date but it is sure that sooner or later next year people from the UK will be able to purchase it online like their American friends. 

Bluechew will expand worldwide and it will become probably the best and most used erectile dysfunction pill.


Bluechew Business Model

The bluechew business model is quite simple, they can afford to give you pills for a cheap price because they are charging monthly plans to all their customers.

That way they will have a constant flux of money and they can lower the price of the pill on the market.


Plans start from $20/ mo for 6 pills of Sildenafil. See the plans below!


bluechew sildenafil


Meanwhile, it will cost $20/ mo for 4 pills of Tadalafil. See the plans below!


bluechew tadalafil



Bluechew will be sooner or later available worldwide and everyone will be able to have longer and stronger erections worldwide.

For now, if you are a US resident you can order your first 6 pills for free using the links on this article.

If you are from the UK instead, you will need to wait a little bit of time, but rest assured that you are the next country on their list.




Bluechew will come to the UK probably in 2020 and you will be able to order it online with no issues. 


Hopefully, it will expand to the whole world within a few years.  #bluechew Click To Tweet


Chewable erectile dysfunction pills are proven to be more efficient and less dangerous for your body.

The online consultation and the whole process of ordering bluechew online is very pleasant!

Millions of Americans have already reviewed it has the best ED pill on the market.


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